Get Your Princess Kate Bridal Doll. Looks Nothing Like Our Picture.

So there will not be a great wedding for the rest of the century? We might as well just curl up and die now. 
The Danbury Mint is proclaiming the coming royal wedding as the wedding of the century. Sigh.
They are promoting a Kate Middleton doll dressed in a wedding gown that will not actually be on the doll and does not look at all like the one she will wear because no one but she and her designers and fitters knows exactly what it looks like right now.
The head is a photo of the bride. It's all a fake.
I think they should have posted a nude doll with a different face. What would be the difference?


  1. I just can't imagine putting money down on a doll that hasn't even been created yet. I'd be curious to know how many have actually reserved one of these phantom creations! You'd think after all the scuttlebutt over the Michelle Obama doll from Danbury Mint that people would have learned their lesson. Buyer beware!

  2. REALLY??? Pathetic... what I love most is the Spencer Tiara and the bad bouquet....ala Diana. So I am really curious, who gives a "f" to collect this doll?

  3. This is a bunch of hogwash..Danbury says
    this is just an artist rendering..and
    the doll will be out in fall 2011..
    This is in no way what the real doll
    will look like..not even the crown.
    I will wait and see what the dress
    really looks like before I buy one.
    PS...I still have my Princess Diana
    doll and it is a treasure.

  4. UH- Do any of us remember the Playboy/ Marilyn Monroe doll fiasco? If not, Google it!!! I looked more like MM!!!

    And who in their "right" mind would order a doll without seeing at least a prototype? A picture of Kate with a big question mark would have made more sense, and generated more interest.

    As for Danbury Mint- Unless they've changed their porcelain dolls, if this is porcelain- note: they paint the faces, they do NOT bake the colors on the porcelain slip. Found this out on one of their Lucy dolls (don't ask).

    I doubt this wedding will be as big as Di and Charles's, but it's nice to see Prince William get his chance at a happy life and love, which would please Diana immensely.

  5. @Steve: These companies are rushing in to get the first funds from royal-o-phants. (Is that a word? LOL)
    Anyway, this William seems much more down-to-earth than his philandering father. I hope the press leaves them alone unless they want to be publicity magnets.
    I'm going to watch on tv.

  6. As Far as I know there are three companies offering a P.Kate Bride doll! I happen to be one that loved the add of Danbury Mint's possible rendition. It's too bad her dress and viel did not look like that. I found it rather cheesy in some respects. Especially the tiarra and viel, YUCK! Too bad she didn't see the Danbury Add first!(LOL) Franklin Mint is another company on the hit list. Yet again not with me! Neither rendition they are offering is porcelain. They are Vinyl and the cost is over 200.00! Insane. I agree that none of these companies should offer something they can't copy ahead of time and I also agree that ordering ahead of time is foolish! I feel particularly sad for those whom order from a company that "thinks their Vinyl is better than everyone else"! Franklin Mint: SHAME ON YOU!I can buy a dark haired "Barbie" and make my own wedding dress for it for less than 30.00! The name on the box is NOT everything people.

  7. It would have been lovely if Kate had worn something simular to the wedding gown simulated by danbury. Her actual dress was so boring. Specially since there was such a hush hush about it. Kates dress was almost a state secret so when she stepped out of car on wedding day i was so disappointed.

  8. I just received my Princess Kate Doll from Danbury mint. It is all porcelain and well done but I was disappointed in the dress, very plain and the viel is not pretty at all. Her flowers were porcelain and small. Nothing stands out about this doll. I will keep it due to the fact I have all the rest of the Royal family wedding dolls. The size is only 16" and Prince William will be about 17", I hope they do a better job with him. I guess they had to remain true to her dress very plain.

  9. I just received my Princess Kate bride doll. It is not what i expected. Her flowers are made out of plastic and painted. Not the pretty ones they show in the picture. Her face is a little large too. Thinking real hard about sending it back. So disappointed!

  10. I bought the Kate Doll too- and was very diaapointed- so much so I even wrote the company. They said they would forward it to the managers... but nothing else was done. The flowers are cheap molded plastic, unlike thier former dolls who carried Silk Flowers. The Doll sizes have shrunk from 21 inches to 16...the quality has been severly cut from the dolls made in the 80's for Charles and Diana's--and Andrew and Sarah's weddings. Not impressed and will not buy from Danbury Mint again--

  11. i called too ...about the tacky molded plastic flowers they should send everyone who ordered a princess kate doll a silk flower bouquet..........................