Happy Chanukah to Everyone

May your days shine brightly and may your hearts be filled with warmth.


Can I just get the shoes?

There are many who will spend $150 for a non-articulated doll dressed in a black catsuit with painted black hands and four pair of shoes. They are probably the very same people who bought my Platinum Cher doll for $500. I can't put you down because I take a look at my dolly spreadsheet from time to time and cringe when I see what I spend on doll clothes. It's obscene. But at least my dolls can sit, bend their arms and are fully articulated.

Anyway, I keep seeing these images of the Christian Louboutin Cat Burglar doll. The packaging is very nice. I wonder if the shoes are plastic? The doll is limited to 7700 worldwide. That seems like a huge amount to me when I collect dolls that are variously limited from less than 100 to about 1000. The range of retail prices I've seen is from a low of $149.99 to a high of $299.99. Unreal.

"Here is a brief description: Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Barbie to create this limited edition 'Cat Burglar' doll. In a black catsuit and Differa sandals, she is the perfect gift for fashion lovers. She comes with a collection of 4 red-soled Louboutins, each with their own shoe box and bag. "

I love the last picture. Definitely a hottie!

Mattel outdid themselves this year and their rising prices reflected the extra effort.


Jamie Show for Angelic Dreamz

Recently Angelic Dreamz began shipping the Jamieshow dolls that they helped to develop. I have been reading the reviews on Prego and it sounds like the dolls are winners in almost every aspect.
There are four characters, Mayumi, Kyra, Jamie and RuYi. Each comes as a basic doll dressed in lingerie or as a dressed doll in a beautiful ensemble.
The dolls are wigged with painted features although Mayumi, Kyra and Jamie can be optionally had with drilled eye sockets for an additional charge.

Pictured below: Jamie, Kyra, Mayumi and RuYi.JAMIEshow Basic Dolls

The dressed dolls:
JAMIEshow Dressed Blossom Collection

Prices range from $249.95 for the basic dolls to $345.95 RuYi dressed, $375.95 for Jamie (red gown)
to $425.95 for Mayumi and Kyra.

There are four additional gorgeous gowns available at $124.95 each.Jamieshow Outfits
In addition, a collector may choose to purchase an optional hand set, jewelry and doll stand. I've heard that this stand is one of the best ever for 16" dolls! The only negative information that has come from collectors is that the eyes and wigs aren't the quality they expected and Kyra's finish should be more matte. But the weight of the body is excellent and the posing is superior - even without a stand.

For more pictures and information visit Angelic Dreamz.


Picture of the Week Award ~ December 6, 2007

This week's featured photograph is as much about the doll as the photography. They both deserve the spotlight.
Alexandra Forbes is a well known photographer in the fashion doll world. Not only is she the Creative Editor for FDQ, she is a regular participant on the doll board Prego and that is where she posted this amazing photograph of the Ficon doll, ME IN.

I asked Alexandra to tell us about the doll and how she made the photograph.

The doll featured in the photograph is produced by Ficon doll http://www.ficondoll.com/
Her name is "ME IN." This is a traditional Korean name meaning "Beautiful Woman." ME IN, herself, is a high quality resin 16 inch fashion doll and part of a new gift set that has just been released by the doll manufacturer, Ficon Doll. Her beautiful wig, tights, shoes and the gown are all part of this amazing gift set. The image you see featured on her gown is one of the original (ME IN) based in Korean history, which adds a very special touch to this Versace inspired gown.
My photograph was taken in a black lighting cube tent with a highly polished black veneered surface as the floor. The doll reclines on a simple plastic riser. Keeping everything monochrome and simple helped to lend high drama and keep the focus on this exquisite doll.

With gorgeous photography and dolls like this, the dolls will be very hard to get! That's what makes it worth it to many in the doll collecting hobby.

Congratulations, Alex, on the Picture of the Week Award!

You can see more of Alexandra's beautiful photography at her website: Alex's Attic.