Tonner: Sneak Peek of the Fall Holiday Line Release

This invitation was sent out to all on the Tonner mailing list. Will you be there? Sadly I will miss it as now I live too far away to attend a 2 hour event.

- Join us at the Tonner Company Store for a 
SNEAK PEEK of the Fall Holiday Line Release 
TOMORROW, August 26th -

...and get 20% off store-wide*!
Sneak Peek
 ...AND 15% off & free shipping on all pre-orders on the Fall Holiday Line!

There will be refreshments, and a 
Special Guest Appearance and Signing by 
Robert Tonner and Joe Petrollese from 1-2pm 

Sunday, August 26th 
14 Hurley Avenue
Kingston, NY  12401

You only get these amazing deals if you join us, so...
Come one, come all!


'Interview with a Fashion Doll Lover: George G. of Angelic Dreamz'

Dollobservers.com published an interesting interview with George Gonzalez, the owner of Angelic Dreamz.
You can read it here:

Tim, Rudy and George
I shot this photo when we visited Angelic Dreamz earlier this year.


Need Another Place to Spend Money?

One of my favorite eBay sellers knits & crochets the finest tiny clothing. I've purchased five outfits from her for my Puki Puki dolls. Her seller ID is Maisiedoats. 

She creates clothes for several different sized dolls including Amelia Thimble, Tiny Betsey, Tiny Kitty, Puki Puki, 10" Anne Estelle and Real Puki. This month there's even something for Cissy! She lists items about twice a month. The quality is excellent. Her starting prices are very fair. Shipping is only $3. from Australia. It takes a few weeks to get to the US but it's so worth it.

A sample of Maisiedoats' current offerings:

Look at those tiny stitches and details.

Happy Shopping!


OOAK Numina by Paul Pham

Today Paul posted these photographs of his new OOAK Numina, Dusk. He described her as a "pale skin Devon in a OOAK beaded and sequined lace and chiffon dress with a silk organza wimple and OOAK suede ankle boots."
She is the first in a collection of 6 one- of-a-kind dolls. The next up is Dawn who is currently in the works.

You can contact Paul by going to his website Dollcis.


A Formal Introduction

This past week on Prego, members have been posting personal introductions. It's fascinating to get background information and see pictures of other collectors. It also strengthens the community. I love it.
I had time today to post one of my own. If you would like to read it, here is the link.

Photo of "Formal Introduction" Trent by Davelandweb.
Check out Dave's Miss Gene Marshall and Her Hollywood Friends blog for more fabulous photographs and information on the dolls pictured there. Dave's dolls include more than Gene. He also features many of Tonner's and Integrity Toy's dolls who are meant to represent movie stars.