Sales: Integrity Toys 12" - 16"

-Please contact me at with your zip code or country
 and the name of the items you wish to purchase.
-I accept Paypal preferably personal. (no e-checks.).
-Postage and possible fees additional.
I will only mail to the address on your Paypal account.
No holds without a deposit. 
Integrity Toys: 12 Inch OR 16 Inch as noted.
(Includes some fashions made for these dolls by other designers.)
Keep coming back as I continue to thin my Integrity Toys collection.  

Elise Jolie "Most Wanted"  Nude $110
Excellent joints. Hair perfect. 
Stain on the right hand. 


Vanessa "High Point"  Nude $110
Beautiful doll in great condition. Excellent joints. 


Monogram Doll "Dreamscape"  Nude and Wigless  $100
Beautiful Monogram Doll was given an FR2 body. She wears size 4 wigs.
She is in excellent ++ condition. The wigs are not for sale, sorry.




Fashion Royalty Elyse Jolie "J'Adore La Fete" Nude $110
Never played with. Excellent joints. No damages. 


Veronique "Silver Society" on FR2 Body NUDE $85
Vintage in terms of the life of the Fashion Royalty line, this Veronique has an upgraded FR2 body with excellent joints. I made the mistake of leaving her in a black dress for a long time and she has a stain on her right shoulder area (shown) and a lighter one on the left. For this reason, I am offering her at a very low price. Her hair is in its original, beautiful condition. 


Rare Lukas Maverick "Beauty" Nu.Fantasy Line 2013 Dressed Doll   $180.
Never redressed or played with. He is in minty condition. I will not undress him to inspect but be assured that he has never been undressed. He may be stained under his clothes as he has been wearing them since 2013. But there are no returns for this reason. A never undressed doll is accepted as is by the buyer.
He is standing on his own in these recent photos. 
This is what is included: Doll, coat, pants, shirt, vest, shoes. No COA or original boxes. (I don't save them.) I have IT stands if you need one. 
Postage is additional and depends upon your location.


"Purple Reign" Gown by FuZin for Fashion Royalty  $100.
Unbelievably stunning and detailed gown. Layers upon layers of bead and sequin-embellished, wired panels can be bent to your style and desire. Beautifully constructed. Excellent condition.


Fashion Royalty Tatyana's "Perfect Reign" Gown $30
Navy blue with matching beaded embellishment. Attractive draping of full skirt.
New condition. 


OOAK Designer Dress by Salvador Lopez Arriaga $25
Edgy strapless dress has a bold print of blues, greens, reds and a touch of gold. Big statement bow up front snap closure.
New Condition.


Cats-Eye Red Sunglasses with Rhinestones $25

New condition.


Vanessa "Lights, Camera, Royal" Gown and Shoes $79
Condition is like new. Lace over satiny fabric. Beautiful construction. This is a classic.


Jumpsuit with Belt SOLD
This is from a Lana Turner Fashion Royalty doll. It fits FR2 perfectly.
Zipper closure. New condition.


Like new. Great details and construction.


Homme Casual Slip-On Shoes $15
Glue is showing on the side.


Tony Manero - Saturday Night Fever - Complete Suit  $65
The gorgeous white suit includes:
Jacket, Vest, Pants, Belt, Shoes, Socks, Silky black Shirt, Two Necklaces.
NEW condition.


Seduisante Elyse: Legs with flat feet plus white sandals $20.


Dress from Erin Salston   $45.
New condition.


Monogram "Admiration" Fashion and Accessories $70.
Rare item. New condition. Fabulous detail and construction.
Gorgeous white wool suit with Frill and Floral detail on the left lapel, slim skirt, and dotted blouse. Red and white shoes with black sole and heel, red working handbag, and unique felt hat.
Black belt.
Not included: jewelry, doll.


Passion Week Elyse Jolie Complete Fashion  $80.
2017 Design Competition - Winner, Vasilen Milkov


Natalia "Inner Sparkle" Gown $39.
Glossy thread embroidery creates a swirling, organic design on this strapless Fashion Royalty gown. 
Excellent condition.  From IT Cinematic Convention


Vanessa Intoxicating Mix Outfit SOLD
Included: dress, coat, shoes, earrings, and bracelet. All in excellent condition. This was the fashion the convention doll wore.


Homme Jacket $20
Faux leather, forest green jacket and a tangerine t-shirt. New condition.


Homme Shoes $ 20.


Gold Sequin Halter Top for 16" Tulabelle  $10
16" Doll


Suit from Elyse Jolie "J'Adore La Fete"  SOLD

New condition. 12" Beautiful miniature tailoring.


Gown from Elyse Jolie "J'Adore La Fete" $40.
Excellent, like-new condition.


"Ruban de Fe" by Azone - Fashion made for Misaki: Dress, Under Skirt and Jewelry $25.
Fits Nu-Face and similarly sized dolls. For a slim doll. 11"-12" Comes with a necklace of faux pearls and a diamond drop. No tights. The second photo on the right shows the outfit fits perfectly on Kingdom Doll Monarch. 


Monsieur Z Shopping Bag $5
From an early doll line by Jason Wu.


"Vintage" Fashion Royalty Portfolio $15
I am calling this vintage because it was produced when Fashion Royalty dolls had just been created. At that time there were only Veronique and Adele.
This is a nifty folder with vinyl pages into which story cards can be inserted. The folder itself has a story card. There are also a few little things inside.
Very good condition.




When contacting me, please identify the items by number and item description. Thanks.

1. Rhinestone double bracelet. $5
2. Pearl double bracelet. SOLD
3. Black and red twisted bead bracelet. $4.
4. Integrity Pearl and link bracelet. $4
5. Integrity's Nadja Multi-charm bracelet. $5.

Erin Clutch Bag  $4 


Eight Pairs of Sheer Black Panties for Fashion Royalty $8 for all