Electro POP Susie In The House

After a long wait, the popular Asian doll, Susie, has made her comeback. She is now being produced by Integrity Toys and sold exclusively by her original creator R & D Fashion Dolls.
If you are not familiar with the character Susie, visit the website and see photographs of Susie from the beginning. I find it interesting every time I browse. Fashions and dolls from earlier versions are also still available.
Susie has joined Integrity Toys' Dynamite Girls line of ElectroPop dolls. She comes with several cute fashion accessories and retails for $45.
Rudi Teruel has provided these photos for us to see. She is really adorable!

Tonner Convention Banquet Doll - All That Glitters Antoinette

Often the highlight of a convention is the doll one receives at the Saturday night banquet. In looking over the dolls from this Tonner Convention, I'm guessing that Antoinette is having lots of competition for that top spot.
But this is a new sculpt and she is just gorgeous. See for yourself!
The hair and the makeup are perfection. I would love to own this doll. As far as the gown, well, I would remove the bottom tier and the fringes from the center tier.
When I saw this gown I immediately thought of the scene from Gone With the Wind in which Scarlett rips the draperies from the window in order to create a new gown. Antoinette's gown is an odd mix of elements that do not work together. The ruched fabric creates enough interest and detail for the whole gown. What were they thinking? I'm picturing the gown without any fringe at all and no bow. It would have been stunningly simple, glamorous and enough!
There aren't too many for sale (yet.) The current average rate is just under $300.


Picture of the Week Award ~ June 14, 2009

Going along with the theme this week on several doll boards, Vin Trapani, aka VARPTS, posted several pictures of this lovely Mackie sculpt Barbie doll wearing Maria Therese's gown. I like the appearance of depth created by the out of focus bouquet. Perhaps she's getting ready to toss the flowers over her shoulder.
Vin sent me the information that the head is the 2009 Scotland Barbie on a Jazz Baby Pivotal body. The 'diamond' engagement ring is by Linda of LVNVdolls.com and the rest of her jewelry is by Mattel.
Congratulations, Vin, on creating a memorable wedding photo!