New Fashions from Shantommo

One of my goals last year was to buy less dolls and  more fashions. I was successful to a certain degree. I bought less dolls but they were more expensive. Sigh. However, I did manage to buy a good deal of designer fashion from the wonderfully talented people in our doll world. Shantommo, Ryan Liang, puts out new designs every so often and they do sell out quickly. Here are two new outfits for my Fashion Royalty gals.

"Owning the Night" is a micro pleated gown with a Fortuny vibe. The very low neckline is a fashion mishap waiting to happen. On this Veronique, who has a fuller bust than the newer FR2 body, it's a bit too revealing. Photoshop almost comes to the rescue!

I have added the fascinator and jewelry.

A close-up of Vero's classic Fashion Royalty face that launched a thousand collections.

"Rebel Chic" is a sporty pair of slacks and a one shoulder blouse. Many designers have difficulty making slacks from non-stretch fabric that fit and look good on a doll. Ryan has done a good job balancing the details and style. They do need a bit of pressing. The top, however, doesn't work well along the diagonal front seam. The white fabric is buckling and I don't think it's suppposed to be like that. I like the overall look anyway. Perhaps the top needs ironing as well.

My model is a hair workshop Elise from the 2014 FR convention. Pin is a vintage item.