Several Tonner Dolls Get Photo Time

These are two of Tonner's 13" dolls.

First is Artemis de Bana Mighdall. She was, of course, originally dressed differently and is pictured elsewhere in this blog.
I'm still working on liking her jawline. She's a bit too masculine-looking for me. It's too bad because it's a cute size for a doll. The name of the (Tonner) fashion is "Midas Touch."

Next is 13" Simone Rouge Basic.  I have no idea why they decided to make a 13" version of Simone when the 10" version was wildly popular.
 This one is a wigged doll. In my photo, she's wearing another manufacturer's wig as I did not like the quality of hers.  The fashion is called "Spring Romance" and it is from more than 2 years ago.

My latest Tiny Kitty doll, yes, I'm still adding to my collection, is "Flirtation." I had forgotten what a pleasure it was to photograph these little gals.

I really must photograph the many Tiny Kitty dolls I've gotten in the past 1.5 years who have never been in front of my camera.

For those who don't know, Tiny Kitty is 10" tall and was first offered for sale in 2003. She was temporarily (?) discontinued in 2008. The good news is that she's coming back. We were shown prototypes at IDEX in Orlando. Perhaps we'll see the real thing soon.



Marl & B has put 5 Precarious Tonner dolls on sale, two of which are priced at $119. These are dressed dolls and that's the lowest price I've seen. If you have been on the fence about the Precarious sculpt, here's a chance to pick one up for a decent price.


One warning regarding one of the other dolls, Romantic Gold, I have been told by several people that her fashion is not well constructed. So...beware.

If anyone buys Fierce and doesn't want the fashion including shoes and jewelry, tell me. I am interested depending on how much you want. :)


Toni's Collectibles also has several Precarious dolls on sale and her prices are the same and/or better!


Meadow: First in the new Sybarite series, Monoglam

The newest entry into the Sybarite world showed up on the Superdoll website today. Here is the text and picture from the announcement:
This image is from Superdoll London Facebook

GEN 3:2
Venus clone: 0779, regular skintone!


Eyes of blue, dusted in blue pollen eyeshadow. triple liner to top lid in dreamy blue, stark white and black. Lips of preserved ginger and melon.
Sheer blue organza corselette printed in blue daisy print and glitter. Walking shorts of blue reverse satin bear leg splits, patch pockets, waistband and beltloops.Blue powdered bed jacker trimmed in petals, faggotting, ribbons, bows and fringing.
Hair of matching blue in mohair, braided, twisted and knotted at her back nape. Wig is trimmed in silk ribbon bows and whispy ends that add the beautiful aura of summers carefree times.
Accessories consist: 'leather' and grosgrain belt with fringed tassles, AW tag earings and the daintiest, most delicious blue stiletto courts ever to grace the Sybarites!

Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

*prototype shown.
Doll is currently in transit. Please allow 40 days and 40 nights for delivery.
Price: £384.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

The price in dollars is $586.60 plus shipping. 


Precarious "Tamed"

We picked up Precarious Tamed this afternoon from my doll dealer. I could not wait for UPS to do it's thing. She is a beauty.

I love the Precarious sculpt and I love the way her features are being screened. The applied eyelashes are a bonus.

This doll has a glued on wig which, on my doll, needs a little restyling. It was packaged very carefully but it flattened the hair and I want to fix it up.

Tamed comes with a shade of green tights over the neutral tights that you see in the photo. I found it difficult to put her shoes on properly over both so I took off the colored ones. I like the outfit better without the tights anyway.

The fabrics used are velvet for the bodysuit which you cant really see and burnout velvet for the skirt and jacket. It feels rich and is well made. I love the platform shoes. These are the type of shoes for which I use jeweler's pliers when buckling up. I've torn more straps than I can count when trying to do it without being careful.

I had a problem putting on the gloves but I usually have a problem with doll gloves. I leave them off. They are unusual as one side is a metallic blue/green and the other side is the lighter green from the jacket.

Her necklace is an asymmetrical conglomeration of chunky beads. I definitely would have liked earrings and a clutch bag. Sigh. You can't have it all. 

Tamed is definitely not dressed for summer. It's a zillion degrees here today and getting dark. The thunder, lightning and rain has just begun.

Photo Information:

-Camera used was an old Canon PowerShot
-Location-kitchen table in natural light-afternoon.


My First Chewin Fashion

This year I'm focusing more on fashion than on accumulating more dolls. I recently purchased this fashion from Chewin who is well known not only for his extraordinary sewing skills but also for his wigs.  The model below is Tonner's Yoshio and although I ordered the outfit to fit a Jamieshow doll, it also fits the Matt O'Neill body perfectly!

What you don't see is the finishing on the inside of the garments. Every seam is finished! I love the teensy buttons, the collar that lays properly, the closures that don't show when they're in use. It's extraordinarily realistic. This is miniature tailoring at it's finest. I appreciate that no zipper fly was used as they are always too bulky. I've already ordered another fashion and I can't wait. I'm hooked.

For anyone who might be interested:
-This photo was taken with a mini iPad under artificial light at night. I altered the color to be less yellow using Photoshop.
-The setting is a small corner of my doll room.
-Yoshio is barefooted because one of his ankles is cracked and I'm afraid I'll break his foot off. I need a new body for him.
-The two dolls seen in the upper left are Tonner characters. One is his 13" Simone Rouge and the other is 13" Artemis of Bana Mighdall. (Redressed.)