Mattel's Pop Life™ Ken® Doll - Gone in the blink of an eye.

At 9:00 AM Pacific Time on October 21, Pop Life Ken by Bill Greening went on sale on the Barbie Collector website. This is a Platinum Label Collection doll which means "sequentially numbered editions of less than 1,000 worldwide, available at select retailers." It took just 11 minutes for the doll to sell out and by that time he was already being sold on eBay. Not surprising at all. The order process took me only 4.5 minutes but it felt like forever. The pages moved so slowly due to the traffic on the board. I think I was holding my breath the entire time.

The retail price was $74.95. The fourth quarter coupon was $30 bringing the price down to $44.95 for me. Shipping was only $1. Not bad for a Platinum.

Photobucket Magic!

I love this picture that was posted on the W Club board yesterday. It is the convention mini Avantguard wearing an MFD Kio wig. I assumed it was done in Photoshop. Karon told me that she did it with Photobucket tools. Impressive! Below is a picture of the doll from that photoshoot.
It's fortunate for us that Karon was dissatisfied with the original picture.

Photos property of Karon Montague, Virginia.

Tyler Wentworth 10th Anniversary Retailer's Special

There is another anniversary special Signature Style Tyler Wentworth doll. This one is exactly like the blonde in the post below but she is a brunette and is an edition of 300. I think the brunette is quite beautiful.

Cherished Friends is offering the doll for $127. which is 15% off the retail price of $149.99.


Signature Style Tyler Wentworth® doll in celebration of Tyler’s milestone.

Collectors who will be attending Tyler's 10th Anniversary Event on November 7th have been offered the opportunity to purchase an ultra-limited (100) edition of a Tyler Wentworth Signature Style Blonde doll. This is being described as a fresh take on a classic which it surely is. This re-imagined version's blouse is a white taffeta bodysuit with rhinestone buttons. The skirt is black sequin and mesh with a rhinestone buckled satin belt. The shoes are t-strap and she is sporting her ubiquitous rhinestone studs. Her hair is also in a signature style but with a braid around the ponytail.
I think the price of $149. is twice as high as it should be and that is why I am hesitating to order her. On top of that I would have to pay 8% sales tax because I live in NY. She will not be coming home with me.
It might have been significant if TDC had issued these dolls at the same price the originals were - $79.99. I would have ordered two of them immediately.

If I remember correctly, I paid $25. for my first Signature Style Tyler at a trunk show in Hurley. I loved that doll and photographed her endlessly. She, too, wore a white blouse, black skirt, black hosiery and shoes.

Here are the versions of the Signature Style dolls that have been issued. Each edition was produced in brunette, red and blonde versions. All these images were borrowed from the Tyler Wentworth Archive except the second picture from the top which is the actual picture of my first Tyler doll.
1999 Signature Style $79.99

http://www.tonnerdoll.com/TylerWentworthArchive/Archive_2001/signaturestyleba.jpg http://www.tonnerdoll.com/TylerWentworthArchive/Archive_2001/SigStyleBAhaircolors.jpg
2001 Signature Style BA (Bending Arms) $79.99

2003 Signature Style - AR Red, Blonde, Brunette $79.99
(The blonde was redressed for this picture but originally came dressed as the others.

2004 Signature Style - BW - Brunette shown.
Also available as a blonde and redhead. All had blue forward-glancing eyes.
These were the first bending wrist Tyler dolls. Retail $79.99
I loved these BW dolls so much that I bought three of each!


W Club Exclusive Doll #2

The second 2009 W Club doll has been announced. It is called Agnes Von Weiss "Festive Decadence."
For the first time Agnes will be produced in the pale skin tone that was used only once on Tatyana. This is a mini giftset that comes with two skirts, three tops, shoes, belt, handbag and jewelry. I have extracted several of the parts of the giftset from multiple images to show them together here.

In the following picture you can see the second skirt and the belt. I love the ruffles and the rosettes but I'm not a fan of the umbrella shaped above the knee length skirt.
This is a gorgeous Agnes who is not sporting her usual sour face. The price of this doll is $145. and it is only available to W Club members.

Images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys.


Picture of the Week Award ~ October 18, 2009

This week the award goes to the hairdresser of the minions - Susan Korba. With all the amazing re-rooting this collector has done it's a wonder that she has time for her own dolls and her own family for that matter!

This photograph shows the gorgeous Traveler by Nature Veronique, a Fashion Royalty doll. The color rendition is perfect. For me, that is one of the most important aspects of a great doll picture.

Congratulations, Susan!

Update on Hobby Link Japan Issue

I sent Mr. Kennard a link to my blog post and another request that he send me the refund for my return shipping. Apparently the blog post caused him to have time to respond with more blame and excuses.
He alternately states:
1. I should have waited (for no specified amount of time) for their refund.
2. I was trying to get two refunds
3. I should have known that they were processing my refund
4. They are a very small company
5. They were too busy
6. They "punish" people who do chargebacks by delaying as long as possible
7. I must be dishonest
8. They don't really have to refund my return expenses but will (eventually) because they promised to do so
9. They don't know how long it will take now

Somehow Mr. Kennard has lost sight of the following:
1. I paid in advance for a product.
2. The product arrived damaged.
3. I followed his instructions for the return of the merchandise.
4. I went without merchandise and without a refund of my payment for merchandise for several weeks.
5. My requests for information went unanswered for several weeks after Mr. Kennard agreed that they had indeed received the return.
6. I thanked Mr. Kennard for the refund the day after I was granted the refund from Visa believing he knew about it. I was sure he must have been informed of the action as I was. That was when he accused me of being "dishonest at best."
7. Mr. Kenard challenged the chargeback and I had to submit more paperwork to Visa. I was in the right so I won.
8. This has been going on for more than 3 months.
9. Mr. Kennard and his small company has never offered an apology in any form regarding the damaged merchandise. In fact, I am being virtually tortured for their error intentional or not.
10. I believe Mr. Kennard intends to drag this on as long as he can hoping I will give up and forget about it.

Yes, there are many people who have had successful transactions with HLJ including myself! But look what happens when something goes wrong.

Why would a business, especially in this economy, want to alienate a customer thus? What is the reward for Mr. Kennard to blame a customer for his own lack of performance?

This is not fun.