Some personal stuff.

Several of my regular readers have contacted me saying that they miss my almost daily posts to my blog. I want to share the following information with them.

In early 2016 I was handed a serious illness. The surgery, recovery and ensuing treatment took almost the entire year. Thanks to the good health care I received, I am fine now.  As some of you certainly know, one's feeling about mortality changes dramatically after an illness that could be fatal. You just never know.

During that time my collecting and attitudes changed and on top of that, we got a new puppy. My main focus was not on my blog and that attitude has continued.

I post often on my Facebook blog with announcements and random artist's photographs and I link to this blog when I make a major post here.

I realize that some of you don't read Facebook. Smart move. That's a whole other addiction.

When it comes to my own photography and my own activities at events, I continue posting here.
For example:

Kingdom Doll Liberty wearing a creation made by YumYum Couture.

Kingdom Doll Arnamentia models the cocktail length version of Eye Candy by YumYum Couture

I appreciate all of your support in the past and now. To those of you who nominated me for best blog this year, I thank you. I declined the nomination as winning in 2015 caused more trouble than I care to deal with. I'm not going away. I still answer many questions personally when I receive them.

HUGS to all of you!