Boater Ensemble Silkstone and In A Dream Marilyn Monroe

Two new dolls arrived today.
First from Barbie Collector is the club exclusive Silkstone called Boater Ensemble. I haven't deboxed yet but I will as she looks next to perfect. I'm pleased. Mattel's updos and pony tails are the styles they do the best.

I like her ensemble, however it looks very much like an airline stewardess outfit. The hat is a boater styled hat and, of course, that is where the name comes from.

Click here for an interesting article about Boater hats on Wikipedia.

Marilyn Monroe "In A Dream" by Tonner

I purchased this doll mainly because I love the fashion. She looks exactly like the prototype. I removed the plastic arm protectors and had a little trouble getting the fashion back to the way it was supposed to look. No biggie.

 I can't get the headwrap on the same as in the photo because I'm afraid of ruining her hair which is in a nice updo.

The real problem with this doll is the horrible doll stand. Tonner has been providing this awful stand for the last few years. The doll can't stand with her legs together and in most cases, the saddle that goes between the doll's legs shows through the garment.

Dear Mr. Tonner: 
Bring back the old Tyler stands on adjustable poles. These stands SUCK.
Thank you very much.
Terri Gold


Show & Sell Site Important Membership Notice

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This notice went out to all registered users of the Doll Page Show & Sell site today. Please read it.

Effective March 8, 2013, the "Show & Sell" site suspended automatic registrations and is no longer accepting new member registrations from strangers.

Anyone wishing to become a new member of the site will have to be recommended by a current member in good standing. A member who has been with the "Show & Sell" for one year and has 20 positive reviews/feedbacks will be considered a member in good standing for the new nomination process.

We realize that this new nomination process will reduce the number of new members which were joining up at the rate of about 100 per month. This new process is being instituted due to the damage done by scammers that have, up until recently, had unbarred access to our members.

As a result of this new registration process, those of you who do not publish your private email address in your listings may want to be aware that strangers who used to register just to send you a private message will no longer be able to do so. Of course, if you do publish your email address in your listings which allows non-members to contact you, you'’re taking the chance of getting approached by a scammer, but it’s your choice.

We are hoping that with the cooperation of our current members we can build a safe doll trading community where you can feel reasonably assured that your customer is a legitimate member.

Members who have been signed up with the Show & Sell for one year and have current positive reviews/feedback are eligible to nominate new members. If you would like to nominate a new member at this time, you can email me with the nominee's name and email address and we’ll send them a short application to fill out and return to us. In the near future, we will provide a “nominate a new member” area on the member control panel of every member eligible to make nominations. This new feature will replace the interim method of contacting us to nominate a new member.

We hope you will approve of our new membership registration plan. We wish that everyone could play fair and be nice, but unfortunately a free site with an open membership just attracts trouble and I think we all have enough trouble in our lives without publicly asking for more.

If you’d care to comment we ask that you please do so on the Show & Sell Forum.

Steve and Rae
 I think this is a great idea as there have been many instances of scamming recently.

Steve and Rae do a tremendous service to the doll community by offering the Show & Sell pages for free to us. Let me not forget to also mention the Doll Pages where collectors can post their images for use on boards, eBay or anywhere. They don't ask for a penny from collectors!


Anja's Head on Flat Foot Body

When Integrity Toy's Funny Face line was released recently the doll called "A Woman Who Thinks" came with the Anja face sculpt. I like her face and I hadn't kept any prior Anja releases.
I've been saving several of the Poppy and NuFace outfits that I liked.
Yesterday I had some time to play. I put shorts, top, coat and shoes on this rebodied Anja and I am happy with the results. These fashions came with the Audrey Hepburn character, Sabrina "Most Sophisticated." The jewelry is from various other dolls.


Links to Chalk White Sybarites PFDF 2013 Photos

Here is a link to the photos of Essential Resinescence on Flickr.


Here is another set of photos. These are by Melle Nano.


These are from falconher's Flickr page. Strangely, they are the same as Essential Resinescence's so I've sent an email to try to find out who actually took these photos.


Review of Emilia Couture's Doll Inamorata Inro

This is basically a pictorial review of Inro's body and posing ability. 
I started out by taking pictures of her next to a Gen3 Sybarite body. I was surprised that she is so much smaller. Inro is much lighter than a Sybarite which is no surprise because Sybs are weighty dolls. She has a very warm yellowish skin tone.

Her body is very angular, her head even more so.

 The hands shown are one of three pair provided with the doll in addition to a pair of paddle-like shipping pieces.

 As you can see, she is incredibly flexible. Her joints move smoothly and hold their position.

 Style is a personal preference. Inro is not a doll for the faint of heart. Her appearance is very far from the standard fashion doll of today's market. That's what I like and dislike at the same time. Her face-up is total runway drama. Eventually I may shorten the lower lashes - or not. I waver back and forth. Part of me wants to make her look more like my other dolls but that's not why I bought her.

Like the rest of my collection, Inro needs more play time. I enjoyed photographing her and that's essential for a doll to remain in my collection.

Oz Doll - meh

I purchased Oz, Theodora and China Doll. I will add this to my list of impulsive mistakes.

While the sculpt is attractive and well executed, the rest of the doll is just like a cheap Mattel product.  The outfit is flimsy and cheap-looking upon close inspection. Of course, the closures are velcro. The vest is not a separate piece but actually part of the front of the shirt! His 'bag of tricks' does not open.

He is just about the same height as a Silkstone doll but his head is quite large for his body. His movable joints are his neck, shoulders, elbows and legs. Oz can be made to stand unsupported but not easily. If you wanted to pose him as shown on the package front holding his bag and China Girl, you will have to rubber band them to his arms.
I had to destroy the package to get them out. It was awful.

I decided not to take Theodora out of her box. The thought of bulldozing through the iron-clad packaging was a turn- off and after getting Oz out of his box, I was pretty turned off.

The separately available 4" China Girl (who is still in her package) is exactly like the doll Oz carries with him in his package. That would have been good to know in advance because then I would not have purchased another.

Her joints are the neck, arms and legs. I was hoping that her elbows would bend.
She's all molded vinyl and the only use for her I can see is as a toy prop for my larger dolls.