Antoinette Outfit - POSH

Of the three Antoinette separate outfits I ordered, this is the only one that had an ill-fitting piece. The front bodice of the jacket is too large and it bulges out at the bustline and above. Other than that, the outfit is cute and well made. What I don't understand is this: the designers get the prototypes from the factory, they try them on the dolls hopefully and then give the go ahead or not. If a garment has such an outstanding fitting issue, why is it not addressed at the time? I would really love to know the procedure that goes into pre-approving the manufacture of the product. Is it acceptable for a $95. outfit to be released if there is something wrong with it?

It's difficult to see what I'm talking about from looking at these images. One of the heels of the shoes is attached at an odd angle as well.
Now that I look at the promotional image, I see that it may be showing up there as well - including the crooked heel on the right shoe (her right).
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  1. Unfortunately, Tonner has a long history of quality control issues and no, it's not acceptable on a $95 outfit. Nope.

  2. Based on your picture and the protoype, there really are differences. The sleeve is all wrong.
    What a disappointment.