Sybarite Forest Dressed Doll 198

This doll is up right now along with the other two, Valkyrie and Midnite.
Like the Angel of Havoc......

NEW! GENX.2 body!
NEW! Cosmetique skintone!

Extremely long platinum blend wig of KK upon her head, with eyes of icy blue. Shades of grey and charcoal and pearlised eyeliner surround her peaceful eyes. Lips of pure pearl.
Multi layer empire line full length gown against her skin trimmed with embroidery, applied flowers and heavenly crystal sequin.White hose.
Finishing touches are her neckline and underbust detailing of grosgrain and 'diamond'. Mid calf stiletto boots of crystal sequin with silver foil top band and glistening glitter toecaps..
The perfect accessory, her CANDLESTICK to light the way to her triumph.
She wear4s a 'diamond' headpiece to twinkle thru the Forest by the light of her candlestick.

Good will always triumph over evil.

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

In stock and ready to be delivered

I hope she's as beautiful as she looks because I ordered one!


2015 Holiday Wishes

Black Lipstick Gene Marshall is my model for Special Appearance Violet Waters' pearl and sequin covered gown.

Sending sincere wishes to all my readers for a joyous, toy-filled and memorable holiday.


Tonner Dolls: Bianca Lapin and Spring Flowers Ballerina

Two new Tonners joined the tribe last week. Spring Flowers is my first and only Tonner Ballerina. I've admired this line from the beginning. I won her in an auction at the Center City Doll Club earlier this month. She loves the camera! (Breathless Mahoney head sculpt.)

I actually forgot that I pre-ordered Bianca Lapin! It was a long time from the promo to the actual doll's appearance. She wears a faux leather dress under her cape. (Sculpt - Breathless)
Here is a partial description from the Tonnerdoll.com website:
From the Re-Imagination Collection comes ... Bianca Lapin.  Bianca Lapin is in a hurry. Her platinum white hair cascades down her back as she sits inside The Looking Glass tapping her fingers anxiously against the bar. Noticing a sharply dressed gentleman taking a seat beside her, she quickly averts her eyes and glances again at the clock...

Ed. Note:
Here's one of the promo shots on the Tonner web site. Did they change the vinyl color or are my photos dark & overly saturated? There are a bunch of differences in the hair, too.