Sales: Tonner Dolls (16" & 10") and Other 16" Vinyl

-Please contact me at with your zip code or country and the name of the items you wish to purchase.
-I accept Paypal as merchandise or personal.  Postage (and possible) fees additional.
-US Postal Money orders accepted. No Western Union or Store MO's.
-No personal checks.
-I ship to most countries worldwide. No holds without a deposit. 
-References on Prego, Studio Commissary, eBay as golden_country.

Including 10 in. Tiny Kitty  (Scroll Down)

Includes Fashions Made by Other Mfrs. to fit Tonner 


Silver Open-Toe Pumps with gold lining. $13
New condition.


Tyler (Dorothy's) Red Ruby Pumps $25.
New condition.


Bianca Lapin Outfit $49
Dress, Cape, Boots.
Excellent condition.


Dress with Leather- Look Belt by Meg Fashions $35
Beautiful colors in this dress. The full skirt comes just to the doll's knee. New condition. My model is Antoinette.


Jewelry to Fit All 16" (1/4 Scale) Dolls
In order for me to keep from going crazy, the minimum purchase is $10. plus postage.
Minimum postage in the continental US is $3.50 for a 1 ounce First Class bubble packet.
Jewelry can be combined with any purchase from my listings.
These listed items are from either Tonner Doll, Integrity Toys or Facets by Marcia.

A. Rhinestone Bracelet $2.50
B. Rhinestone Bracelet $2.50
C. Hair Sticks (TWO AVAILABLE)
D. Gold Chain $3.
E. Super long gold chain or hip chain.  $4
G. Super Long gold with melon colored beads with matching earrings. $8
H. Gold Chain SOLD
J. Tiny pearls and gold beads necklace SOLD
L. Silver chain with "Valentine" Red stones Rhinestone heart. $5.
M. Same as L but with matching earrings. SOLD
N. Earrings with Light Forest Green beads. SOLD
O. Earrings with clear beads. SOLD

Tonner Halloween Convention Key Chain $8.
New in gift box. Key ring has three charms. Very cute item.


 Tonner 10 Inch Tiny Kitt

More Tiny Kitty is coming. I'll be selling my entire TK collection in 2019.
 "In a make-believe time and a tiny place, Tiny Kitty opens up her dress shop, which boasts the most beautiful clothing and accessories. Always the height of elegance, Kitty wears her highly detailed ensembles with great feminine flair. Tiny Kitty is the 10” hard plastic miniature of the 18” favorite and like her 18” counterpart, she has rotational shoulders, bent knees, swivel waist and rotational hip joints for many fun poses!"
Starting in 2007,  Tiny Kitty Collier™ dolls were produced with bending arms and bending wrists. 

"Golden Goddess" Tiny Kitty Dressed Doll $70
Comes with stand in original box.
Robert Tonner 2004 Tiny Kitty Collier Golden Goddess Doll No. KT1401, 10-inch fashion doll with golden blonde hair in top braid and painted blue eyes. She is dressed in a shapely gold net with gold beads over gold strapless formal evening gown that slits at both ankles with matching long gold coat lined with shiny gold, long gold gloves, and white and gold high heels. Doll's accessories include gold purse, gold necklace, gold earrings, and stand.


"Dream Girl Kitty" Dressed Doll  $70

New Condition. It comes with standard Tiny Kitty stand, not the one pictured. 
Shoes not shown in the photo but included.
The original doll did not have articulated arms and wrists. I upgraded this one.
"Dream Girl Kitty" is dressed in a stunning column of pale green satin brocade (lined) that is embellished with tiny, hand-applied beads. The gown is wrapped at the hips with a lush green silk sash that is softly pleated across the body and then falls gracefully to the floor. It's attached at the side with a cluster of pale blue silk flowers that match the flowers that are dressing her elegant upswept hair. She's accessorized with sheer pantyhose; a matched set of 'ivory' and gold beaded earrings and necklace and strappy gold evening shoes


"Rose Garden" Exclusive Tiny Kitty for "Under The Lilac Trees" Portland, OR.  $99
Tiny Kitty is dressed for an elegant garden party in an off-the-shoulder lavender dress with a sheer white embroidered organdy overlay. She's accessorized with a dramatic white portrait hat; multi-layer tulle petticoat; studs and matching necklace; sheer pantyhose; white strappy heels and white gloves. 


"This Golden Moment" TK Dressed Doll $99
Excellent condition.
She is a limited edition of 200 and one of the first Tiny Kitty's with arm and wrist articulation. She has a platinum updo with a gold ribbon bow accent. Her eyes are blue and her lips are red. She is wearing gold evening gown trimmed in gold lace. She has gold sandals, rhinestone earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.
(Tonner promo photo on right.)


"Simply Fancy" Tiny Kitty Silk Ensemble $35.
Excellent condition except the tiny flower is missing from the bodice. I do not have the earrings either but I will send replacement earrings.
Includes sleeveless silk dress, bolero jacket, beaded necklace, netted hat, stockings and shoes as shown.

Tiny Kitty Teddies $9 each.


For Ellowyne

Synthetic Mohair "Ava" Chin Length Pageboy with Bangs WIG   $10
Fits Ellowyne 
Reddish Brown


  1. Are "sweet indulgences" for 16", fit Tyler?

  2. I am interested in your Captivating Tiny Kitty. Do you have any additional outfits/fashions you will be selling? Thank you.

    1. Please contact me at the email address at the top of the page.