What I Would Order...

Sometimes I put together a fantasy order instead of a real one. It provides a little bit of buying satisfaction and I know that I can safely list anything I want.

First up, this is what I'd get from the NuMood collection:
Basic Sydney because I love Sydney and she can wear all of my currrent Tyler fashions. I'd get a set of convertible feet.
Then I would get these pieces from the collection. Lots of mix and match goodness here.

The cost of this order would be $524.88 at full retail.  Interesting that it doesn't look like so much money when you look at the separates.
OK so I'm not going to do it because it is nearly what a nice nude Sybarite would cost me.
I do love those flat shoes! I'll bet they would fit the Avanguard flat foot. But I hate the AG bodies -they've all turned yellow and are floppy.

Focus, Terri, focus.
From the other introduced products I might get this guy (Freedom For Fashion Neo Tokyo $199.99)  because he's hot-looking and I like his outfit.

I'd get Ms. Beetlejuice (224.99) to scare away evil demons and because she is a very weird-looking doll. I like her as an oddity.

I would order Emily ($224.99) for her outfit. The doll herself would have to go live elsewhere because she reminds me too much of Evangeline Ghastly.

Marvel Comics' Black Cat ($159.99) might get a spot in my collection because she is very pretty. Someone else would be happy to get her outfit, I'm sure. I love her blonde eyebrows!

This fantasy order would retail for $809.96. Fantasies are easy to come by.

At these prices, a car ride to Kingston for an hour of gazing and a little touching fits into my budget very well.


  1. Great picks, Terri!

    I do that too...Love doing a fantasy order! Of course, I change it by either adding or subtracting, but that is what is most fun...lol..


  2. Blonde eyebrows on the black cat are where it's at for me. :)
    I love much from this collection. Touch something for me in Kingston.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does fantasy orders!

  4. LOL, I think I would need to win a major lottery - one with, say, a pot worth at least $50 million after taxes and everything was taken care of - then, I would either make Robert Tonner the happiest doll maker on the planet, or I would drive the poor man insane with all of my demands.

  5. Most likely I'll just get the basic Tyler and Sydney for now, a few wigs, a couple of hand sets, and a couple of wigs (the jagged cut). I'd like to see if they fit my JamieShow boys!!! I'll wait for a sale for Carrie and Parker.

    I wished the wigs hadn't gone up in price like they did, but what can you do? When you are on a fixed income, there's only so much you can even THINK of buying!!! I'm certainly glad some sellers have layaway programs.

    But I do like this Nu Mood line. And SO want Elektra!!!! Hubba-hubba!!!!!

  6. @Steve: Have you checked Marcia's wigs? They are just as good and less expensive. Also, you can check the Monique site directly. I think TD's wigs are on the expensive side as well.

  7. Pre-ordered the Electra doll. I love the Corpse Bride dress but not the doll. And the price is too much for just an outfit.

  8. I've been following your blog for quite awhile, I really love it!

    My apres-lottery shopping cart would include the outfits Radical Red, Madame de L'Amour, Soho Jaunt (I don't usually go for modern casual but I really liked all the layers) and the dolls Goth Antoinette and Black Cat (the outfit would be sold) for a total of $570 before postage. If Prim and Specs were in Antoinette or Tyler size I'd snap them up too.

    In reality I'm on the fence about Goth Antoinette. If I don't pull the trigger I'll probably watch out for her on the secondary market.