Antoinette Outfit - POSH

Of the three Antoinette separate outfits I ordered, this is the only one that had an ill-fitting piece. The front bodice of the jacket is too large and it bulges out at the bustline and above. Other than that, the outfit is cute and well made. What I don't understand is this: the designers get the prototypes from the factory, they try them on the dolls hopefully and then give the go ahead or not. If a garment has such an outstanding fitting issue, why is it not addressed at the time? I would really love to know the procedure that goes into pre-approving the manufacture of the product. Is it acceptable for a $95. outfit to be released if there is something wrong with it?

It's difficult to see what I'm talking about from looking at these images. One of the heels of the shoes is attached at an odd angle as well.
Now that I look at the promotional image, I see that it may be showing up there as well - including the crooked heel on the right shoe (her right).
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Picture of the Week Award ~ August 2, 2009

This week's award goes to our Canadian collector and friend, Wil Herold.

In this image, the viewer's eyes are drawn to Nadja's eyes and captured there. They are mesmerizing.
The repaint and reroot were done by the fabulously talented doll artist, Park. The gown is an Ovaz.
Wil posts on the Pink Parlor as wilbcliche. His images are far from cliches!

You can see more of his work on Flickr.

Congratulations, Wil!

IFDC Convention Souvenir and Companion Dolls

Last night at the closing banquet in Las Vegas, attendees of the IFDC were given their souvenir dolls. Often the most anticipated highlight of any convention, many who don't attend hang around waiting to see pictures. We were not disappointed as the collector, Shuga, was very fast and sent images via phone. After that more images began to appear and in the middle of the night (DST) the W Club sent it's members official images of the dolls.

Both the souvenir doll and the companion doll are from the new FR Monogram Collection and are each limited to 300 dolls. For those who don't know, a companion doll is an optional purchase at a convention. The souvenir doll is included in the price one pays to attend the convention. I heard that attendees were offered the option to purchase additional dolls. I don't have that verified at this time. Apparently there was a price for Best Drama, the souvenir doll, which would lead me to believe that this is true. Her price was $225. Black Party was $175. a huge jump from the $90. companion dolls of the past.

Here are the pictures from Integrity Toys. First is "Best Drama," the souvenir doll.

Next is "Black Party," the companion doll.

I like Best Drama's hair. I think it's adorable. The dress is a combination of the "I Want Candy" style and the layered chiffon of "She Comes in Colors," both of which I liked very much. I think I would eliminate the patterned tights and add a be-jeweled belt.

The earrings - roses - are straight out of Valia's jewel box. I found them to be inappropriate for earrings as the base of the setting stands away from the ear and looks odd.
It's a very cute suit and looks great in the photos but bare chested tops don't work for my dolls. They need a touch of modesty...just a touch. It's easy to sew a strip of stretch lace into a bandeau and slip it over the doll's chest. One can find inexpensive packets of lacy hem binding in sewing shops.
{I have been informed that there is a sheer fabric over her chest.}
The hands appear to be the same as Lifeball's which are not terribly graceful but they are removable. Problem is, where are we to get all these replacement hands? I wonder if the shoes have squishy plastic heels. It looks like eyelashes may be a thing of the past.

What do you think?

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