Photo of the Day: "Domestic Goddess" by Tom in CA

This gorgeous combination of J'Adore Gene doll, dress by Bogue's Vogues and an Ilaria wig makes wonderful eye candy.
Photography by Tom in CA who says,
"Roast warming in the oven...table set...children presentable..."

Ilaria Time of Doll Wigs

Bogue's Vogues Etsy Shop


Gabby and Violet Return

Gabby & Violett are coming back. Doug James is producing resin versions of the 16" dolls who were retired a few years ago after a brief life.  All of your Daisy and Willow fashions will fit and that tells me that Tyler fashions will also fit.
Gabby Field and Violet Somers
 Here is a photo of the resin Gabby taken by Alexandra Forbes:

Here is Violett:

Here is the link for pre-ordering:  http://www.ceddolls.com/gabbyviolett.htm

Here is the link to Alexandra's Flickr photostream. There are several other photographs of the two new dolls posted there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexs_attic/sets/72157636147384453/

Be warned...once you start looking at Alexandra's photos, you will remain at your computer for a long time!


Violet Waters: "Heat Wave"

A new doll joins the tribe.

She was produced by Integrity Toys.


It's just a number but...

Today the number of LIKES on my Facebook page hit 1000. I was pleased.

Tonner Doll: 2013 Fall Holiday Collection

More new stuff from Tonner Doll hit the airwaves today. This is a screen capture of the entire release. I'm hoping to see the releases in person at MetroDolls on Sunday and I will be better able to give an informed review.  You can click HERE to see everything in detail.

I can certainly say that if I were a Patsy Doll collector, there's a lot of good stuff to collect. This is beyond adorable!
Furry Flurries - Outfit Only  $89.99
 Sinister Circus is back.
"Dark Soul"  $259.99.

There are two Theatre de la Mode releases.
Elegance #93  $249.99. 

Glamorous #75  $229.99

I will have to hunt down pictures of the original dresses which inspired these doll fashions. If I purchased Elegance, the roses would disappear and I'd find some other size of fabric roses to sew in their place.

When a basic doll without a stand retails for $119.99, it's time to start doing something else with my money.
Precarious Bright White $119.99 - No Stand
 Many items are pre-order. Tonner is offering free shipping on all in-stock items and pre-order items as well.


Emilia Couture LE Fashions Getting Ready

Emilia Nieminen talks about the process of getting her designer LE fashions ready for sale. She is a perfectionist and this is just a small detail of what she does to prepare her work for collectors. 
Vertebrata gowns waiting to be packed:

 One time consuming step is that I try every item on a doll to make sure the fit is right and do something I call "wet sculpting". Wet sculpting is similar to ironing, but it's done on the doll's body to assure a perfect fit and requires no heat. 
This is how you do it: 
 The results are much better than simply ironing the garment. You can easily do this at home for all your doll fashions to really show off those curves. Just be careful not to wet sculpt dark fashions on light skinned dolls since there might be a risk of staining. It's safer to use a dark skinned girl or a doll dedicated for this process if you are not sure of the fabrics you are dealing with. I always stain test our fabrics before use and stain proof them if I notice any risk of staining. 

Cherub bras drying on Inamorata busts after wet sculpting.

Cherub bra before and after the wet sculpting. See the difference?  
 I will let you know as soon as I'll have a sales date. Hope you are as excited as I am after all this waiting!

Also, don't forget to support the Metro Dolls Style Evolution charity auction event next Sunday. I have donated a OOAK Inamorata doll called Grès from my Petrographie collection for the event and Metro Dolls accepts bids by proxy in their auction in case you cannot be there in person.




Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention: Charity Auctions Begin

There are twenty items being auctioned by the MFDS.
The Convention " Madrid Fashion Dolls Show" hosted by official Barbie club in Spain" Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid" has joined Artist all over the world to create a very important charity program for current time. For this important project we are working close with " Red cross" and funds got with this initiative will be use for toy campaign "No child without a toy at Christmas". We thank all artist involve in this project and all people bidding on these fabulous creations. Your bid means a child smile. Pink Power!!!
Here is the list of items as reported by the "My Dolls" blog.

It looks like the price for a few will go sky high. For example:

OOAK PEONY by Artist Creations aka Alessandro Gatti & Guiseppe De Bellis
The dress, made in pure pale pink silk and chiffon fabric is composed of a sophisticated evening gown completely hand embroidered with soft laces, sequins and many other different kinds of precious decorations. The elegant train, in a shape of one articulated origami, makes the image even more precious. Hairstyle and accessories are all hand made by Artist Creations as is the total facial makeover which was hand painted with high quality water based acrylic colours. Complete: one soft pair of long gloves, parure of necklace, earrings and bracelet in tiny Swarovski crystals, stockings and matching shoes. Doll size: 12 inches.  [Edited for clarity by blogger]
OOAK Magia Showgirl in  Madrid by Magia 2000

 Please click on this link to see all the auctions. MFDS AUCTIONS