Emilia Couture OOAK Inamorata Collection Petrographie: Grès

The Petrographie collection consist of 3 dressed OOAK dolls: Aimant, Grès and Craie. More photos at the flickr set.

Grès is the second doll in the Petrographie collection and features the African Nnaji sculpt. Her face is hand painted with light hazel green eyes, shimmering gold eye shadow and her parted lips have ombre effect with gold and grey. Her nail polish is a French manicure in gold with grey tips. The long applied lashes have golden tips.

Her 20's inspired outfit consists of a under bust brocade corset dress with ruched silk hem, golden netting choker top with asymmetrical ruching, gold and grey Art Nouveau serpent sculpt heels, and a hand-beaded skull cap with lavender glass beads. All items are hand made by em'lia.

Grès will be part of a charity auction of New York doll club Metrodolls (http://metrodolls.blogspot.com/) event "Style Evolution 1920 to Present" that takes place on October 6th, 2013. The club accepts bids by proxy.



Super Nails

The latest addition to the Superdoll on-line shop is this set of artificial nails. They come in black, nude and red. The price is  £11.37 or $17.18 US. Glue not included due to international shipping regulations. The nerve!

Today's email from Superfrock says:
...We here in London are besides ourselves with excitement with the next issue of Haute Doll magazine going live and starting to ship in approximately 5 days time!
Why are we so excited about the next HD?
Well…. Firstly they are very supportive of our endeavours and secondly; her name is Velvet™ and she is on the cover of the next issue!
Not to mention the editorial spread that brings us Venus, Inque & Voltaire playing parlour games and lounging in the gorgeously fictitious gardens of MONO.
Yes, we are about to meet these gorgeous friends of Meadow™, who already is in stock and in the hands of collectors across the planet!

Be sure to check out our online store as we add items this week and more next week!
On another note we are thrilled that the countdown is ON for the sYbarites™ first US convention in Los Angeles , CA!
Just 2 weeks to go till “Live from the Sunset Strip”.
 This event is sold out and we are sure it’s going to go all HOLLYWOOD on y’all!
Check out our social medias for updates, sneek peeks and gossip from both sides of the pond! ...
That is going to be an interesting event to watch.


JamieSHOW Doll HAVANA Nights 2013

Angelic Dreamz new 2013 line of Jamieshow dolls, Havana Nights, has debuted. Check them out and go shopping! The male dolls are $360 each; the females are $350.
Angelic Dreamz spent the last three years developing this line along with JAMIEshow to bring you the first BJD Fashion doll produced exclusively for the USA market and marketed directly by a USA Dealer.  Working with the factory directly we are able to bring you the most exquisite resin doll at factory direct pricing saving the consumer as much as 50% on these dolls. 
The JAMIESHOW 1/4 fashion BJD's combine the poseable ball structure of a BJD with the elegant figure of 16-inch fashion doll in a perfect way. They are designed with 19 points of articulation for holding a variety of very human poses. Accessories for almost every other 16-inch fashion doll and fashion BJD, such as clothes, shoes and wigs are all suitable for JAMIESHOW BJD and vice versa.
One of the remarkable features of JAMIESHOW is the high-performance resin called Smooth J, which is solely made for BJD's by the JAMIESHOW design team, it has far better properties than any other BJD material used ever before. Most of all, it doesn't have any VOC substance or any hazardous metal elements , no odor emitting at all during the sanding process, It can pass the most stringent regulation such as EN71,AB1108, HR4040, etc. It is a bona fide environment friendly material.

 From left to right they are Ling Lan, Sasha, Grace and Ginny:

 Lee, Tatum and Alejandro:

Havana Nights dolls all dolls have 20 points of articulation, which include upper leg articulation.  Girl dolls are 16" Tall, boys 17" Tall.  Included is the Face-up, painted eyes, body blushing, clothing and shoes as shown, rooted wig cap as shown and solid wig cap for regular wigs,  as well as a JAMIEshow articulated doll stand.  They are made of the same Smooth-J® Resin.
The girls can wear all the JAMIEshow shoes, rooted wigcaps and accessory hands.


Emilia Couture: OOAK Inamorata Collection Petrographie: Aimant

Emilia wrote:

I've had this OOAK collection ready for a while, but was planning to release it only after the Cherub and Seraph were out. However, there seems to be a delay after another from the factories (now the fashion factory told us there will be a delay of 3 weeks at least in the production) so I thought I'd unveil it now to give you something to pass the time while waiting for the LE dolls. The Petrographie collection consist of 3 dressed OOAK dolls: Aimant, Grès and Craie. The first 2 feature the African Nnaji sculpt and Craie features the Asian Miao sculpt. All the dolls are hand painted, and all the fashions and shoes hand made by em'lia. More photos at flickr set.
Aimant is the first doll in the Petrographie collection and features the African Nnaji sculpt. Her face is hand painted with brown eyes, shimmering copper eye shadow and her parted liquorish lips with a flicker of a tongue are metallic lavender with black ombre effect. Her nail polish is a French manicure in metallic grey with black tips.
Her outfit consists of a under bust brocade corset dress with armoured hips, lavender silk panties with garters holding up a pair of net stockings, copper leatherette choker top, oriental platform sandals in copper and lavender Qing dynasty inspired headdress with a cascade of hand applied copper glass beads and threads of torn netting. All items are hand made by em'lia.


 Aimant will be sold through silent auction via email. The bidding starts at 1200usd. Please send your offer to emiliacouture@gmail before midnight on Wednesday the 17th. You will get an email in reply to confirm your bid and a notification if you will be outbid. The winner will be notified on Thursday 18th of July and 50% deposit must be paid within 24hours. The rest must be paid by 2nd of August. Payments are by Paypal and the shipping with EMS or DHL including tracking and full insurance is 79usd.


IFDC Official 2013 Convention Doll Pics

The theme of the 2013 IFDC was Horror High Vegas! In addition to the convention doll which all attendees received, there were two additional dolls available for purchase. What do you think?

"Glam Vamp"  
2013 IFDC Exclusive Convention Doll
Suggested Retail Price: $175.00  LE

ANJA Head Sculpt on Fashion Royalty Body

"Blood Lines"
2013 IFDC Exclusive Companion Doll
Suggested Retail Price: $150.00  LE 300

TATIANA Head Sculpt on Fashion Royalty Body

"Dark Fable"  
2013 IFDC IT DIRECT Exclusive Doll
Suggested Retail Price: $150.00  LE300
IMOGEN Head Sculpt on NuFantasy Body