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Various Props  -  Scale is Noted

Re-Ment:1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size)   "Carnival Snacks" $10


Re-Ment: Several sets combined. Asian style meals.  $22
1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size) 


Jiggling Fruit Jellies $12
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Love Chocolate: Animal Chocolates $20.
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Baseball Dog "Am I a Dog?" $5.95
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Fruit Wave Tea Set $15
Boxed 1/6th Scale


 Re-ment Miniature Fruit Dessert No.10 Apple Peeler $15
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Meal and Place Setting $8.
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Love Chocolate: Truffle Bears $20
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Love Chocolate: Snowhouse Chocolates $20
Boxed 1/6th Scale


Re-Ment Apples Mix $20
In this lot you get:
Mixing bowl with cut apples, spatula, sliced whole apple, apple pieces, two vanilla wafers, plate, apple carton, two trays filled with apples, bottle of juice, glass of juice, pitcher and clip board.
1/6th Scale


Re-Ment Bath Soaps $12
This set contains a box of 12 assorted 'soaps', a bath brush, a hanging soap, soap dish, sponge and 3 bottles with tiny bath beads. The box has a cover.
1/6th Scale


ReMent: 1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size) Hair Dryer and Scale $6 for both.


ReMent Fan 1/6 Scale (12" Doll Size)   $6.

Three Assorted Frames $6
Use with 12"-16" Diorama Settings.
Painted Wood


Two Embellished Wall Items $5
One (on the right) is beaded all over with tiny white beads and frames a mirror.
The other is beaded and sequined and has an opening for your picture.
Use with 12"-16" Diorama Settings.

Three Pewter Frames $8 (One isn't shown.)
Great for larger dolls. Put their pictures inside the frames. They stand on a surface.


Silver Metal Music Stand $5
Good for dolls 10" or smaller. Can also be used on a table to raise it higher for taller dolls.

American Girl Accessories: Horse and Sailboat $12 for both.
Good for 16-18" dolls. (1/4 or MSD Scale)
Box under sailboat is not part of sale.


Black Metal Candle Stands to Use as Tables $6 for both
I used round mirrors purchased at a craft store as table tops. 


Medicom Toy - Collectable B@wbrick Figures Chihuahua and Poodle $15 each

Fully articulated little dog figures. Good size for 1/6 scale 12" dolls. Heads turn and legs move as does the tail. Very cute.  I think the Chihuahua lost his tag although I'm not sure if he originally had one.


Realistic Violin for 1/6 Scale Dolls $10
Beautifully constructed. New Condition. No bow available.

Vintage G.I. Joe Medic Supplies $5
Items show age. 1/6 Scale


Lot of 4 Wood Based Doll Stands $15.
These will fit dolls whose waists are between 5-3/4" - 8-3/4" from the bottom of their feet.
They are collapsible by unscrewing the main post. Great for storage when room is an issue. Excellent condition.

Lot of 8 Kaiser Doll Stands New  $42. 
Fits dolls sized from 14" - 20"
Shown supporting a resin Sybarite. Will work for Kingdom Doll, Tonner, etc. (1/4 Scale.)

(Stands for 11" dolls available as well.)

Shoes for MSD BJD 1/3 Scale "Flame"  $12
Measurements: 2.5" long (6.2 cm) by 1" (2.5 cm) wide
Fabric is red and black brocade with a touch of white. Thick platform soles.  Never used.
1/3 Scale


PETWORKS - USAGGIE  (Bunny) Blue,  New in Box $45.
Version 010  Release Date: Nov. 2011
Size: Approx 20cm tall (8 inches)
Made in Japan
Non-PVC material


Vintage 1964 MARX Gilded Mirror 1/6 (Barbie) Scale  $12
"Little Hostess" 
New in box. Box has wear.  2-1/8 wide by 3-3/4 tall




  1. Are your rement items still for sale? Wasn't sure when this was posted. Thank you!

    1. Yes! I recently posted this page’s items.

  2. Hi,just rec'd the rement bkft items, 100% pleased. thanks