Exclusive Superdoll Fashions

Posted and gone in a flash according to one who managed to actually see them on the Superdoll website.

Three fashions.
Hobblisk 545 GBP (?)
Nocturne (two complete looks) 900 GBP
Truffles 445 GBP

I have no information about the edition size.

Makes Me Smile!

Cruz, I am your father.
Dreamstate Evangeline Ghastly with Pets
One Puppy is Not Enough


Picture(s) of the Day by Tom in CA

This time of the year every doll board is flooded with holiday themed photographs. Every now and then a collector posts photos that show planning, good composition, beautiful styling and proper lighting.
Take a look at these three from Tom in CA which are posted on The Studio Commissary.

Triple WOW! Not only are the dolls dressed beautifully, the captions are amusing as well.

Tom had posted the IDs and credits here: http://members7.boardhost.com/TheStudioComm/msg/1387291956.html

BJD Pets 3D Printing

BJD Pets is a company that is creating 3D printed cats and dogs.

Aren't they just precious? Luckily there is no toy poodle (yet) or I would have to have one. So tempting. They do take orders for custom dolls.

From their FAQ page:
7. What's the difference between 3D print and resin?
Polyamide (3D print) and polyurethane (or resin) are two different materials. Printed cats are lighter but they have interesting texture to them. The gradients on polyurethane are airbrushed, while for 3D printing we use a combination of airbrushing and dyeing.
The velvety matte finish you can see on prints is a natural texture. We used to polish all prints, but now we don't, because once polished, it's impossible to apply dyes uniformly. And we like the texture too.)
Since we do dying on prints, colors penetrate the material and they don't wear off easily. The colors are pretty reliable. For polyurethane on the other hand we don't put any tinting on the joints.
Polyamide (3D print) is a very strong material. Very hard to break. And printed dolls hold a pose better because of the texture. Resin on the other hand is preferred by some of our customers, because it's smooth, slightly heavier and it feels nice.

Check out their website and Flickr for more FAQs and more pictures.

LINK:   http://pets.evethecat.com/index.php


Wilde Imagination Furniture Sale! 50% Off

So you waited because 20% and free shipping wasn't enough? How about 50% off and free shipping?
That is too good to be true.
Pick up the following TODAY ONLY:

Ennui Dreams - Stuff Your Stockings!!
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 And there are NINE items for Amelia Thimble at 50% off, too.

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Photography Accessories

Are you familiar with the shop called Photojojo? I love this site. They offer the coolest and quite useful gadgets for iPhone, Adroid and DSLR users. They also have some unique alternative photography equipment. I find that they are reasonably priced as well.
Today I ordered the Olloclip 4-in-one iPhone Lens. It's a four-in-one lens system that fits over the corner of your iPhone. The fourth lens is a 15x Macro for the 5/5s.

There are so many products here that can be used to improve and enhance doll photography!

Special offer below. Click on the link and you will get $5. off on your purchase. Me, too!  Even if you don't buy anything, it's worth looking and putting yourself on their mailing list. They do not spam.