Avant Guard Lush Lottery

The W Club holds regular lotteries to determine which collectors can purchase a particular doll or giftset.
Today the first drawing was held. I received a congratulations email at about 4 PM. I was very happy as I really didn't expect to be chosen. About 1/2 hour later, I received a second congratulatory email. I entered with both of my memberships and got lucky. I still don't know whether to laugh or cry.
One example of the experience of doll collecting is overabundance. I have it.


Gene Marshall Line - Wave 4 - 2008 Images Released

The new Gene Marshall Wave 4 dolls have been released by Integrity Toys and they look like winners. Each is limited to only 300. Descriptions are from the manufacturer.

Gilt-y Girl Gene Doll

"Guilty as charged, as long the crime in question is Gene stealing your heart in this lovely, three-piece, day ensemble. A tailored white, button front jacket with abbreviated waist and padded shoulders, sits atop a black and white gingham blouse lavishly embroidered in metallic gold and fitted to a T. A pencil-thin black skirt with flared hemline is the noir side of this early 40s look with it's sophisticated silhouette and dark connections to the gold embroidered, black and white gingham turban and black 'leather', platform pumps. The loot is 'diamond' earrings and enough 'gold' jewelry to thrill even a gun moll with multiple broaches and 'gold' cuff bracelets worth surrendering for. Gene's stylish coif is medium brunette and her makeup a look that says 'innocent'. What is it they say, 'white gloves, black heart' or maybe it's 'white gloves, heart of gold'? Either way, you'll have no trouble picking Gene out of the fashion lineup with Gilt-y Girl."

Retail Price is $125.00. Available January, 2009

Olympia Gene Doll

"A 1930s style evening gown composed of two complimentary shades of green satin; 'Olympia' is a masterpiece of dramatic cut and draping. A two-toned halter neckline is knotted at the throat and whittled through the torso into a slender waist. A fitted draping of the two greens at the hips echoes the neckline's details and accentuates the rhythms created by this reverent homage to the female form. Beneath this, a slender column is expanded into a lavish mermaid skirt featuring a voluminous train and 'yards' of draped satin. A tiered, crescent shaped wrap of satin and deep green-dyed 'fox' is the cover story for this fashion plate with matching closed-toed sandals and green satin, elbow-length gloves to complete the polished look. The gilding on this Oz lily consists of clear 'diamond' earrings, hair-clips and bracelet with a striking silver cuff. Gene's maquillage is a soft one and her hair a coppery red."

Retail Price $125.

The last three dolls are basic dolls. They are all priced at $99 and are available this month (December).

Special Scene Gene (Turquoise) Essentially Gene Marshall Doll

"Vibrantly flame haired Gene leads the fashion pack sporting curly bangs, white headband and a swinging ponytail above her sky blue, scoop-neck sweater. This form-fitting, knit sweater sports 3/4 length sleeves and is belted in white to match her perfect white cotton short-shorts. Accessories for Gene are all about white from her pearl earrings and necklace down to her stylish wedgies."

Special Scene Madra (Coral) Essentially Madra Lord Doll

"Raven-haired Madra for once is the vision of propriety in her cream-colored cotton A-line skirt, worn together with a gorgeous coral sweater. As with Gene, the accessories are all about one tone with creamy pearls at the ears and neck and a cream-colored headband matching her belt and wedgies."

Special Scene Violet (Magenta) Essentially Violet Waters Doll

"Violet completes our trio in a classic black Capri pant and form-fitting mauve sweater. Accessories this time are all basic black from the pearl jewelry and headband down to the belt and matching black wedgies. Violet's hair is worn in a fetching, dark-blond pageboy."


The W Club - Tell them I sent you!

The purpose of this post is to inform any doll collector who is not yet a member of the W Club what the club has done in the past three years since it's inception. I highly recommend membership for all of the reasons you will read below.

If you do decide to join I would appreciate it if you would use my name as the referral person! Please make sure to join prior to December 22, 2008 in order that I may get credit for the referral.
And if you do use my name, please let me know. You won't be disappointed!
This year I am also joining the Gene W Club as I realized that I was missing out on all the goodies that went along with that club, too.
Membership has it's rewards!
• Exclusive access to first-to-know information; sneak peeks at
upcoming dolls, fashions & more!
• Exclusive access to members-only forums!
• VIP customer service from the W Club Liaisons!
• Guaranteed ability to purchase exclusive Club-only doll(s)!
• Special coupons for discounts on purchasing Club dolls!
• Club-only opportunities to purchase dolls, fashions & more!
• Exclusive VIP invite to Toy Fair event in New York City on 2/21/2009!
• Priority Convention Registration!
• Access to private Q&A sessions with Jason Wu and Mel Odom!
• 3 levels of Club membership to meet collectors’ needs!

Registration information is at the end of this post.

I have been a member of Integrity Toy's Fashion Royalty W Club since it started three years ago. My fondest memory of the first year was attending the first FAO event on February 14th, 2006. It was Valentines' Day and I manipulated my husband into driving down to Manhattan with me by telling him I would accept it as a Valentines' gift. I'm so generous. LOL
The event was for W Club members and their guests. Those of us who arrived at the store a little early stood on line outside in the cold of the New York winter waiting to be let in. Don't believe for one minute that we stood quietly. There were squeals of recognition every minute and hugs and chatter. Once inside we were checked in and rode the escalator upstairs past huge stuffed dinosaurs where we saw the new line of Fashion Royalty dolls for that year. It was very exciting and very crowded as we pressed together to get a good look at the dolls. We met and mingled and were served drinks and hors d'oeuvre. We got to buy the last doll in the Voyages Line, Isha "Final Cut" Cannes Collection Giftset.

That year we had a Yahoo W Club board which was pretty active and lots of fun. There were two dolls available only to W Club members: Stylish Escape Veronique and Dressing the Part Agnes.

Also offered to W Club members were two tri-fold backdrops called Evening at the Theater and Coffee and Cocktails in Krakow.

In 2007, I signed up for two memberships! On February 13 the second FAO doll unveiling event was held at which we were able to buy the beautiful Wicked Valentine Agnes doll.

The weather was typical February in New York, freezing, snowing, sleeting and overall horrible. Many collectors who drove spent hours on the road trying to get home. But we did all arrive home safely.
The W Club dolls that year were:

In Bloom Vanessa:

Costume Drama Giselle Diefendorf:

and Grand Arrival Colette:
We were given a choice of buying one or both of these dolls. There was also an exclusive fashion called Purple Reign offered to club members.

Throughout the year contests were held and prizes awarded. We got sneak peeks at dolls before the public and were offered lotteries before the public for limited edition dolls and remaining convention dolls. We were able to register for the convention earlier than the public as well.

At the last FAO Toy Fair event held on February 22, 2008, we were treated to the premier viewing of the new Hollywood Royalty line and the first doll, Ethereal Return Lana Turner was available for purchase.

Of course, we viewed the new dolls for 2008 as well. It was a fabulous event, attended by many in the metropolitan area, the country and there were even several collectors from Europe! In typical February New York fashion, we had a snowstorm. But that didn't stop several hundred collectors from converging on FAO Schwarz at 6:00 PM.

At each event the we have mingled with the founder of Integrity Toys, Percy Newsum and his family, Jason Wu and some of his staff and Mel Odom of Gene Marshall fame.

Early in the year the W Club switched to a forum-format chat board which made organizing themes, topics, threads and information possible. We share our collections and expertise. We ask and answer questions and are given information by the liaisons. We can buy, sell and barter dolls and doll related items of any kind.

We were able to purchase an Upgrade Option club doll this year. She was a Eugenia doll called "Going Public."

The last 2008 club offering which is about to arrive is called the Moods Collection. We were offered two different Veroniques with the original face mold. They will be the last Veros with this face mold. We could create our own giftsets by choosing from the following items:

Blond Ambition
Body Double Veronique Perrin Starry Night Wardrobe FashionFrench Dressing Deluxe Accessory Pack
Luxe Finish Accessory Set

The final 2008 club doll is called Bewitching Hour Luchia who is due to arrive sometime in 2009.


Registration information from Integrity Toys W Club for new members:

Here are the prices of each 2009 membership- for more information see the brochure or begin the registration process, as there are details included there as well.

You may register now through 5:00 PM Central Standard Time (Chicago Time) on January 8, 2009.

Make sure you register well in advance of the deadline. Every year, things come up at the last minute, so register as soon as possible

A-Base (Gene) Gold Membership: $40

B-Upgraded Gold Membership: $140 (plus shipping), which includes the base Gold membership and the Zita Charles doll.

Of the $140, $65 will be billed at registration and $75 plus shipping will be billed in April, with the doll scheduled for May delivery.

C-Base (FR/1:6 Scale) Diamond Membership: $50

D-Upgraded Diamond Membership: $130 (plus shipping), which includes the base Diamond membership and the Vanessa Perrin Cruise Control doll.

Of the $130, $70 will be billed at registration and $60 plus shipping will be billed in April, with the doll scheduled for May delivery.

E-Super Deal! Base Platinum Membership: $80 (includes one membership to each of the Gold and Diamond Clubs)

F-Mega Deal! Upgraded Platinum Membership: $260 (plus shipping), of which $121 will be billed at registration and $139 plus shipping will be billed in April, with the dolls scheduled for May delivery.

Again, you can begin the registration process (if you do not want to view the brochure) here:

We have a brochure about the 2009 W Club that can be found in our forum or at this link:

Contact the Liaisons if you have any problems.

So there you have it. The instructions can be quite confusing so if you need clarification or help, I recommend contacting the liaisons or you can contact me right here by asking a question.