Redressing: Domina, Fidele and Veroniques

We all have had  the experience of finding the perfect outfit for a doll. When that happens to me, I don't want to redress her. I love looking at my dolls. It gives me joy. When a new fashion arrives it sometimes takes a while to decide who will undergo the change.  Such a problem. :-)

Last week I experienced a redressing frenzy; the ensuing photo shoot resulted.

Domina models"Etoile" which I was able to get at the recent Superdoll sale for half the original price. This fashion comes with a pretty neckpiece which is not shown in my photo.

Fidele is modeling Madra's "Devil May Care" costume. This was produced by Ashton Drake in 2000.
Her shoes are from a Gen X 12-pair shoe pack. They fit the resin dolls very well.

Finally, a 2005 Fashion Royalty Veronique known as "Foreign Affair" who has been switched to an FR2 body models a mini dress by Huckleberry Jackson.

My rerooted, rebodied "Body Double" Veronique models "Perfect Reign" Tatyana's gown in front of the tree. I give a great deal of credit to anyone who was able to put on the elbow length lace gloves. I gave up after about a minute.


  1. Hey Teri! I did actually get the gloves on Poppy's hands, which was rough because of that rogue pinkie finger. But, I used an extra pair of hands so I'm leaving them in there so I never have to do that again. They do look pretty nice once they are on. Love the blog. Don

    1. Congratulations! I don't have the patience for that.