Summer Project Part VI - The Triple Crown of Vanessa Dolls

July 4, 2019

The Triple Crown of Vanessa Dolls

This post varies from the format of my other Summer Project posts as I've gone into a bit more detail about these three dolls.

I've always considered these three Vanessa dolls as my favorite of the sculpt.

Vanessa "A Fashionable Life" Raven 2005 FAO Schwarz Giftset Exclusive
Wearing Dominique Makeda "Grand Gesture"

The lighting in this photo is messed up. Sometimes I just can't get it right.

Here's a FAUX outdoor photo to try and make up for it.

Promo Photos

Vanessa "A Fashionable Life" Platinum 2005. W Club Exclusive
Wearing Elise Jolie "Midnight Star"

This version of AFL was produced in a more limited amount than raven and therefore was much harder to get. She came with the same exact outfits in the same beautiful case, one of which I still keep to store my original story cards.

Vanessa "Flame Bleu" 2010. W Club.
Wearing her original fashion. I have never redressed her. She did come with gloves.

The style of her gown and her name pay homage to Veronique "Flame Rouge" 2003 as can be seen in these promotional photos.


July 3, 2019

Vanessa "In Bloom" Hair re-styled. 2007
Wearing Tatyana Alexandrova "Perfect Reign"

Vanessa "Evermore"  2011. Hair re-styled.
Wearing Dasha Amboise  "Always Polished"

Actual Fashion Color


Summer Project Continued Part V

July 1, 2019

Vanessa "True Royalty" 2006.  Rerooted
Wearing Antonio Realli dress. I don't recall the origin of her hat.

I've always thought True Royalty was one of the least attractive of all the 1.0 Vanessa dolls. There is something weird about her face - it's as if it is pushed in at the upper part of the nose.
But her clothing was beautiful and so different that she was irresistible.
There was a big controversy before her actual release. First of all, one had to buy a Magma Heritage calendar. It was filled with beautiful FR photography. If you bought a calendar, you became eligible to be in a lottery to be able to purchase her. There were a few pissed off collectors. Then she was listed at one price and shortly after, Integrity tried to raise the price. Collectors rebelled and IT backed down. Magma Heritage, who owned the exclusive, stopped being an IT dealer after that.
I had a lot of fun photographing her in her original form. Some of those photos are located in posts on this blog.

Here is her original presentation.  This was a very large padded box and it was fabulous. It was one of three "Atelier" products ever offered by IT. They did not call it a gift set if I remember correctly.

Vanessa "Aerodynamic" 2009.  Repainted by Vin Trapani
Wearing "Illustrious Luxury Wear Costume" Available at Gloss Convention 2014  as an outfit only. I've always thought it was unattractive to show the under-bust joint on a doll wearing a low cut gown. In this photo, I have edited the joint out.


June 30, 2019

Vanessa "High Tide" 2007
Wearing Elise Jolie "Flawless"

Vanessa "Sheer Sensuality" 2014
Wearing a OOAK by unknown (at this stage) artist.



Monarch La Scala Steals Silkstone's Dress and Looks Better than the Victim

Blush & Gold Cocktail Dress Barbie is cringing in her showcase. She had to give up her pretty dress to La Scala. I keep telling her it's only temporary but she's not having it.

LaScala doesn't care. She's pondering which Silkstone outfit she will snatch next. This spoiled little (12") girl will never know the feeling of having nothing to wear.