Enclosure Royale on Sybarite Etiquette

I wasn't going to buy it at first but then I started seeing pictures and hearing reviews of the Superdoll fashion, "Enclosure Royale." The beautiful and easily stand-alone item which is under her skirt is a yellow multi-layered petticoat. I've seen it used as a skirt on it's own. The top, which looks like a blouse is actually a finished jacket - also a stand-alone piece. I love the shoes with their blocky, acrylic heels. Ordinary earrings came with the ensemble. I have her wearing earrings made by an Etsy artist who, sadly, is not putting anything up for sale any longer. Another piece I don't show is a black square with a skull print. She  has a walking stick with a silver skull on the top. Lots of mix and match possibilities make for a great purchase!
The full description of "Enclosure Royale" is a few posts back at http://terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com/2014/06/enclosure-royale-fashion-from-superdoll.html.

My model is Etiquette, one of the 2014 PFDF exclusive Sybarites. I'm not sure I'll keep her but if I do, I will remove her wig as I'm not extremely fond of it.


  1. It's a really great looking outfit, and (unlike a few recent releases) looks like something one might actually wear! XD My funds are not at their best at the moment but it's tempting to grab it while it's still in stock. :x

    Etiquette has a really interesting face-up; I think she could look lovely with a variety of hairstyles. I actually like her wig but I think it looks appropriate with her default dress. Maybe not so much with this one. ;)

  2. I loved this one too- I'll admit that I bought it seconds after it came available, the details are so fabulous!

  3. Hi Terri

    I love the clothing and accessories! But I cannot get into how her face looks. I have looked at these dolls before, but they look lifeless and sharp edged. I sure wish they could do a prettier doll.


  4. Teriffic photos, Terri! It's a great outfit. I bought it, too ; - )

    Lady L.