New JAMIEshow Dolls - Winter 2012

Angelic Dreamz revealed their new JAMIEshow dolls at IDEX this weekend.  JAMIEshow dolls are 16" resin ball jointed dolls.

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Link to IDEX 2012 Horseman/Vita Pictures

Click on the image above to go to Sharon Meyer's pictures from IDEX.
You can contact her at mmtn52@gmail.com if you wish to order anything.


Are poodles really from France?

No. Poodles are really from Germany, 'Poodle' comes from 'Pudel', a germanic word meaning 'puddle'. They were bred as water dogs, hence their other name 'puddle dogs'.

History of the Poodle
by Lee Weston
      The Poodle's history is shrouded in antiquity and hypothesis. By the 15th century we see dogs that actually resemble the Poodle as we know it, in writings and in art work It is believed by some that the poodle is the original water spaniel. It is known that the Poodle was, and even today, is used as a working hunter and duck retriever. The very stylish hair trim that is distinctive with the Poodle, and seen in conformation, actually has a real function and purpose.  The Poodle's coat protects the dog from water and debris in the water, it buoys the dog, and adds insulation to keep the joints, and the rest of the dog, warm while working. The hindquarters of the dog is shaved so that the dog can swim more easily rather than being weighted down with the equivalent of a diaper and long footed pajamas.
     Breed historians are in general agreement that the Poodle had its origins in Germany, with some influence from Russia and then became standardized as a distinct breed in France where it is the national dog.  That is why many people today refer to the Poodle with the misnomer of "French" Poodle.  In Germany the Poodle (from the German word pudel - meaning "to splash in water") was a very sturdy dog, that possessed two coat types, curly and corded.  The corded type of coat is rarely seen in the United States, but is still in existence.  The Russian variety was described as somewhat "greyhound" in body type.
     We know that the Standard (sized) Poodle developed first, and that the Miniature and Toy Poodles were developed afterwards, and all three varieties have a long history.  It is not known for certain if the Miniature and Toy Poodles are "bred down" versions of the Standard, or if these smaller Poodles developed in their own right. An interesting hypothesis dealing with the history of any breed that predates written history, did the breed develop from a common ancestor, or did the breed develop because dog fanciers from different countries were trying to breed a dog for a particular purpose and function and, independently developed a breed of dog that had similar traits?
     In France, Poodles were used for a variety of purposes.  There was the Caniche which was a large dog widely used for duck hunting.  The Petit Barbet was a Toy size dog that led a pampered and primped style of life in the royal courts.  The Truffle dog was used in the search for that flavorful morsel that was used by so many of the French chefs.
     A very important event in the history of the Poodle is when the breed was imported from France to Great Britain.  The Kennel Club of England registered its first Poodle in 1874, and the Poodle Club of England was founded in 1876. In 1910 the curley and corded dogs were put in separate divisions, as was the Miniature.  Prior to this time Poodles of all sizes and coat types were shown in the same classes.
     The foundations that were developed in England became the cornerstones of the breed in the United States. Precisely when the Poodle was imported to the United States is not known. The American Kennel Club registered its first Poodle in 1886. The Poodle Club of America was originally founded in 1896. Shortly after its establishment it was disbanded, and then reorganized in 1931. The P.C.A. used the Standard and Rules of the Curley Poodle Club of England as its base for establishing the Standard in the U.S. The same Standard now applies to all three sizes of Poodle, the only difference is in the height measurements for each size.
     The Standard and Miniature Poodle are shown in the Non Sporting Group of the A.K.C., and the Toy Poodle is shown in the Toy Group.
     The F.C.I. (Federation Cynologique Internationale) recognizes four sizes: the Standard, Miniature, Dwarf and Toy.  All four sizes are shown in Group 9.
Ich bin Berliner.
Wir sind Berliner.

2012 Integrity Toys Reveal

IT is unveiling new dolls at IDEX. 

First up, the Monogram dolls are the clear winners. Someone (new, perhaps?) designed this line and made a 180° turn from the direction they had taken in the past year. They went from dowdy (Bemused, Envied & Passionate) and WWTT to stylish and classy the way they were the first two years and maybe even better.

There are five dressed dolls offered. From what I can see, three of them (2,4,5) have the original sculpt and two have caught the puffy-Poppy-upper-lip-thing. All the fashions are stunning except the one in the middle which doesn't seem suited or fitted to the doll's scale and size. However, the accessories from that ensemble are lovely.
The blonde one on the end seems to be channeling Hollywood glamour - maybe Marilyn. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked two of these five enough to pre-order them! SHOCK!
The price has gone up $10 per doll to $160. Must be for the lashes. Yes, Monogram dolls now sport lashes.
I predict there will be issues with the hair bump on #2 - as it looks uneven in this picture already.

Congratulations to the designer of the Monogram dolls for this success. Don't let the bastards get you down.

The other doll I was impressed with is the Gretel doll from the Hansel and Gretel Nu.Fantasy duo. The dolls are available separately - they are not a set.
This description cracked me up: "This high fashion reinterpretation of the traditional German folk tale has Hansel and Gretel looking fabulous while lost in the woods.  They are ready to take on any old witch or fashionista." 
I hope her hair is as fabulous in the production doll as it looks in the promo. I also hope the fashion doesn't stain her body. Why? Because I pre-ordered her, too.  ($135.)

Poppy Parker shows up with Chip. When I read that name all I could think of is Chip and Dale, computer chips, corn chips and those California Highway guys on bikes, CHiPs.
They should have named him Biff. Anyway, he's not a looker. He's just an expensive Ken with a blank, expressionless face.  His tuxedo and shoes are very nice.
Poppy's dress is a vintage 50's prom dress style in deep coral. 
Darla comes with the microphone. She is not part of the set. Her dress is more sophisticated as is her hairstyle. She has a little Jackie Kennedy style going on. Is she supposed to be older than Poppy?
The Poppy/Chip set is $150. Darla is $89.

There is a whole new line of dolls featuring Poppy Parker as Sabrina.
Sabrina is a 1954 comedy-romance film directed by Billy Wilder, adapted for the screen by Wilder, Samuel A. Taylor, and Ernest Lehman from Taylor's play Sabrina Fair (in the UK, the movie has the title Sabrina Fair). It stars Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, and William Holden. This was Wilder's last film released by Paramount Pictures, ending a 12-year relation with Wilder and the company.
The line features two dressed dolls and two giftsets. If you like Poppy, you will like these sets.

These are the two dressed dolls. They retail for $125. each.
The giftsets each have multiple outfits and accessories.

And now for the part of the collection I think is the least impressive - the Avantguard16 (FR16) and the Giant Poppys.

I am completely unimpressed with these four dolls. Their facial screening is cartoon-like and I don't care for any of the fashions. I did have the opportunity to examine the FR16 body and I will not be buying any doll on that body. I originally thought that these dolls might be good body donors for the Avantguard dolls I already have whose bodies are yellowed and floppy. The new bodies are just as lightweight and wobbly. The size has changed as well which will create more problems for redressers. Retail price $175. That's interesting. The 12" FR2s were also $175. I suppose a little extra vinyl and fabric doesn't amount to very much.

The giant Poppys are unappealing. The fashions are acceptable enough for the era they are supposed to represent but with the increased size, that phony-looking upper lip has grown to what looks like  a clothespin has been pinching it. These dolls retail for $150. each.
There's bee stung lips and there's deformity. Hey...to each his own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Seems like IT is counting on the success of the little Poppys and trying to bring collectors into the 16" world. They'd better be careful because if the minions start collecting 16" dolls, they might discover  a whole world of gorgeous 16" dolls out there that aren't made by IT and that have different lips from each other. I must do a collage of IT lips - 2011-2. Waldo will be in there for sure.

This line is called Teen Poppy. Aren't the little Poppy dolls teens, too?


What I Would Order...

Sometimes I put together a fantasy order instead of a real one. It provides a little bit of buying satisfaction and I know that I can safely list anything I want.

First up, this is what I'd get from the NuMood collection:
Basic Sydney because I love Sydney and she can wear all of my currrent Tyler fashions. I'd get a set of convertible feet.
Then I would get these pieces from the collection. Lots of mix and match goodness here.

The cost of this order would be $524.88 at full retail.  Interesting that it doesn't look like so much money when you look at the separates.
OK so I'm not going to do it because it is nearly what a nice nude Sybarite would cost me.
I do love those flat shoes! I'll bet they would fit the Avanguard flat foot. But I hate the AG bodies -they've all turned yellow and are floppy.

Focus, Terri, focus.
From the other introduced products I might get this guy (Freedom For Fashion Neo Tokyo $199.99)  because he's hot-looking and I like his outfit.

I'd get Ms. Beetlejuice (224.99) to scare away evil demons and because she is a very weird-looking doll. I like her as an oddity.

I would order Emily ($224.99) for her outfit. The doll herself would have to go live elsewhere because she reminds me too much of Evangeline Ghastly.

Marvel Comics' Black Cat ($159.99) might get a spot in my collection because she is very pretty. Someone else would be happy to get her outfit, I'm sure. I love her blonde eyebrows!

This fantasy order would retail for $809.96. Fantasies are easy to come by.

At these prices, a car ride to Kingston for an hour of gazing and a little touching fits into my budget very well.


Tonner Products Part 2 (Yes, there's more!)

This is one of the most interesting, eclectic releases, including NuMood, that I remember in a long time. As I said in my previous Tonner product post, there's something for everyone. This part of the release includes Antoinette, Cami & Jon, American Models, DC and Marvel Characters, Freedom for Fashion, new Pirates of the Caribbean figures, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and Ms. Beetlejuice, Oz, Gone with the Wind and a Hollywood Glamour, Madame de L'Amour Outfit. Wow! I can barely get my mind around all of this fantastic stuff!
Here are just a few samples. At the end of this post will be a link to everything.
The Corpse Bride is channeling Evangeline IMO. Hmmm.
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride $224.99
Antoinette Starshine Outfit $89.99
Hollywood Glamour, Madame de L'Amour Outfit $139.99
Tim Burton's Ms. Beetlejuice $224.99
Prices listed are all retail. The best dealers discount 10% right off the top. It used to be 15% Things have changed for sure.

2012 Preview Release

Tonner's New Products Revealed

The Nu Mood collection has been revealed. This new line is a collection of 7 dolls, body parts, wigs, separates, and shoes.
The incredibly well-priced, at only $59., basic dolls come in a one piece bodysuit.  Starting from the top left going clockwise they are Tyler-Fashion, Sydney-Fashion, Carrie-Dance, Betty-Curvy, Paige-Curvy, Jess-Dance and Parker-Dance.
I do not know if these dolls are wigged. It looks like three of them are not. 

It appears that the title after each one's name indicates the type of body upon which the head comes. It looks like the NuMood Fashion body is the original Tyler regular bust body with removable feet (and hands.)
The dance body comes with toe feet and the curvy body comes with a larger bust. There are 2 vinyl colors called Tyler skin tone and Spice skin tone. But which Tyler skin tone is that? I'm guessing it's not the original darker Tyler.

There are three types of hands in both skintones - Set of three pairs for $24.99
There are three types of feet in both skintones - Set of three pairs of feet for $24.99
The clothing and accessories are three pairs of ballerina toe shoes, 9 high heels, 3 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of open toe flats, a gorgeous pair of beaded ankle boots, faux suede boots, 5 handbags, 7 wigs, 3 pairs of pants, and an assortment of beautiful chiffon and taffeta tops and bottoms in various lengths. I love the clothes!

There is something here for everyone looking for a customizable doll! I think the price points are excellent. Bravo Mr. Tonner and Company!

Click here to see the entire collection.