Louis Vuitton and the Sphere of Dolls

 Louis Vuitton's shoe style director reveals the importance of his fashion dolls in the creativeprocess in this short interview.

 Dolls are historically affiliated with the glamorous world of fashion and at Louis Vuitton today the shoe style director continues to gather inspiration from them.


The Monster High Craze

Mattel's Monster High line is the hottest little doll around. Grown (?) men and women are scrambling to get the latest releases. I see people who have magnificent resin doll collections also collecting these fragile creatures. It's fun to watch a doll line blossom into a mania.
I saw a few things today while searching for a picture of a newly released doll that another collector is desperately seeking. It is called Cupid and reminded me of a miniature Red Queen with a big head and heart shaped lips. She is pretty cute!
These are the Twins, Meowlody and Purrsephone:

I love Cleo's Vanity shown below in an unattributed photo I found on fanpop.com

And it seems that Cleo has a sister, Nefera De Nile:

It's cool that they're making furniture and vehicles. Here is Draculaura's car:

This wave called Sweet 1600 is really cute.

Sources of images:


Fun With Devon, Sybil and Breasts

This evening I'm accompanied at my computer by my new Basic Devon who is sitting next to the monitor as I create. Her eyes bore into me until I pulled the point-and-shoot camera out of the drawer and snapped away. The surface of her resin is like silk. Her joints are beautiful and she poses like a dream. She will live here for a very long time.
  Basic Devon, The Numina by Paul Pham
Another character who lives here - but we can call her basement cat - is Sybil. Poor Sybil's head broke off of her body during this photoshoot while I was squeezing her into one of Ellowyne's dresses. She was going to be The Wolf in a humorous piece I'm working on. However, casting decided that someone else would be better. I think she's very good as the wolf. Don't you?
Sybil, Ellowyne's Crazed Cat

 Fashion Statement


New 2012 Silkstones Pictures

The photos of new 2012 Silkstones due to be released next spring look beautiful. I like Silkies dressed this way rather than in beachwear or other casual fashion. "Barbie® Fashion Model Collection is returning to its roots and celebrating high-fashion couture with the theme Atelier."
 March, 2012 BFMC Walking Suit Barbie® Doll

 April, 2012 BFMC Party Dress Barbie®

Both dolls are available for pre-order at Angelic Dreamz!  

 Also shown for Fan Club Members only was a club exclusive that reminds me of the Christian Dior Barbie: fitted jacket, flared knee-length skirt, long gloves, big hat. She looks like a real winner. I can't post that photo here but it's coming in February, so if you're not a BFC member, join for 2012. 
Images used by permission.


Runway Looks Reimagined for Dolls

These reimagined fashions were posted by W Club members on the W Club board. 
(WuClubDollsKid, Tayenyc, bittersweet, Corvas)

         Sarah Jessica Parker                 "Magnificent" Monogram

                                                           Prada                               "High Toned "Rayna

                                  Jodie Foster in "Taxi Driver"     Dynamite Girl Jasper "You Sexy Thing"
                                                        Mary Quant                "Youthquake" Poppy
                                                    Mary Quant?     Simply Simpatico Poppy & Darla                                 

Although the following was posted as an inspiration, it's not possible as the Dark Romance fashion came one year prior to the Valli fashion. However, this type of shredded layered, pouffy skirt has been seen on the runway in the last few seasons.
                              Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 CTR           Giselle "Dark Romance"

Robert Tonner's Desk Eaten Alive

Robert Shows off Dazzling Tyler & Wilde Imagination Lizette - Tonner Doll Company

Watch the entire video to see the hairy beast.   Oh yes, you will also see Dazzling Tyler and the new Lizette - Ellowyne's newest companion.

Happy Chanukah, Doll-Face!

The rabbi doll holds his own menorah. He is standing before a human sized menorah.
 On the table behind Vanessa are three miniature menoras. The smallest is 1/12 scale and the largest is scaled for the American Girl doll. The 'gold' coins and dreidel are from American Girl, too. 

 Many people have asked me where I got the rabbi figurine. It was made by Possible Dreams-Clothtique, the same company that makes all Santa figurines.  He was purchased quite a few years ago and is no where to be found, aside from mine. 

Want to know more about Chanukah? Click HERE below for lots of delicious and interesting information.


Talc and Geometry

I really need to do some other stuff but these gorgeous dolls cry out for attention and they get it. Talc is wearing a new wig by Cheryl Crawford that I think is just perfection on her.
Geometry is posing in her new Dehood outfit. The shoes are from an IT Avantguard doll.
Wig by Patta.
Then she snatched the wig away from Talc. These girls are dangerous.