Elise Jolie "J'Adore La Fete" Gift Set

This gift set proves that IT can still deliver a beautiful doll with well-made clothing in a gift set. Not that I thought they couldn't but there hasn't been a fabulous Fashion Royalty gift set in a very long time. So much attention has been paid to Poppy Parker, ITBE and Jem, it feels as if FR has fallen along the wayside.  While it's true that most of my dolly dollars go toward my 16" BJD collection, I still belong to the W Club and will not turn away from a gorgeous 12" doll.

Elise is my favorite sculpt which made this gift set even more special. I used three of my Elise dolls to model the fashions.

The suit jacket is constructed with full length princess seams front and back. There is almost no bulk in the underarm area which is uncommon in 12" doll clothing and a sign of good design. The hem of the jacket is finished with a black fringe which repeats near the skirt's hem. However, the skirt has a nice flounce as a hem. There is a metallic silver thread running through the red and black fabric. One amazing detail is that the collar is covered with a semi-sheer chiffon-like fabric. Really nice!
I added the jewelry and the shoes.
My model for the suit is "Midnight Star."

I rarely dress my dolls in lingerie but I might have if it were the same red as the suit. I did not put her hosiery on.  The shoes came with the set. Jewelry is my addition. My model is the Hair Workshop Elise from the Jason Wu "X" Event.

The gown is not a ground-breaking design but it is well made and fits nicely. The multiple finishes at the hem are repeated with the addition of a lace covered 3rd layer at the bottom. Her jewelry consists of earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring. Matchy, matchy. She is wearing a 2nd pair of shoes which are not visible in this photo...also black.
The model is the doll that came with the set...J'Adore La Fete herself. Her vinyl is what I'd call Caucasian. I believe IT calls it FR White. The above dolls are have a lighter vinyl tone. J'Adore also looks darker because the other dolls were photographed out-of-doors and this one was shot in my living room.

Overall, this is a nicely coordinated, useful gift set. It was $175 plus postage.