Montaigne Market Doll: The Sky's The Limit

Two eBay auctions offering the new Montaigne Market Elise ended at more than $1000.

This is the fastest and most extreme price inflation I've ever seen in all my years of doll collecting. 

Both sellers are Paris based so they have the doll already. Another one of these is listed on the Show and Sell pages right now with a starting price of $1000.

If you didn't catch my prior post, the doll retailed for $206. Shipping to the US is strangely expensive at 50 Euros or $69.12. I suppose there was tax in Paris for those that purchased her directly. At any rate, it would have almost been worth it to fly to Paris, buy a few dolls and resell them.
Looks like I will have to make a decision.

Superdoll New Ensemble "Supernova"

Here's a bit of an update on yesterday's internet bottleneck over at Superdoll. A few people were able to order this new fashion when something went wrong at the dealer's end. Later in the day, it was fixed and we were able to see and purchase this very interesting ensemble called Supernova. Here is the promotional text directly from the website:


Stellar Fabulous Red Carpet Attention Grabber
Venus knows she has Paris just around the corner, yet she insists on being up to her neck in Glamour.
Strapless 'planetary' print satin gown bearing pointed neckline and transparent chastity chest belts.
Blues, pinks, yellows and a myriad of other galactic colours adorn the gorgeous print and all that as an underpinning to the dazzle of minute crystal stones and 2 size drop crystal dangles.
You couldn't ask for a showier red carpet confection.
For arrivals and concealment, the perfect eye catcher.... a huge floor length feathered cape in white satin, marabou and ostrich lined in the matching celestial print satin.
An elongated envelope clutch with chain strap, strappy cutout matching sandles and of course.... a 'crystal' and 'diamond' contemporary crown make her stand out from the competition!
display figures / manequin not included.
shipping commences 20 March 2014 (we appologise in advance for this inconvenience)
Ltd Ed.
It is now sold out. The price was £219.00 which translated to $367.08 at yesterday's exchange rates.

Inamorata PFDF 2014

Emilia Nieminen, the designer, sent out this teaser photo today with the accompanying text.

Here is the new teaser for what Inamorata has in store for Paris Fashion Doll Festival. Paris will not only see the unveiling of the new head sculpt Charo, but also 6 completely renewed and more elegant hand sculpts. I am so excited to get the my very first doll event ever! I hope to see you in person at Paris! 

And if you cannot make it to Paris this year don't despair! I have sat at my computer drooling over other people's photos of numerous doll events over the years and know the agony of not being there and missing out on all the loot. So, I have decided to save one of the LE5 dolls to be sold through this mailing list after Paris so you don't have to feel left out. I will send further information about the sale event in the beginning of April.


Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

This morning Superdoll sent out one of their cryptic messages regarding an item or items that would be available later in the day. Looks like the message was successful because their bandwidth has currently been exceeded.
Apparently many are experiencing this issue. 

The server is temporarily unable to service your request 
due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. 
Please try again later. 

 Maybe I will and maybe I won't.

Jason Wu Montaigne Market Exclusive Doll

Several weeks ago it was announced that there would be an exclusive Jason Wu doll carried by a store in Paris, France, Montaigne Market.
She is a very sophisticated Elise Jolie with mahogany hair pulled back into a long and low pony tail. Her makeup palette is browns and beiges with gold glittery eyeshadow The beautiful fashion is one of Jason's runway looks with the addition of a large handbag and two Montaigne Market shopping bags.
No exact date was given as to availability other than end of February.

Here are excerpts from WWD's January 9, 2014 article by Joelle Diderich.
DOLL PARTS: Jason Wu is showing at Paris Fashion Week next month — though the only outfit he will be parading is a miniature version of a look from his spring collection, as worn by a doll he has designed for retailer Montaigne Market.
Priced at 150 euros, or $200 at current exchange, the limited edition of 250 will go on sale exclusively at Montaigne Market and on its Web site at the end of February, to coincide with the next round of catwalk shows. Wu has previously produced dolls for Colette in Paris, and Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey in New York.
His latest creation wears a sporty, belted jacket in cream with deep front pockets over a gold sequined skirt, and touts tiny Montaigne Market shopping bags...
“We did everything, from translating the little buckles that we had to make, to the shoes — we replicated the runway shoes exactly. We also replicated the Daphne clutch, our signature bag, into the doll scale, so everything from hardware and everything has to be shrunken down,” he added.
 The doll is a very close replica except for the fabric of the full sized which looks floatier and not as densely sequined. I do like the look of the doll a lot. She's prettier than the model.

Today the doll went up for sale on the MM website and there is the usual angst and jubilation over at the W Club depending on who scored and who didn't.

As of right now, there are two on eBay. Looking forward to seeing how much they bring in.


Can Velcro be Far Behind?

Tonner released a few of his 2014 dolls today and the first Tiny Kitty ever to have applied eyelashes is wearing a gown made from pink glitter stretch knit with stretch glitter gloves.
What is this? Kindergarten Barbie? 
I'm not buying it and that's that. 
Don't put glitter in or on fashion doll clothes and expect discriminating collectors to shell out money for them. Who would make such a stupid decision? I don't give a damn that it's cheaper to make. It's not coming in my house.

Good luck selling a $179.99 list price doll that is covered in glitter - lashes or not.

I believe this is the end of my Tiny Kitty doll collection. Thank you TDC for keeping my money out of your pocket.


Madame Alexander and Isaac Mizrahi

A line of dolls produced by a collaboration between famous designer Isaac Mizrahi and the Madame Alexander Doll Company debuted at the New York Toy Fair recently.

Isaac Mizrahi said it was a dream for him. From what I see of these two fashion dolls, it looks like the dream was a nightmare.

Neither the fashions nor the dolls approach any standard most of us collectors would use in our own collections. Where is the fashion DESIGN? What's up with the awkward looking fur hat? Either the photographer should be killed or the outfit is just downright awful.
Isaac Mizrahi Classic Iconic – Limited Edition $199.95
Isaac Mizrahi Modern Iconic – Limited Edition $999.95
Look at the terrible stitching on Modern Iconic's skirt, above. This rivals cheap Barbie quality. I really can't believe the trash Mizrahi is putting out there. Embarrassing.
Priced at $999.95, seriously? Does she come with extra wigs and fashions? 

The play dolls are listed at $69.95.
Glamour in Lace
This 18″ Isaac Mirzahi designed doll has light skin, blue eyes, long silky blonde hair pulled back with a fancy black satin headband, perfect for hours of styling fun, plus she has a soft huggable body for lots of hugs! She is ready to play and arrives wearing a gold metallic dress and coordinating golden brown metallic jacket with a leopard plush belt with matching black ballet flats.

This 18″ Isaac Mirzahi designed doll has light skin, brown eyes, long silky brown hair with side bangs styled in a loose up ‘do for hours of playtime fun, plus she has a soft huggable body for lots of hugs! She is ready to play and arrives wearing a “HOORAY” pink and golden knit sweater hoodie over a pink shiny party dress, golden ballet flats and is sporting a pair of iconic Isaac Mizrahi logoed black sunglasses.

This 18″ Isaac Mirzahi designed doll has light skin, blue eyes, long silky blonde hair pulled back with a metallic silver ribbon, perfect for hours of styling fun, plus she has a soft huggable body for lots of hugs! She is ready to play and arrives wearing a “CUTIE” blue cropped shirt over a blue and white gingham button-down, paired with a navy and white polka-dot skirt with coordinating blue sparkly sneakers plus she is sporting a pair of iconic Isaac Mizrahi logoed black sunglasses.

Wild About Leopard
This 18″ Isaac Mirzahi designed doll has dark brown skin, brown eyes, curly black hair pulled back with a metallic gold bowed headband, perfect for hours of styling fun, plus she has a soft huggable body for lots of hugs! She is ready to play and arrives wearing a leopard knit print shirt and skirt trimmed in gold with a black and gold lined stretch velvet hoodie and gold Mary Jane╩╝s, plus she is sporting a pair of iconic Isaac Mizrahi logoed black sunglasses.

Message for Mr. Mizrahi: Stick to hats,  tweezers and golf cart bags.
2009 Fall Isaac Mizrahi

All that being said, he has excellent taste in dogs.