Star and Kingdom Doll News for 2016

Here's a beautiful way to begin the New Year. Star is a limited edition of 50 and retails for $610 plus shipping.
She uses the Selgovae head sculpt and her resin color is called Devonshire Cream. Sounds good enough to eat. She'll be dressed in lovely blue lingerie and silver heels.  Her wig is a two-tone blended Nordic blonde hard cap and she sports a delicate silver Angel feather tag bracelet.

KD is trying out a different way to sell Star. The first 50 emails received from collectors after 5PM (British time) on Sunday the 10th of January, 2016 will be able to pre-order Star. You must write Star on your email header and send your email to kingdomdoll@yahoo.co.uk.

    •    Only the first 50 emails for the purchase of Star will be responded to.
    •    You will be required to pay a 50 percent deposit at that time.
    •    If you do not receive a response from us in a timely fashion then please assume that you were not one of the 50.
    •    Any emails received before the stated day and time will not be taken into account for the purchase of Star.

The planned release date is January 31st, the Kingdom Doll Birthday!


More good news.

Coming soon:
"Strike a Pose" hand and foot sets are back in Devonshire cream (Eira, Orbit, Liberty and Star's) resin shade.
In February the hand-sculpted resin shoe packs and new exclusive fashions will be released.
Additionally, Spring 2016 will see another British Tribe added to the many faces of Kingdom Doll, the "Trinovantes."

Time Zones
For those of us in the continental United States, UK's time is 5 hours ahead. For example, if you are in New York at noon, it is already 5 PM in London. 

You can find time zone conversion tables on the internet to plan in advance when to send in your order. Here is one: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
Good Luck!


New Year Wishes 2016

Just a short post to thank you, my readers, for your participation and interest in the blog this past year.
May 2016 bring us good health, security, peace, love and amazing dolls.


Barbie Fan Club 2016

Will you be joining? If it weren't for the upcoming articulated Silkstone dolls, I'd be dropping out because these last two years have been very disappointing. What about you?

Redressing: Domina, Fidele and Veroniques

We all have had  the experience of finding the perfect outfit for a doll. When that happens to me, I don't want to redress her. I love looking at my dolls. It gives me joy. When a new fashion arrives it sometimes takes a while to decide who will undergo the change.  Such a problem. :-)

Last week I experienced a redressing frenzy; the ensuing photo shoot resulted.

Domina models"Etoile" which I was able to get at the recent Superdoll sale for half the original price. This fashion comes with a pretty neckpiece which is not shown in my photo.

Fidele is modeling Madra's "Devil May Care" costume. This was produced by Ashton Drake in 2000.
Her shoes are from a Gen X 12-pair shoe pack. They fit the resin dolls very well.

Finally, a 2005 Fashion Royalty Veronique known as "Foreign Affair" who has been switched to an FR2 body models a mini dress by Huckleberry Jackson.

My rerooted, rebodied "Body Double" Veronique models "Perfect Reign" Tatyana's gown in front of the tree. I give a great deal of credit to anyone who was able to put on the elbow length lace gloves. I gave up after about a minute.

Creative Wardrobe Closet Alterations

Collector, Sassafras, posted photos of her new Holiday Gene Jamieshow Doll and her wardrobe case to which she made clever alterations.

Sassafras wrote:
Gene needed more space for her fashions so I made an insert using black foamcore board and put it into the lid of her box. It will slide out and the lid is in original condition. I put in just a few fashions to show what length each rod can accomodate.
The Chinese chest is from an "antique" store. It was red so I painted it to match the dressing room furniture. 

I asked about the new rods and she told me that they are wooden dowels painted silver. She used rectanges of foamcore with a notch cut out and copied the way they attach in the factory dressing room. She covered the raw edges of the foamcore with strips of cardstock.

What a fun and useful addition to Gene's case!


Introducing Zorra from Ficon Doll

The 16" resin BJDs  keep getting more and more beautiful. I love Ficon's new, high-cheekboned sculpt.
I've altered the first image somewhat.

Ficon will list Zorra for sale at 9:00 AM on the 29th of December. This is Korea time.
If I were to buy one, I'd be going on line in about 1-1/2 hours. Philadelphia is 14 hours behind Seoul. Adjust your time accordingly.