Caption This!

This photo was posted by a collector on Prego. I do not know it's source and I would be afraid to find out.
Anyone care to comment or caption this?

Superdoll Abbe Lane on Sale Tomorrow

Marl announced today that "Wolf Whistles,"  a new creation from the makers of Sybarite dolls, will be available exclusively at marlbe.com tomorrow, September 1 at Noon, Eastern Time.

Here is the text of the announcement:
ABBE LANE from Superdoll!!
Ruby clone: #1102 or #1103, sunkissed skintone!
A leopard never changes her spots… why would she when she looks this fabulous?!   The divine Abbe looks cool and refreshed for her impromptu beach front press call. 'who called the press? Indeed!'   Simply side parted wig in a twisted updo, matching leopard corseted swimsuit, chiffon waist slashed wrap and leopard stilettos! Yes! Stiletto heels on the beach!  Course weave hessian beach bag with chain straps and divine hand embroidered detailing.  Includes doll stand and applied eyelashes. Please note: this doll comes in 2 face sculpts. She will have either a closed or open mouth! LE 50 each


I prefer the closed mouth, but I would have to see her in person as it is hard to tell from the pictures. I read that the Abbe doll does not use the current Sybarite body.

I am perplexed as to why there are still nearly 40 Neurotica Sybarites remaining. (No it doesn't say that on the website but there is a way to figure it out.) I love mine. She is gorgeous. Her fashions is stunning. Her face is divine. Perhaps people were put off by the tattoos or the unusual hairstyle or the high price of $820. (EEK) I'm thrilled to have mine.


It was a very busy week in the 16" fashion doll world. Today Ajuma went on sale. I scored one. How could I resist? She is just magnificent. 

Look for me in the Poor House but at least I will have my dolls.


Update on Not Having a Doll Room...Yet

Out of desperation,  I went to the storage unit this afternoon and decided to take two huge boxes home. The spousal unit accompanied but without the desperation attached. I was looking for the box with my Sybarites and just gave up because the boxes say either dolls or doll props and pretty much no other content identifying marks. So we put one big carton in the car and then I opened another and lo and behold, inside were the boxes in which my precious Sybarites, Ficon and Jamieshow were packed. YAY! They are now safely home.

Tonner's 2012 Fall/Holiday Line Release

This afternoon the pictures of Tonner's new dolls were revealed. It is a large release. Collectors who loved the 16" Marilyn Monroe will be happy to know that there is one new basic Marilyn as Pola Debevoise (?) and four era appropriate fashions. A fully dressed 16" Marilyn in the hot pink "Diamonds" gown is also going to be available for $189.99.

There are five dressed Precarious dolls and one basic. It bothers me that new Precarious dolls have been introduced and the ones I currently have on pre-order haven't even shipped.
This one looks a lot like Raven and I thought the redhead was Antoinette until I enlarged the image enough to see her face clearly.


My favorite fashion is on a dressed Cami. She is lovely but I have enough Camis right now. I would like the outfit.
Also making an appearance are Gone With the Wind dolls, Peggy Harcourt, Nu Mood, Memphis characters,  Ron Weasley, Vampire Diaries, Marvel Comics, Wizard of Oz (Steampunk Style), The Hunger Games, Twilight New Moon, American Models, Disney and 10" Patsy. I'm out of breath just typing that.
Where is Tiny Kitty and Simone Rouge?

The Nu Mood Tyler looks really odd. Is this a revamped sculpt or just a bad promo shot? Yikes. But the price is right! She comes wearing a white bodysuit and the wig.
 There is also a Nu Mood Sydney that doesn't look like Sydney, one with the Breathless sculpt and one with the very popular Cinderella sculpt.

Numina ALERT!

Dollcis/Paul Pham sent out a newsletter informing collectors that Ajuma will go up for pre-order this Friday, August 31 at Noon Eastern time.
Here is a partial text of that letter:


For PreOrder this Friday August 31st at 12pm US Eastern Standard Time at  http://dollcis.com/

50% deposit to hold the doll with the balance plus shipping once shipping begins the last week of October.

Dark skin with deep shaded cherry lips, dusky cerulean shadow accented with gold lids and caramel eyes in a dark royal blue silk shantung collarless jacket with gold sequin detailing at the hems and sleeve ends.  "Peachy Clouds" print silk charmeuse bodysuit underneath, and metallic gold brocade cropped jodhpurs with zipper edged pockets.  Around  her neck, a raspberry drop bead necklace and at her feet, a pair of raspberry pink and black suede platform boots. Lastly, a Dollcis designed/Chewin made "african venus" wig,  complete the look.

Note: She is now sold out. She went very fast.


2013 Fall Holiday Barbie Collection

Angelic Dreamz just posted pictures of several new Barbie dolls for 2013. Three are Dolls of the World and two  (first on left and the fourth) are "The Barbie Look."
There are several clothing/accessory packs as well for your dolls. Who doesn't love fashions that come along with accessories and props?

Apparently there will be another Bella doll and an Emmet is on the way, too. Oh goodie.