Sales: Re-Ment, Props

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and the name of the items you wish to purchase.
-I accept Paypal as merchandise or personal from registered Paypal members. (no e-checks.)
-United States Postal Money orders accepted.  No personal checks.
-Postage (and possible) fees additional.
-I ship to most countries worldwide. No holds without a deposit. 
-References on Prego, Studio Commissary, eBay as golden_country.

Various Props     Scale is Noted

Re-Ment:1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size)   "Carnival Snacks" $10

Re-Ment: Several sets combined. Asian style meals.  $22
1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size) 


Jiggling Fruit Jellies $12


Love Chocolate: Animal Chocolates $20.

Fruit Wave Tea Set $15


 Re-ment Miniature Fruit Dessert No.10 Apple Peeler $15


Meal and Place Setting $8.


Love Chocolate: Truffle Bears $20


Love Chocolate: Snowhouse Chocolates $20



American Girl Accessories: Horse and Sailboat $12 for both.
Good for 16-18" dolls. (1/4 or MSD Scale)
The box under the sailboat is not part of sale.


ReMent: 1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size) Hair Dryer and Scale $6 for both.


Medicom Toy - Collectable B@wbrick Figures Chihuahua and Poodle $15 each

Fully articulated little dog figures. Good size for 1/6 scale 12" dolls. Heads turn and legs move as does the tail. Very cute.  I think the Chihuahua lost his tag although I'm not sure if he originally had one.


Realistic Violin for 1/6 Scale Dolls $10
Beautifully constructed. New Condition. No bow available.

Vintage G.I. Joe Medic Supplies $5
Items show age. 1/6 Scale


Lot of 4 Wood Based Doll Stands $15.
These will fit dolls whose waists are between 5-3/4" - 8-3/4" from the bottom of their feet.
They are collapsible by unscrewing the main post. Great for storage when room is an issue. Excellent condition.

Lot of 8 Kaiser Doll Stands New  $42. 
Fits dolls sized from 14" - 20"
Shown supporting a resin Sybarite. Will work for Kingdom Doll, Tonner, etc. (1/4 Scale.)

(Stands for 11" dolls available as well.)

Shoes for MSD BJD 1/3 Scale "Flame"  $12
Measurements: 2.5" long (6.2 cm) by 1" (2.5 cm) wide
Fabric is red and black brocade with a touch of white. Thick platform soles.  Never used.
1/3 Scale


ReMent  (1/6 Scale) "Fun Meals" Miniature "Morning Grab n' Go" $15
Toaster, Basket, 3 Baked Goods, Cereal, Pop-Tart and Box, Travel Coffee Mug.  NEW.

ReMent (1/6 Scale)  "3 O'Clock Afternoon Snacks" #10    $10
Miniature Mochi Rice Cakes, Vase ++  Deboxed in new condition. 1/6 Scale


PETWORKS - USAGGIE  (Bunny) Blue,  New in Box $45.
Version 010  Release Date: Nov. 2011
Size: Approx 20cm tall (8 inches)
Made in Japan
Non-PVC material



  1. Are your rement items still for sale? Wasn't sure when this was posted. Thank you!

    1. Yes! I recently posted this page’s items.

  2. Hi,just rec'd the rement bkft items, 100% pleased. thanks