Really Bad News

The following email was sent to all registered members:

TheDollPage.com is closing up.

If you have any images on either of our albums we suggest you copy them to your computer as soon as possible.

We will attempt to keep most of the sites running until June 1st to give you time to make other arrangements.

We thank you for your support over the years and apologize for the inconvenience our closing may cause you.


On the Show & Sell pages it says that there were too many complaints. I have no idea what happened.  I am very disappointed. Steve and Rae provided an amazing service and unfortunately some rotten apples ruined it for all of us.  If there is a way to change their minds, I would love to know.



Finally, after nearly 4 months I am feeling comfortable in my new studio. I was having issues with the quality of the light and so much more that I was avoiding going down there to work.
So I take these pictures of Inro and take the memory card, insert it into the reader and NOTHING. I'm going to die, right? I keep plugging the USB cable into different ports on the hub and NOTHING. So I go down and get the camera to link it directly to the computer and NOTHING.
Is it the card, the cable, the snow? Seriously!!!

My last attempt to upload the pictures was successful when I located an empty USB slot directly into my laptop and in seconds all the shots were on the computer. The darn USB hub is messed up. It's like the 4th one I've had. They all suck.

Back to more pleasant experiences.

I decided to trim Inro's lower lashes and I'm very happy with the results. They were masking the beautiful sculpt of her cheekbones and drawing her eyes down into the rest of her face. I may give a little color to her cheeks next time I get her out to play.

After I trimmed them it was time to dress her and just for the heck of it I pulled out a Gene Marshall by Mel Odom (Ashton Drake) outfit I have never had on a doll. It is a two piece plus belt linen outfit that would be very fashionable today from the Star Wardrobe collection. It fits and looks hot! I never imagined that Gene clothes would fit Inro.

I have Jamieshow shoes on her feet. I had to warm up the shoes to get them on and they still aren't fitting perfectly. I hope I find other shoes she can wear as Inro has very wide feet.

Around her neck is a gorgeous OOAK neckpiece by Asher of New England called "Quezacotl."
She is wearing a generic size 4/5 wig previously purchased for Avantguard dolls.

What do you think about the lash job?

Inamorata Inro by Emilia Couture

Original Promo Photo