Sale Alert

Monarch Collectibles of San Antonio is going out of business. Beginning on April 1, 2012 there will be a 50% off sale. Check it out. You may find a treasure.
Now they are accepting only Paypal - no credit cards. 


FDQ Spring 2012 Cover Features New Jamieshow Doll

Featured on the cover of the Spring, 2012 Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine is a new Jamieshow doll. She is called Evil and has the Grace sculpt. She looks kind of dangerous with flaming red hair, black lips, sharp weapons and a black vampire-like fashion.
Evil is LE50 and retails for $450. She will be ready at the end of April for delivery.
Evil is a Grace Sculpt, she features Flaming Red Hair wig cap, and comes with an additional smooth cap for wigs.  She wears a black chiffon dress, with metallic laser cut breast plate, and is covered in a velveteen cape with laser cut metal epaulets and black feather collar.  She carries with her a deadly knife and a finger holster in silver.  Her shoes are wickedly delicious!  Her eyes are a blue green color with just a touch of wicked!  
Grace is made of SmoothJ Resin, has 19 points of articulation.  Doll stand is included.
 LINK to Angelic Dreamz for more information and to order.

New Sybarite - KATANA

This morning Superdoll posted for sale a new Sybarite called Katana. The price is 344.12 British Pounds

The description is as follows:
GEN 3:2
Fugu clone: 0702, pale skintone!
Criminologist Katana!
Charcoal dusted lids and liner in pure black defining the crimescene! Pale grey eyes.
Custom laser latice overlaid knee length strapless frock with inset back bustle of latice. White footless hose, suicidal wrist wraps in white, and white patent Fashion Police monogram belt.
Hair of grey & white blend in center parting with a pair of braided pigtails bound in red ribbon.
Accessories consist: face pac facemask, lime white and black platform sandals and matching forensic size handbag. White enamel dip crucifix earrings.
Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

"...suicidal wrist straps" ??? Too funny.

If you want her you might head to the site now as these dolls sell out rather quickly. LINK


2012 BFMC Gala Gown Barbie Doll:

 On 3/22 these images were posted of a new Silkstone called Gala Gown Barbie Doll.  Today Sandi Holder's Doll Attic and Angelic Dreamz posted her on their website without definite prices. Update: price at those sites is $149.99.

The gown looks gorgeous but I am gun shy since Afternoon Suit arrived looking so different from the promotional photo. She was pretty much one of the most disappointing Silkstones I've ever purchased.

I do like the look of Gala Gown as I love red-haired dolls and her heart shaped lips are so pretty. But I just know that mine would arrive with freaky-looking hair. Actually, I don't like the hair on the promo either.

Some places have prices listed in the $130.-$145. range. The doll is scheduled to arrive in the fall of 2012.


CDCC Challenge Three Results

Congratulations to the winners of Challenge Three:
Beginner Dmitry Puzanov

 Intermediate Cholo Ayuyao

Advanced Anita Stoklosa

Three of the four advanced contestants were given 0 points by some of the judges for reproducing obvious designs in their work. In two cases, the reproductions were fairly literal. In the third case, I didn't see it. The "Baby Doll" dress has a very different affect than that created by the contestant. Not only that, it is a coat over a dress.

It's adorable and IMO filled the requirements quite nicely. One of the judges said that he consulted with the other judges regarding that entry. I found that fact surprising as I thought all the judging was done independently.