Integrity Toys Joins the Ranks of Paramount/Hepburn Doll Licensees

Today Integrity Toys introduced a collection commemorating the 50th anniversary of the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's.   The collection consists of 6 items as follows: 3 dressed dolls at $125. each, 1 dressed doll giftset at $175. 1 basic doll at $89. and 1 basic doll at $175.  The dolls will be available at dealers.
The bodies they used for these fashionable dolls are the Poppy doll body sans articulated ankles. That was a mistake. The shoes don't look high styled enough. Holly's were low heeled but very pointy and the doll would have been wonderful with regular pumps.

The fashions are based on the iconic looks from the movie, the following one being the most recognizable:

How Do I Look? Holly Golightly Dressed Doll Gift Set LE500 $175.

 I would have liked it better if she had been sculpted with a cute little smile. She looks too pensive. Audrey's look was playful and engaging. Her eyes lock onto the viewer.

IMO Mattel's Holly was the most successful reproduction of the star in that role.

Pictures of other Holly Golightly dolls follow.

Madame Alexander  Cissette 10"

Holly Pullip Doll

Madame Alexander 22" Cissy

Funko Wacky Wobbler $11.99

Crocheted Holly Golightly doll by deadcraft.com $25.
Mattel 1998
7 1/4" figurine by The Bradford Exchange $29.99


Imogen: London Mist

I'm lucky to be the shipping buddy to a European collector that allows me to debox her goodies and photograph them before shipping. It benefits both of us as I repack her stuff lighter by eliminating unnecessary packaging and I get to play with dolls that I didn't order.

This doll is one of the many new sculpts that Integrity Toys introduced recently. There are several new faces now that look similar and I have to look up who is who. She has a Nu-Face body.  Imogen has a serene look and a sculpt that I'd love to see repainted by Chewin or a similarly talented repainter.

London Fog's double breasted trench coats are well known and Imogen is wearing a double breasted coat belted in pink. It's a cute garment but why can't the hooks be sewn on so they are invisible? I normally Photoshop these defects out of my images for publication but in this case, here is what it looks like. The coat fits well so it's not the fabric pulling that is causing this.

Her hair is chopped short in a shaggy fashion. Some may like this but I would have preferred a more careful styling with a razor.

Black rhinestone stud earrings. Yawn.

Under the coat she is wearing tights and a lacey top. Yawn. The boots are cute with a tiny zipper at the back and three straps with silver buckles going around the boot.

In the picture just above this line, the lower hook is pulling because I have her standing with legs wide apart. She is actually balanced on her own!

The retail price of Imogen London Mist was $110.


I Am My Hair, Kesenia, Bucky Beaver & Go Home

When Aerodynamic Vanessa was released she was quite unpopular. Her black lips and fiery red hair turned off many who otherwise love Vanessa. I took down her hair and crimped it and I loved her. One year later I decided she needed more forward looking eyes and a different color mouth. I sent her to Vin Trapani and he worked wonders with her. I think she is even more gorgeous than she was before!

Vanessa is dressed in most of Kesenia's fashion. The shoes are Dominiques because this Vanessa is using an FR2 body and Kesenia's shoes won't fit.

Let's take a look at Kesenia who, in my opinion, is one of the ugliest dolls in the Fashion Royalty world. This sculpt started life as a vampire with fangs hanging out of her mouth. You know how I feel about fanged dolls.  Now, without her fangs, she just looks drugged. This is not an attractive doll. I don't care how pretty they make her hair or her eyes, the mouth is awful.  Why is she in my house, you ask?  She won't be here for much longer as I purchased her for the fashion only. Another collector is going to be the proud recipient of the nude doll.

Her coat is made beautifully with nicely executed details and good tailoring. The pants fit well and look good after ironing, but in the back at the hook, there is a little mess of an ill-fitting closure. It doesn't show thankfully. The blouse is a near disaster. First of all it's way too big in the torso. The bow is sewn on and hangs awkwardly and the hooks show. I took the bow off. Unfortunately there are many raw edges on this tissue weight blouse and it won't last long I'm sure.

She comes with a nice pair of gray sunglasses.  Too bad they don't fit over her mouth.


Another doll that will be traveling to another collector is IFDC's Go Home. This reinterpreted Oz Dorothy has been given a little dog to hold for her photo shoot.


I did undress her and the fashion is very well made. It has snaps instead of hooks & eyes which was a surprise. Is this the first outfit IT has produced using snaps? I do not remember a single other IT fashion with snaps.

Dorothy, what a big head you have.  Wait a minute...that's a different fairytale.

Anyone remember this commercial?

Tonner's Email to Collectors Regarding Restructuring Distribution

 July 20th, 2011

Dear Collectors,

With the ever-increasing reliance on the internet, we realize a major shift in purchasing patterns has emerged. Feedback from our collectors suggests that it is more enjoyable being able to obtain desired products as fast as possible, and we want to rise to the occasion and be able to provide that for you. Coupled with our year-round flow of product from our factories, we have developed a new schedule of future product releases to better serve you!
Tonner products will now debut on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month through our valued Tonner retailers, who will provide you with the same excellent service that you've come to expect.  Additionally, of course, the new product will also debut on www.tonnerdirect.com.  This first such release is  scheduled for Wednesday, August 10th.
Some new lines will need more detailed and complete introductions than most.  When those lines are being introduced, we will also be furnishing a line plan so you will grasp the breadth of a line, since some purchasing decisions are based on "what's to come".  In addition, some future lines will require that you understand the intent behind a line, and will need to see more than several pieces.  We will make those introductions as appropriately and thoroughly as possible.
We're so excited for this opportunity to streamline our new product introductions!  We are very much looking forward to a flow of new product that is in-stock (or will be in-stock within 2-4 weeks) at the time of it's introduction on a continuous, year-round schedule, eliminating the agonizing wait!   
You ask, and and we hear you; we're pleased for the opportunity to serve you in a better way! 

All the best,
Team Tonner


Tonner Ends Pre-Ordering

This information has come to me from a reliable source.  I am going to quote a few lines from Tonner's announcement. I won't be able to answer any questions as I know no other details. Please post your reactions and questions here on the blog.  Perhaps someone will come along to answer. The Tonner people do read this.

The TDC believes that "collectors enjoy being able to obtain products they desire as fast as possible and without having time for reconsideration. Coupled with a year-round flow of product from our factories, we have developed a new schedule of future product releases." 

"Tonner products will now debut on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month on tonnerdirect.com."

Dealers will get their information on the Monday before each Wednesday and can neither take orders nor reveal information prior to the release.

What I understand is that only dolls that are in stock will be released. So when you place an order, you will be paying for it and you can expect to get it shortly afterward.

What I don't understand is who actually ships the doll. If the dealers don't have them in advance and you order them does your doll come directly from Tonner or from your dealer?

Is Tonner planning to cut out dealers eventually?

Too Many Damn Vampires

 Coming from Mattel in the Fall, Bob Mackie Countess Dracula. Gold label, designed by Ann Driskill.  OMFG.

It's pure over-the-top Mackie. Enough with the vampires and fanged dolls already. Perhaps they're just painted on. I would love to see this doll in person-especially the hair. That's got to be the biggest hair explosion on the planet.

Coming in August: Gold label Byron Lars Fenella Layla. This doll is also over-the-top but in a stylish and wonderful way like his entire line. The dip 'n dunk arms gotta go along with the model body but that's a never-ending battle and it's useless to hope it will change. The outfit is amazing.

The Mackie style is static. Nothing new; nothing innovative-just more glitter, sequins, feathers and glitz.  There have been a few stunners but it's time to end the line IMO.
Byron Lars on the other hand, is a designer with a vision and a feel for style. His work changes and evolves. I may not like everything he does but at least there's something happening.


Body Double Veronique Re-Bodied

There's nothing wrong with customizing dolls or fixing up older dolls but ordering dolls that need work right out of the box is ridiculous.  Adding the original cost of the doll, the reroot and the new body, this Veronique wound up costing more than the exclusive JamieShowGrace I ordered. I'm not going to do it anymore. I want dolls that arrive wonderful. The have-to-have-every-doll mentality is finished.

The original Body Double Promo Photo
She is gorgeous though.

Theatre de La Mode "Noir #99"

After a long wait, Robert Tonner has given us a new Theatre de La Mode doll called Noir #99.  Mine arrived the other day and normally I wouldn't present a new doll with the plastic protective lining still on but since I'm in the midst of packing my dolls, this one is not getting displayed yet.
This was a high priced vinyl doll at $210. Full retail is near $249.99. Was she worth it? I hate that question but I have to answer, not really.

Take a look at the hair on the promo doll below,
...and the hair on my doll:

It looks like something has landed or is about to take off. This is not acceptable and I am considering bringing her to the doll doctor for reworking. I am very disappointed with this hair.

Her dress is lovely and looks exactly like the promo. The usual Tonner snaps have been replaced by a well inserted zipper. The black gloves come with nude liner gloves. The shoes are simple black pumps and the jewelry, besides the sewn on bauble, is rhinestone studs and 'tennis' bracelet.

In spite of being unsuccessfully executed, the hairstyle is daring.

Noir #99 has a new sculpt and Antoinette body with blue eyes, blonde hair and the cameo skin tone. I would have been happier if Tyler's sculpt and body were used instead.


Male Dolls - One Collector's Pictures

We'd probably agree that the majority of doll collections are populated by female figures with a male doll thrown in here and there. I realize that I rarely post pictures of male dolls. Today on Prego, JinCincy answered this week's theme, the color black, with a few picture of her own Men in Black. Droolworthy.

RHage, Iple EID Akando
Kamal, Iple EID Luo by Lyn Raftis
Ian by Tracy Weston
Adam by DAO
There's much more. Jackie's blog, Vinyl Connections and Resin Residents are two sites where you can see more hunky guy dolls and her girls, too.