2011 Barbie Fan Club: Will you be joining?

This is not a membership card!
The BFC club renewals go on sale 2/9/2011 at 9AM PST. That's Noon next Wednesday here in New York. There are 7,500 slots open and according to Mattel, last year's club sold out.  For one week 2010 members will have priority to renew. Then on February 16, 2011 membership is open to any registered member of BarbieCollector.com.
To those who wonder, this is what you get:

  • The opportunity to purchase BFMC® Ekaterina™ Barbie® doll (one per member, while supplies last*) and three other Club-exclusive dolls (limited quantities, while supplies last**)
  • Up to $80 in BarbieCollector.com Online Shop rewards – $20 per calendar quarter***
  • A snap-closure photo key ring, embossed with the new Barbie Fan Club logo
  • Designer Chats, sneak peeks and surprises, downloadable goodies, Fun Facts, doll community "celebrity" features, and so much more!
 I'm wondering if we will be able to use our first $20. coupon towards Ekaterina. I have a feeling that the answer is no.

I will be getting this Twilight doll because of her outfit. There's really nothing else in the line-up that appeals to me besides the redhead Ekaterina and the ridiculously expensive Silkstone Darya. And that's OK.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Jane $24.95. Available now.

What does a fashion doll have to do with entrepreneurship? Carol Roth Explains

Excellent, brief video in which Carol explains her choice of using a doll on the cover of a business book.
She makes a lot of sense!


Bored and Waiting For Summer

Most of you are aware of the horrible weather and series of snow events we've had in the northeast. I found Eugenia dressed for the beach and she said that she's staying this way until it warms up. These divas are really something, aren't they?

2010 Convention Eugenia (workshop)
This Eugenia is the gorgeous model from the workshop at this past October's IT convention. She is wearing a fashion from La Boutique and carrying the January 2011 handbag Purse of the Month. The handbag came with an adorable matching wallet. I ordered the shoes separately.


JAMIEshow IDEX 2011 Exclusive: Sasha HOMAGE

Congratulations to Angelic Dreamz on their nomination for a DOTY Award for Sasha.

Sasha is a tribute to Alexander McQueen. She has an interchangeable head cap - one with rooted hair and one for wigs. She wears a silver lame, Swarovski crystal encrusted dress with matching tights and armadillo McQueen trademark boots. Her face paint is powder blue with matching lips, nails and pedicure. LE30.
This is a 16 inch fine resin BJD with a full articulated strung body and the first BJD to come with rooted hair. One head cap is rooted so you can comb and style her hair. You can easily change headcaps in order to use wigs. Stand included.

 Price $395.

I think she's pretty amazing and the price for this type of doll is excellent. I want one. Sigh.

Digital Backgrounds: Retro Series from Savage

The DVD I recently ordered contains 48 digital backgrounds at 300dpi and can be used in Photoshop. I haven't checked the tutorial with which it comes but I'm sure it can be used on most available platforms and with most professional software.

I was just fooling around with a picture of Tiny Kitty and this is the frightening result.

Don't worry, you won't be seeing too much of this from me. This disc has tremendous potential.

In my hands it has tremendous potential for pain.

Excellent Doll Animation Movie

You must watch this animated movie from Narin Doll. It's probably the best one I've seen to-date.
No specific artist is given credit.


Madame Alexander Neo Cissy and Cissy Dolls - New For 2011

The new Neo Cissy line continues with three additions. They are way less freaky than last year's Neo line and I think they will be more popular.  These dolls are 16 inches tall with fully articulated joints, inset eyes, lashes and non-removable wigged hair. Retail price is $169.95. Each is a Limited Edition of 75 Dolls.
I like all the outfits. My favorite is Rock. These dolls look like real winners.
 Three New Cissy Dolls. Cissy is 21 inches tall, fully articulated, inset sleep eyes, non-removable wigs. Each Cissy is a Limited Edition of 75.
Bird of Paradise $599.95
Flight of Fancy $499.95
Some Like it Hot:  Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Cane Kowalczyk $499.95
There's a ukuele in the case.

New Madame Alexander Alex Dolls

I'd have to see these dolls in person because the photographer was obviously having a bad day. The dolls are awkwardly posed. Paris looks horrid. Black Swan Alex's face is overexposed.
List price for all is a high $179.95. Matilda discounts down to $152.96. But, if you wait, I guarantee you will be able to get most of these dolls for much less.
Black Swan Alex
Green With Envy Alex
Evening Star Paris
City Sass Alex

New 2011 Madame Alexander Cissette 10 inch Dolls

Not that I'm going to buy any of these...hehe...but I love looking at the adorable Cissettes that MA produces every year.
I'm showing only a selected few of the new ones here. In parentheses, I have placed the number of new 10 inch dolls in each category. There are many, many other MA dolls in other sizes that are new for this years as well. Retail prices range from $118—$160. Look for discounts off list price. You can see all of these at Matilda Dolls. 

Gone With the Wind Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)

Margaret Mitchell

Scarlett O' Hara Dressing Gown

The Arts - 2011 New Introductions. (10)


C.J. Walker

Anne Of Cleves

Storyland Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)
Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland
Wizard of Oz Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (3)

Haunted Forest Wicked Witch Of the West

Dorothy In The Poppy Fields

Rockette Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)

Pink Tuxedo Rockette (Also in AA Version)

 International Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)





More Commentary on IDEX 2011

Many who attended IDEX this past weekend posted their reviews and more photos today.
I love what Tom Courtney posted on Prego. Here it is, in its entirety, with his permission.
You, know...I've been doing this a long time...some of the faces change...but the dolls never fail to delight, amuse and inspire...

To those I did get the pleasure of seeing...so wonderful for me...to those I did not...I am very, very sorry I missed you...lots of things to accomplish on this visit...and it was all wonderful.

Tonner's line is as rich and full as always...no disappointments there...I felt like I did back before I worked there...I'm a collector again...making more of those critical decisions about what I hope to acquire in the next year. Getting everything is no longer an option...so now it's more up to scrutiny...and love. Alice in Wonderland will get my dolly cash...as will Harry Potter in both sizes. I LOVE that Robert is offering both sizes to explore two different worlds of Harry. And I am very much looking forward to more articulation in 22" dolls...and the NEW TYLER!!! As the original #1 Tonner Cheerleader...I can say I am most thrilled listening to his plans for his beloved Tyler. Robert nevers fails to take the doll introductions from IDEX...and keep them fresh and surprising through Toyfair, truly making it a season of wonders!

Cheryl Crawford...LOVE. It is THE return of the artist's doll...and not a mere BJD. Add the level of clothing detail and serene faces...I must get one of these...problem is choosing. Congrats, Cheryl! J'adore.

Joan Greene's Cordelia...fun concept...beautifully conceived collection. Would loved to have seen a factory doll...but I understand how that goes...and I know Joan has the eye for detail. Watching this collection closely...especially the Vault. Helen Skinner...the face painting was so gorgeously rendered - it was beautiful magic to behold. Sandra - thank you for everything...it means the world to me.

Integrity...plain and simple, they rock. It was all beautiful...but David, that red gown in tiers of bias...was a triumph in miniature couture.

Horsman deserves a second and third look...Kurt, you really 'get' it...and I look forward to seeing more from your imagination.

Wilde...Joe: Evangeline's wardrobe is so over-the-top in the best of stylish ways...and dare I say it, it garnished [sic] quite the buzz around the room. So very hauntingly beautiful, indeed. Ellowyne: you may be bored...but we certainly aren't...keep up your therapy, it'll all work out.

So much more to say...so many other things to observe...but have otherwise been beautifully reported by others. I loved reading all the comments and observations!


This Tonner info was culled from several people's posts:

-New action figures coming: Electra, Frost (?), Captain America, Wolverine, Rogue.
-Next Halloween convention will be in Vermont. (?)
-May convention is selling out quickly.
-Tyler 2.0 line is not done.
-Other sculpts will be on Antoinette body.
-There will be more sculpts for the 13 in Revlon body.
-There are going to be ten Theatre de la Mode fashions for the Antoinette and Tyler body.
-A new "Mood" Tyler, Esme and Sydney will be a build your own doll with inset eyes, 15-20 wigs to choose from, 3 chest plate sizes, removable hands and feet and various hand styles.
-A new American Model in a Goth style will come as a basic doll with inset eyes and better articulation. -There will be a new Johnny Depp Pirate figure. There will also be a Penelope Cruz doll.
-Twilight series will get two Volturi figures.
-More Harry Potter large sized figures.
Angelic Dreamz showed two new resin males. See them at the AD website soon.
Here is a scan by James of Joan Greene's story cards for her new line. Click on the image to see its original size.

Juan's Flickr Photos

Link to Tonner's Fun Pictures of IDEX



New Stuff - Ellowyne, Sybil, Evangeline, Outfits

This month has been filled with hard-to-avoid sales and I avoided very few of them.

Here are some of the latest additions to my collection, all from Wilde Imagination.

Ellowyne's Cat, Sybil, will make an appearance from time to time. I love putting creatures in my doll photos. This one is a riot with her crazy face and motley fur.  I just noticed that she arrived with part of her lower jaw missing. Apparently she has bitten off more than she could chew. Bad kitty.

My newest Ellowyne is called Empty Thrill. I love her outfit!

A few weeks ago I purchased a nude, bald "Essential Ellowyne, Too Wigged-Out - Debut." She was just hanging out on the day Princess Diana's "Travolta" gown arrived so she was dressed in it. One snap located at the widest part of her hips had to be left undone, otherwise the fit is excellent. She is wearing her "bored" wig with the pieces of hanging hair wound around the buns. I think she looks great.

Everlasting Evangeline who came with two wigs got a quick shot in  her basic outfit. I added the Joe Tai jewelry.
Below, Everlasting is dressed in a new fashion called "Grey As The Moors." One of the things I love about her fashions is that there is no skimping on volume. The cape is amazingly beautiful and the hood is very large.

 Here is "A Tangled Web" dressed in "A Windy Evening" coat and the "Eternal Tulle Skirt Set." The skirt comes with hosiery that has differently patterned legs. It's a little Alice in Wonderland-ish but very pretty.

Finally we have Waiting For Mortimer wearing the most amazing fashion yet, "Widow's Walk."
It starts with a lovely, all black dress that laces up the front and has a full, sweeping, drapey skirt. The coat is made from a gorgeous woven brocade fabric with puff sleeves and sweeping, long black drapey things. This fabric spreads out quite far, if desired, or can be puddled at the hem. Right now the outfit is on sale as it's almost sold out. I paired it with the shoes called "Plum Paces."

Here are  pictures from the Wilde website to show you what the dress underneath looks like and the shoes which I added.

The new Evangelines are stunning. But it's time for me to really enjoy what I already have and get some of that Play Power turned on.