Sometimes you have to see things differently.

Arrived: Herve Leger Barbie

She looks as good as the promo photos. I like the mixed blondes used for her hair. which is even prettier in person than in the pictures!

Herve Barbie reminds me of Katniss. Is this a unique sculpt? Perhaps an expert out there can tell us.

The dresses are perfection. They appear to be very well constructed. The fabric used stretches which means that they will fit my other 12" dolls. If and when I debox, I'll check on her harness to see if it fits.
 This bag looks sloppy with lots of strings and uneven edges. It can be trimmed.
 The plastic boots are meh. I don't care for the doll herself primarily because of her body.

If enough people can get past the price, the doll will be very successful. Many Barbie collectors do not debox and this is the perfect presentation for that purpose. The packaging is zombie-proof. The fun print inside the box of photographers taking pictures is great as a backdrop. I'd like a large fabric print of that to use.

I ordered two Herve Leger Barbies, one for me and one for a friend. The first one I ordered from Amazon.es (Amazon.com in Spain) on 9/10/13. The price came out to be a little lower including shipping and I have her already. I guess they went directly to Europe from China cutting out the overseas shipping and/or duties. Who knows?


Superdoll's Third Annual Convention: The Dolls

Here are the three new Sybarite dolls from the convention which took place in London over the weekend. I hope to find full length pictures soon. These are from Superdoll's Facebook page.