Real Live Dolls

I couldn't resist posting a few pictures from the Royal Wedding.

Catherine and her sister, Pippa.

Will we see more doll hats?

Fergie's Daughters make a fashion statement. FAIL

No comparisons intended or necessary.

Image by Maria Arrozeiro


Wedding Frenzy Part III

Here are more wedding themed doll photographs.

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding? I'll see you there.


Charles Colber


Stratos Bacalis

This was a winter window display inside the Tonner Store. That's a life-sized mannequin who was dressed by the Tonner staff.

Mannequin's face seen in this shot.

Vin Trapani


Unfortunately I do not have a larger version of the following image. I took this picture so long ago, I was still using film!  I had just retired from shooting weddings and decided to set up my equipment and lighting as if I were shooting real people. Sadly, I have no idea what happened to the rest of the pictures. I would definitely do this picture over focusing more light on Ken's face and blocking the highlights on his white jacket.


Wedding Frenzy Part II

 I received a very nice response yesterday when I put out a call for wedding pictures of dolls. Although there are too many to post, I am including a representative sample of those sent and a few I snatched on my own off the boards. More tomorrow and Friday.
The first is my own Innoqui Bride's first time out of her box.

Terri Gold


Update on BIC and Kazue

This was posted on a few doll boards today by Denise Travers.

Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:08 am (PDT)

Wish I had news of any kind.
It is extremely difficult not knowing about Kazue.
As for BIC, most of you know that sadly it will not be coming back.
I am assuming it will go through the bankruptcy channels.
I am sure there will be no more orders filled. BIC employees attempted to fill orders before BIC'S closure & customers had been receiving items as late as this last Sat.
There is no information I can get until the family has anything to tell me. I know they are going through hell with this.
I have not been to Japan since the day of the earthquake. I could not leave my Mom as she had a heart attack early this month. I found out about Kazue's disappearance 10 days after the fact on April 21st.
Emotions have been running high. If I seemed uncaring about the lost deposits etc. I am sorry.
But I will never apologize for believing in the integrity of my best friend.
I also will lose a lot of money but I would happily give up every penny and more for Kazue's safe return.
I want to apologize to the many people who emailed me and I wasn't able to answer.
I'm sorry I cannot answer questions about orders, deposits, Kazue's disappearance, motives & circumstances or Kazue's family or employees.
I just have no information and will share what I do get.
Thank you to all who have shared their respect for Kazue.

The Great Buddha Kamakura


Wedding Frenzy

On a few of the doll boards the theme for the week is brides and weddings. I thought I'd snatch a cross section of what's being posted for your enjoyment.  Under each photo is the board name of the poster.

Terri-NY (Me)









Terri-NY (Me)

Stay tuned for more installments of Wedding Frenzy...


BIC Removed From Official Integrity Dealer List

Kazue Shimoyama 

A notice was sent out to W Club members earlier today regarding the end of business with BIC in Japan. I requested permission to reproduce parts of the email but was asked by Alain to please stay out of it.  (?)
 The letter asks collectors to pass on the information to other collectors who may have ordered from BIC.

What I can say (I've said this already) is that if you had a pre-order for any (Integrity Toys or other) products placed with a deposit to BIC, get your money back.  IT is offering to help you get the doll you pre-ordered if possible. You will need a receipt of sorts proving that you did have a confirmed pre-order.

Kazue, if you happen to read this, please know that my husband and I are pulling for you. Rudy, too.

Get Your Princess Kate Bridal Doll. Looks Nothing Like Our Picture.

So there will not be a great wedding for the rest of the century? We might as well just curl up and die now. 
The Danbury Mint is proclaiming the coming royal wedding as the wedding of the century. Sigh.
They are promoting a Kate Middleton doll dressed in a wedding gown that will not actually be on the doll and does not look at all like the one she will wear because no one but she and her designers and fitters knows exactly what it looks like right now.
The head is a photo of the bride. It's all a fake.
I think they should have posted a nude doll with a different face. What would be the difference?


More News About BIC and Kazue

This is reprinted from the Yahoo Group "The Japan Connection."

Posted on April 23:

This is the part of an email from Kazue's sister, Matsumi, that Denise Travers chose to share:

"Sorry for my late reply. I really appreciate your warm and gentle thoughts for us, and I cannot find words to apologize to the people who trusted Kazu and BIC. All I can do for them is to tell what I know without lies and hiding, but I'm sorry that I do not know how Kazu has managed her business. Both dealing and accounting are completely under her control, and nobody in BIC knows the details. I have nothing to hide, and I don't ask you to hide. I easily can imagine what happens on the discussion boards in internet all over the world., it's completely same as happening in Japan. Of course we know it, but no one can stop it."
 Denise says:
I don't believe BIC will re-open, I am not sure how it will be handled but will
let you know when I know anything.  I will not hold back anything...
It is heartbreaking to imagine what they are going through. I wish I could be
with them.
Rob had posted that I was in Japan. I was supposed to be but I was here because
my Mom had a heart attack and I was with her.  I have not been in Japan since the day of the earthquake.  I am hoping to find out more details about Kazue's disappearance and will share  when I know anything. Right now all I care about is Kazue's safe return and her families welfare.

Posted on April 22 by Denise:
Unfortunately I haven't heard anything new. But I need to give more of an explanation on some things. First off all the positive comments about Kazue are totally right on.  Thank you for sharing what we all know. That Kazue is an honest, incredibly hard workingwoman who loves her family and her business and has always done right by everyone.
If she is guilty of anything it is of being "generous to a fault" About Kazue and BIC. I am going to be very open and I truly hope Kazue or her family would not mind. This is probably been the most difficult time in Kazue's life right now. 9 years ago Kazue started BIC from nothing and all alone and eventually ended up with 7 employees including family.
Over the last few years Japan was in a horrible economy, (as bad if not worse than the U.S.)
BIC struggled but Kazue just worked harder to stay afloat. Over a year ago her son was struggling with medical problems and after many Doctors and hospital stays and medicines he was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome as one of his problems.
This is very rare in Japan so Kazue had little support. She of course chose more time with her son and less on the business. So BIC struggled and Kazue fell behind more and more.
Kazue's sister Jimmy (who is a true gem herself) stepped up and tried to help Kazue
with the ever mounting emails (at 1 point when I visited the number was over
4000.) One comment was that BIC was turned over to a family member when Kazue's son was suffering but this is not true. Jimmy and her other sister worked more to try to
help but they were already full time. Then 6 weeks ago the Earthquake and Tsunami happened. Many areas were spared a lot of damage including where Kazue's family and BIC were located. But the devastation was and is so large that it has destroyed many lives and businesses. BIC was one. It was fragile and there was no way to save it. It is our complete hope that Kazue had a "meltdown" and ran away from everything and she is safe. But no one has heard a word for 12 days now. Kazue is an amazing Mother and that is the hardest part to imagine her being gone from her children so long.

One comment has been that they kept the business running after she disappeared.
OF Course they did! They were trying to keep it going for Kazue. Wouldn't any family try to do that for a struggling family member?? There was nothing sinister. They weren't trying
to walk away with anyone's money. I know this family, all of them are honest hardworking and kind people. Any other assumption is ridiculously ignorant.

For those who have pre-orders and deposits. If you paid by credit card contact your cc company. Paypal's limitations are 45 days I believe, so I am not sure on this. Of course eventually all will be settled but right now all is on hold depending on Kazue's situation.  Many of us are have money involved but please keep this in perspective.  Nothing is more important right now than Kazue's safety and the survival of her family. BLUE said it perfectly  -  It is very sad when a $500.00 doll deposit is more important than a human life. Thank you for BLUE for writing what most of us were thinking.
I will post when I know more but will not be active on the boards for now. Kazue
is very special and it is awful to read negative about her.
Please pray and think good thoughts for Kazue and her family.
Come Home Kazue.

I haven't seen these negative posts anywhere. All I've seen is wishes for Kazue's well-being. I add mine, again.

For those who have outstanding deposits and did not know Kazue personally, I certainly understand your feelings. Don't let others minimize what you feel or put you down for being concerned about your money.  It's a loss and you need to do anything you can to recover your money.