Enclosure Royale on Sybarite Etiquette

I wasn't going to buy it at first but then I started seeing pictures and hearing reviews of the Superdoll fashion, "Enclosure Royale." The beautiful and easily stand-alone item which is under her skirt is a yellow multi-layered petticoat. I've seen it used as a skirt on it's own. The top, which looks like a blouse is actually a finished jacket - also a stand-alone piece. I love the shoes with their blocky, acrylic heels. Ordinary earrings came with the ensemble. I have her wearing earrings made by an Etsy artist who, sadly, is not putting anything up for sale any longer. Another piece I don't show is a black square with a skull print. She  has a walking stick with a silver skull on the top. Lots of mix and match possibilities make for a great purchase!
The full description of "Enclosure Royale" is a few posts back at http://terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com/2014/06/enclosure-royale-fashion-from-superdoll.html.

My model is Etiquette, one of the 2014 PFDF exclusive Sybarites. I'm not sure I'll keep her but if I do, I will remove her wig as I'm not extremely fond of it.