Fun Photoshoot

This photo shoot stars Sybarite Geometry wearing Blade's pantsuit and a Patta wig. The other star is Tonner's Stelmaria, Lord Asriel's daemon. In cameo roles are the Rudettes. They had to examine the new pet carrier after the shoot. It met with their approval.


FDA Announces the arrival of Petra "ROCK NOIR"

Dear FDA friends, this season we think strongly about you and wish you a wonderful 2012. We hope to continue to share with you beautiful stories and our common passion for dolls.
During this just passed year, we worked to share with you what's new.
Petra comes to open the year and now you can find her on our website under the BOUTIQUE
www.fashiondollagency.comWe invite you to browse or download the new issue of the magazine:
FDA Magazine N°2

You can also browse through our old magazine in its new version:
FDA Magazine N°2

Remember that the most important is sharing, then we welcome your feedback.
Fashion Doll Agency

Mattel Agrees to Make Bald Barbie

Under pressure from a group called “Beautiful and Bald Barbie: Let’s see if we can get it made.”
Mattel will be making a bald Barbie. The Facebook campaign gathered steam and was joined by a large media push.

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Breaking Beds...I Mean Breaking Dawn

Your own married Edward and Bella can recreate the breaking bed scene soon. Mattel is issuing dolls modeled after the Twilight series wedding couple. February is the target date so get the island love nest ready and have plenty of blood on hand. Price for the dead one and the soon-to-be dead one - $29.95 each.

Will we get Renesme shortly after?


Through a Sunny Window

Last night I redressed Talc in some Ficon pieces and a Patta wig. This morning I opened the draperies in the bedroom and the sun was so beautiful that I was moved to snap a few shots with my iPhone. This one is right out of the camera with no special effects applied. The streaming light is what the camera captured. I love it.

Tonner's 2012 Convention Registration Now Open

The registration for Tonner's 2012 convention has been announced. The title of this one is called Flights of Fancy, a wonderful theme for a TonnerCon. Here is the information:


Pack your bags, Collectors, and get ready to take a trip for the 2012 Tonner Flights of Fancy Convention!  The flight begins boarding on May 17th for a fun-filled weekend!   Your ticket includes 3 meals and one dessert, and is sure to be a trip of a lifetime, where you can meet up with your old doll friends, and make new ones!  In addition to doing what we do best with fashion, comics and movies, this year you can expect a VERY exciting debut of a new line that will reignite a nostalgic flame that harkens to the good ol’ days of Golden Hollywood.  But wait!  There’s more!

There will also be an amazing appearance by a notoriously infamous Amazonia Princess that is one of the most beloved characters in the history of the world.  There will also be a fabulous Wilde Imagination event, done as only Ellowyne could do… and …But wait!  There’s MORE!

Each attendee will get an amazing 16” fashion doll souvenir!  We will also be holding our famous PJ Party (prizes for the best PJs!), and there will also be the marvelous Raffle Room, music, a super-stocked Tonner/Wilde Sales Room, favors, and of course, our wonderful OOAK Charity Auction!

But wait!  THERE’S MORE!!  Back by popular demand, there will be a Christmas event, so don’t un-deck your halls just yet, Collectors!  Breakout events to be announced at a later date, so stay tuned, Doll Lovers!

Want a bird’s eye view into a Tonner Convention?  Join us, won’t you?  $50 holds your seat, so sign up now!  

Limited to 300 attendees, Registration cost is $349 per person.  

The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
70 Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: (630) 719-8000

for the special rate of $139 per night

Off-Kilter Posing

Something is really bothering me about this doll. I don't know if it's the length of the gown or what. It just seems awkward. Am I imagining it? I would love to get opinions from others about this dressed doll.

The way her feet are spread apart is a result of my inability to rotate the legs at the knee. People don't stand with their feet together when posing and when I tried to make the pose more graceful the doll couldn't be supported. She needed to have her feet apart. Ugh.


Vanessa and Veronique

I never seem to play with my 12" dolls these days. I've redressed so many of them and haven't photographed these changes yet. That's a big difference for me. Tonight I grabbed these two dolls and gave them a little camera time.
First up is a totally redone Veronique. It doesn't even matter who she was originally because she's been repainted twice, rerooted and rebodied. I still want to apply eyelashes again. She did have them once. Vin Trapani repainted and Susan Korba rerooted. Vero is wearing Blue Blood Tatyana's outfit.

The last (real) Vanessa release was the surprise doll at the W Club luncheon during the Wu convention. She originally had a hairstyle that looked like a collapsed tornado about to fall off the front of her forehead. I did not like her look.

I took out all the pins and I was not surprised to find a mess of different lengths and density of rooted hair. I cut it all one length and it still looked crappy. She needs to be re-rooted or wigged. In the meanwhile I played around and created a silly upward swirl. The product called "Got 2 B Glued" was what I used to stiffen her hair. It's great stuff.
Her dress is a shortened version of Most Wanted Elise's gown.  It's very easy (but tedious) to remove the lower tier. I also removed the two dorky bows from the front of the bodice. She is wearing Elise's shoes, jewelry by Joy and carrying the purse from Sheer Bliss. I'm having a talented collector/designer make a jacket from the removed fabric and will show it once I get it.

Toxica and Royale #82

Let's have a little fun. Enter as many times as you wish. I will have my husband choose the winner. In case of a tie, Rudy will choose.

Caption this!


Royale #82, FDA Marcella, Sybarite Toxica

Royale #82 has arrived after a long delay. Her gown is stunning with it's fine pleating detail. It's a lovely miniature work of couture. This is the second new TDLM doll I have received whose hair looks quite different from the promotional photos.
Here's the promo:
Here's the actual:
The color is totally different. The curls on mine are rather haphazard - but I can fix that. I like the way the sculpt looks in my picture but it just looks different because of the lighting. I shot my picture outside with an iPhone in the cold winter sun just a few minutes ago.

Marcella got a hair makeover. I cut off all of her awful hair, which is something I should have done a long time ago, and styled a Monique wig to suit her. Much improved in my opinion.

Finally, my new beauty, Toxica, hasn't had any face time in front of a real camera yet. She waits patiently. It's not easy when one's doll room and photo studio are not on the same floor of a house.