Superdoll New Ensemble "Supernova"

Here's a bit of an update on yesterday's internet bottleneck over at Superdoll. A few people were able to order this new fashion when something went wrong at the dealer's end. Later in the day, it was fixed and we were able to see and purchase this very interesting ensemble called Supernova. Here is the promotional text directly from the website:


Stellar Fabulous Red Carpet Attention Grabber
Venus knows she has Paris just around the corner, yet she insists on being up to her neck in Glamour.
Strapless 'planetary' print satin gown bearing pointed neckline and transparent chastity chest belts.
Blues, pinks, yellows and a myriad of other galactic colours adorn the gorgeous print and all that as an underpinning to the dazzle of minute crystal stones and 2 size drop crystal dangles.
You couldn't ask for a showier red carpet confection.
For arrivals and concealment, the perfect eye catcher.... a huge floor length feathered cape in white satin, marabou and ostrich lined in the matching celestial print satin.
An elongated envelope clutch with chain strap, strappy cutout matching sandles and of course.... a 'crystal' and 'diamond' contemporary crown make her stand out from the competition!
display figures / manequin not included.
shipping commences 20 March 2014 (we appologise in advance for this inconvenience)
Ltd Ed.
It is now sold out. The price was £219.00 which translated to $367.08 at yesterday's exchange rates.

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  1. Saturday morning looks like it is still available. Not sold out.