1-25-07 Miami Shine, Mauve Absolue, Rare Creature

This doll, Miami Shine Veronique, is more beautiful than I expected. She has the glamour of Flirtatious Veronique. I love her!
Four of the seven dolls I put up for sale yesterday are sold. They are all the Kyoris and the redhead close-up Veronique. I'm not surprised.
Notification of the impending arrival of True Royalty came via email. I am trying to sell the dress but I was asking a very high price. I don't think this doll will get the money of FDQ Vanessa. Personally, I'd rather have FDQ than this weird doll. Her hair is strange and she has that Pompadour doll eyemakeup. It's way too heavy and not pretty at all. Including her there will be three new dolls within the next month - Fashion Royalty dolls, that is. I'm really looking forward to seeing the W Club Agnes doll. There's no word about their arrival date, though.

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