Ana's Photostream

I was strolling through my good friend Ana's (aka anatchim) Flickr Photostream today and I found many images worth sharing. I recommend going there for yourself and taking some time to see how much attention to detail Ana showers on her dolls. She has many of them rerooted and restyled. It's delightful to go through her collection. Link to her collection is at the end of this post.

Here is a wonderful photography trick she uses to support her dolls during photoshoots.

A little trick to hold the girls...

A little trick I use to hold my girls against the backdrop while I'm photographing... I use this modified FR stand telescope stick, with a "Bostik" ball in the tip for adherence...
(it still can be a little tricky to use, but I just don't want to use wires to have to erase them afterwards in photoshop... I am too lazy for that LOL)
I may try her technique occasionally instead of using armature wire. The more tricks one has at hand, the better.

Here is a photograph of all three versions of Vanessa side by side. It's excellent and really shows the differences. Which Vanessa is your favorite?


Now, if you've gone and looked at her photos and think she has a major photography studio, you will be surprised to learn that the opposite is true. She is using professional lighting but look at that little space!
Ana says:
"... our apartment is SO tiny tiny, that I had to put together a small space in the garage, for my dolly photography...
I love to see everyone's behind the scene photos, so I thought I'd share this one too!
The beautiful vintage dresser was renovated by hubby, and it holds the doll furniture, background papers, floors, etc.."

Ana's Flickr Photostream


Random Pictures

My Barbie closets arrived the other day. I am very pleased.

 The first model is Anja from the last IT convention. The second model is Silkstone #3 wearing "Cast Party" from the 2012 GAW.
The size is perfect. They didn't skimp there.  I plan to change the background as I don't care for the three that came with the closet but any scrapbooking sheet will do.


On the endless topic of my unpacking...I still need showcases for my Tiny Kitty and Madame Alexander 10" dolls.  They are all hanging around into open boxes waiting for their chance to shine.

Today, after I put away my dolls' Christmas decorations, I pulled out a few TKs that I had never photographed as they arrived during the packing/moving era last year.

Little Empress
Grand Entrance
Kitty at Court
My Lady Fair - Blue
 Although these little gems have limited posing, I still love them. They were really my first fashion doll collection so I keep filling in the gaps.

Sale Alert at the Mattel Shop

Buy one, Get one 50% off site wide at the Mattel Shop.  It's a good sale and as of right now there are plenty of Monster High dolls and accessories available.

I haven't been following this line closely so there are several delightful items that are quite tempting.
The Monster High Scaris "Cafe Cart" is just adorable. This is selling for $22.99.

The Monster High Convertible is also a cute addition to a collection. Listed at $22.99.
If you were to purchase both, your total would come to $34.48 plus shipping and sales tax instead of $45.98 plus.  For every full priced item you buy, you can add another for half price. Sounds good to me.

Will you be buying anything during this sale?