Sales: Integrity Toys 12" - 16"

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-United States Postal Money orders accepted.
-No personal checks unless you are a long term customer.
-Postage (and possible) fees additional.
-I ship to most countries worldwide. I rarely hold items without a deposit. 
-References on Prego, Studio Commissary, eBay as golden_country.
This page will be updated as items are added and/or sold.

Integrity Toys: 12 Inch OR 16 Inch as noted.
(Includes some fashions made for these dolls by other designers.)

Keep coming back as I'm thinning my Integrity Toys collection.  I am currently in the process of moving. Some items may be inaccessible at this time. ASK!


Gold Sequin Halter Top for FR16 $15

Avantguard "Bijou" Gown For 16" Doll $90.
Excellent condition. I have a Kingdom Doll modeling (right) in addition to Bijou, left.
(No jewelry; no shoes) I do have her shoes however I have removed the strappy things. Now they are slip-ons. I will include if desired.


FR16 or Tulabelle Metallic Gold and Deep Purple Belted Coat and Handbag $30
Excellent, unused condition.


FR16 or Tulabelle Accessories by Integrity Toys $30.
Detailed handbag, boots, three gold and black bracelets, black sunglasses. Boots also fit Kingdom Dolls! Unused, new condition.


Complete Outfit FR16 "Cosmetic Surrender" $89.
New Condition - Cocktail dress, faux fur, clutch purse, earrings, shoes.


12-1/2" DOLLS

Rare Mini-Gene Dolls  (Only Two Remain of the Four)

Red Desire   $300
Gown, Boa, Shoes, Earrings, Cuff Bracelet, Doll Stand. Will be shipped in alternative box.

 Doll for sale has been deboxed. This photo is to show you what is included.


Mini-Gene "Midnight Lace" SOLD
Strapless Cami, Negligee, Shoes, Earrings, Doll Stand.


Mini-Gene "Hometown Hollywood" NUDE $200
Comes with stand.

These two photos show what she looks like dressed. 

Daydream Dasha d'Amboise "The Boudoir Collection" NRFB $200.


Marie Laveau 2016 American Horror Story Coven Collection   $100.       
Character Doll in the likeness of Angela Basset
Like new condition.


FASHIONS for 12"—12-1/2" Dolls

Suit from Elyse Jolie "J'Adore La Fete" Doll Gift Set $40

New condition.


Custom Dyed "Talking Drama" Adele Gown w/ Petticoat & Belt $65
Gown has been tested on a doll for many months without any staining. It will not stain.
Will fit original tall body as well as FR2.


"Impossibly Beautiful" Gown with Belt $40
Silk-like ivory gown with deep navy beaded belt.
Beautiful construction. New condition.


"Ruban de Fe" (Azone?) Fashion made for Misaki :  Dress and Under Skirt $29
Fits Nu-Face and similarly sized dolls.


"Chic Explorer" Fashion by Louos $20.
Stunning two piece fashion consists of an off white top embellished with beads and unique button closure. Multi-panel skirt. Made to fit Fashion Royalty, fits original body Silkstone dolls, too.


Dress & Belt from Adele "Vivid Encounter"  $35.
New condition.




When contacting me, please identify the items by number and item description. Thanks.

1. Rhinestone double bracelet. $5
2. Pearl double bracelet. $3. (I think you have to take the hand off to put this one on.)
3. Black and red twisted bead bracelet. $4.
4. Pearl and link bracelet. $4
5. Multi charm bracelet. $5.
6. Neckpiece and earring set. $10.
7. Rhinestone neckpiece and earrings set. $10.


Monogram Doll Body $10

I switched this doll to a taller body. This one has excellent, even color.  Removable hands.
Great body. (terrible photo)


Stand $5.
This type of stand can be used under the doll's arms or as a saddle between the legs. Very useful. Good for all 12" dolls.


Integrity Toys 12" Metal Eyeglasses $6 
Gold, Folding, No Lens 

Erin "High & Envy" Clutch Bag  $4 reduced price


Black "Gloved" Hands from Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss $9.

Eight Pairs of Sheer Black Panties for Fashion Royalty $8 for all

Six Pairs of White Panties $6 for all
Assorted style. These will fit NuFace, Poppy, Misaki and other slim hipped dolls best.


Old Tall (12") Bodies  $5 each
Swingy legs, one crack on each doll's wrist, lower leg yellowing. Use for parts or mannequins.