Tonner Summer 2013 Launch Party

Penelope has made her debut. Robert read her long back story that tells of a young woman who has always sensed something different about herself. One day, something falls on her head (seriously) and she begins to remember past lives. Mixed in amongst the past lives are stories of tragically short love affairs and lives which ended too early.
This line of dolls is 16" tall. I think the retail price is $210. I'm really not positive about that as we paid a different price at the event.
The body is a totally new design. Robert told us about how he sculpted, eliminating straight lines.
Attendees were presented with "My Deja Vu" as the event souvenir.

Deja Vu has a glued on wig, brown eyes, applied lashes and beautifully screened, detailed and delicately painted facial features.
Her dress and shoes are very Cami-like. Nothing new there. This is probably her "modern fashion."

The companion doll is another story altogether. Her name is My Afternoon Stroll. Pictures say more than words so look at these:

Afternoon Stroll is even prettier than Deja Vu and her fashion is wonderfully detailed and constructed. The hem embroidery goes all around her skirt. Her large hat is so fashionable!
I'm pretty sure this is also a glued-on wig. She's got a gaggle of corkscrew curls at the back. Very Marie Antoinette. I like wigged dolls. They offer so many possibilities.
She comes with a boring pair of pearl dangle studs which I did not even bother to put on.
I am looking forward to redressing this gal. She's definitely finding a spot on the island.

More about the dolls - their head is bigger than normal. Why??? Why is this necessary? The dolls would have been perfect with a proportional sized head IMO. Why is the doll world obsessed with big headed dolls? Are we all going to wind up looking like Star Trek aliens?

I have a bone to pick with the Tonner Doll Company. Make some decent doll stands for goodness' sake.
A $100-$200++ doll should not come with a cheesy, non-adjustable saddle stand that can't even reach the doll's crotch. SHAME,  SHAME. You have been using the same crappy stand for years and no one likes it. "Stand up" and make a proper working stand for your gorgeous dolls.
Now that I got that out of my system, have I said recently how much I love Tonner's staff? They are just the friendliest, most helpful team of doll people ever. I even got help tearing apart my raffle tickets!
Little did I know that this staff member is really a witch (or is a man a warlock?) and cast an invisible spell on my tickets to that not a single one would be chosen.
The Hordes Enter the Room


Tiny Kitty and Poppy Parker

I was very happy to received the new Tiny Kitty "A Capital Affair" UFDC exclusive doll this week. If you've been following my blog, you know that Tiny Kitty is making her comeback. I remember asking Robert a few years ago why we are not getting Tiny Kitty. He replied that they were so busy, they just couldn't get to her. Well, I'm sure they're just as busy but, thankfully, she's back. A lot of people are very happy about this as TK was an extremely popular line of dolls. Even now, past dolls and separate fashions command hefty prices - most are equal to or higher than the original retail! That's pretty unusual for a vinyl doll.
TK did not get time in the studio as I'm getting ready to leave for NY and the Tonner debut. But here she is, on my kitchen table, and I think she is one of the prettiest TK's ever.
She came packaged in a beautiful giftset box, her second fashion neatly attached to a padded lid.

Will she need a fan when dressed in her lingerie? Hmmmm.

The only thing I did not care for were the cotton knit gloves. This is the same fabric that was used for a  Marilyn Monroe outfit and it just doesn't work for a doll. I was surprised to see it used on TK as her elbow length gloves have always been a knit fabric with a sheen. Perhaps the factory took things into their own hands. :-(

The embroidery is lovely as are the details at the neckline.

Very pretty and intricate updo.


The other doll that arrived is Poppy Parker, "The Young Sophisticate." She is one of this year's W Club exclusive dolls.

Pet Dog, Petunia
This Poppy is pretty. I like the blended ash blonde tones of her hair.

What do you think of these dolls? Did you get either or both?


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