More Commentary on IDEX 2011

Many who attended IDEX this past weekend posted their reviews and more photos today.
I love what Tom Courtney posted on Prego. Here it is, in its entirety, with his permission.
You, know...I've been doing this a long time...some of the faces change...but the dolls never fail to delight, amuse and inspire...

To those I did get the pleasure of seeing...so wonderful for me...to those I did not...I am very, very sorry I missed you...lots of things to accomplish on this visit...and it was all wonderful.

Tonner's line is as rich and full as always...no disappointments there...I felt like I did back before I worked there...I'm a collector again...making more of those critical decisions about what I hope to acquire in the next year. Getting everything is no longer an option...so now it's more up to scrutiny...and love. Alice in Wonderland will get my dolly cash...as will Harry Potter in both sizes. I LOVE that Robert is offering both sizes to explore two different worlds of Harry. And I am very much looking forward to more articulation in 22" dolls...and the NEW TYLER!!! As the original #1 Tonner Cheerleader...I can say I am most thrilled listening to his plans for his beloved Tyler. Robert nevers fails to take the doll introductions from IDEX...and keep them fresh and surprising through Toyfair, truly making it a season of wonders!

Cheryl Crawford...LOVE. It is THE return of the artist's doll...and not a mere BJD. Add the level of clothing detail and serene faces...I must get one of these...problem is choosing. Congrats, Cheryl! J'adore.

Joan Greene's Cordelia...fun concept...beautifully conceived collection. Would loved to have seen a factory doll...but I understand how that goes...and I know Joan has the eye for detail. Watching this collection closely...especially the Vault. Helen Skinner...the face painting was so gorgeously rendered - it was beautiful magic to behold. Sandra - thank you for everything...it means the world to me.

Integrity...plain and simple, they rock. It was all beautiful...but David, that red gown in tiers of bias...was a triumph in miniature couture.

Horsman deserves a second and third look...Kurt, you really 'get' it...and I look forward to seeing more from your imagination.

Wilde...Joe: Evangeline's wardrobe is so over-the-top in the best of stylish ways...and dare I say it, it garnished [sic] quite the buzz around the room. So very hauntingly beautiful, indeed. Ellowyne: you may be bored...but we certainly aren't...keep up your therapy, it'll all work out.

So much more to say...so many other things to observe...but have otherwise been beautifully reported by others. I loved reading all the comments and observations!


This Tonner info was culled from several people's posts:

-New action figures coming: Electra, Frost (?), Captain America, Wolverine, Rogue.
-Next Halloween convention will be in Vermont. (?)
-May convention is selling out quickly.
-Tyler 2.0 line is not done.
-Other sculpts will be on Antoinette body.
-There will be more sculpts for the 13 in Revlon body.
-There are going to be ten Theatre de la Mode fashions for the Antoinette and Tyler body.
-A new "Mood" Tyler, Esme and Sydney will be a build your own doll with inset eyes, 15-20 wigs to choose from, 3 chest plate sizes, removable hands and feet and various hand styles.
-A new American Model in a Goth style will come as a basic doll with inset eyes and better articulation. -There will be a new Johnny Depp Pirate figure. There will also be a Penelope Cruz doll.
-Twilight series will get two Volturi figures.
-More Harry Potter large sized figures.
Angelic Dreamz showed two new resin males. See them at the AD website soon.
Here is a scan by James of Joan Greene's story cards for her new line. Click on the image to see its original size.

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