"La Vie en Bleu" Elise Jolie

I was lucky to find a collector who attended the IT convention last year offering this lovely Elise doll. She is wearing a miniature version of one of Jason Wu's designs. The box she came in actually said Jason Wu on it!
I am not a huge fan of the pale face and tiny eyes but the gown is stunning. The fabric is beautiful. The construction is detailed and well executed.

The doll herself is almost perfect. IT used a new finish on the vinyl that feels wonderful and looks great. There is something strange going on with her hip and knee joints. As I moved the legs, I could swear they clicked into place. Uh oh. I might have to take her to my orthopedist.

Whatever it is, it's better than loose hips.

Her shoes are too small. Sigh. The last time I warmed up shoes, the glue wound up melting and the entire shoe came apart. Obviously I left it in the heating pad for too much time. So with these pretty shoes, I got her foot in but I couldn't get her heel to meet the sole. I hate tight shoes.

Here is one of Jason's gowns in the same style using different colors.

Here is the original dress on a flat-chested, sick-looking model. I do not see the beauty of this model in any way.  The gown looks better on the doll.

I wish they would have painted more open eyes.

Elise is my favorite sculpt and although I have most of them, I did not pursue the ones that have slitty eyes. But this one's fashion outweighed her looks. I had to have it.