Inamorata at PFDF 2014 Report

Reblogged from Emilia's Report. All images and text by Emilia Nieminen.
This is my account of the PFDF 2014. I returned from Paris on Thursday after a 30 hour flight through Moscow and Hong Kong and have been pretty much sleeping ever since. Tired, but happy as Paris Fashion Doll Festival was quite a success.
It was not only that we sold out all the dolls and even the diorama, but also the warm welcome that awaited us. I must admit I was both excited and rather intimidated by the prospect of meeting all my doll friends who I have known for many years online and all the wonderful people I know and admired from their photos. Luckily I had my friend Janina to hold my hand throughout the event, though it was the first time meeting her in person too, but with some people it just feels like you have known them all your life. Besides, my initial nervousness proved absolutely unnecessary. I was simply astonished by how lovely everyone was and what a warm welcome I got. Don't you just sometimes feel like it would be splendid to collect people? Now that didn't sound creepy at all! Well, I guess I'll have to settle for coming back next year and also prepare to attend Milan and maybe the Spanish convention next year too.

However, I was glad I stayed in another hotel in the center before weekend, as the Novohell hotel truly is rather ghastly. I have stayed in abominable conditions in China before, having centipedes and scorpions in my bed, no hot water and lacking many other basic necessaries, but this one takes the cake. There was no air in the place. The air-conditioning was broken throughout the weekend and everyone else was complaining about the same problem in their rooms, but it was not allowed to open the windows - the hotel had even removed the window handles. On Saturday when me and Jing had to spend the whole afternoon, evening and night in the room preparing for the Sunday sales room we truthfully thought we would die out of suffocation. Headaches, nausea and dizziness haunted us and we had to go out to breath. We did complain, but the hotel did nothing. Nor did they give us towels or had sealing lights in the room - only a small nightstand lamp with wooden shade providing no light whatsoever. Happily I had brought a flashlight as a spotlight for the diorama. At some point in the night I wanted to burglar the window open, only to notice this was not a thought unique among the guests as the area around the missing handle was scratched and bent by other inmates desperate for air. I did not get the window open and will hopefully find another hotel some metro stops away for next year.
All in all, it was a truly marvelous week in Paris. I arrived early on Wednesday morning and a walk through Paris and shopping at Galleries Lafayette with Janina and her boyfriend Alan kept my jet-lagged brain somewhat functioning until the evening. On Thursday I took a metro to Rennes and walked my feet to blisters shoe shopping along Rue de Rennes up to Rue de Dragon and the narrow alleyways there, living off tartar and patisserie. And speaking off patisserie I bought a box of Pierre Hermes macaroons the night before and ate them in a hot bubble bath. Heaven! The texture! The combinations of fresh and unique tastes just exploding orgasmicly in your consciousness! The fresh mint and red fruit one, but not mint flavour but true fresh leaves that make you float in a field on a hot summer day. Oh my. And no one quite does packaging as the French do. Esthetics and hedonism wrapped in one. Perfection.
Most importantly, the experience provided me with new energy and inspiration to go on. Before Paris I was worked to the point of burn out. 19 hours a day without weekends for more than a year. It is hard to draw a line when a passionate hobby turns into work. But more to the point, it has been the quality of work that has been eating me alive. If it was only creations itself I would be fine, but the endless fight with the factories for quality control is exhausting, frustrating and unrewarding. There is no margin of error and the factories cannot understand that. I love the fact that with LE dolls I am able to have dolls to go around instead of answering dozens of emails saying "I am sorry but she was OOAK and sold", but with LE dolls I only get to do creative work 3-4 times a year and even then it is limited by the abilities of the factory. Hence, I will now take few months off to concentrate on OOAK creations and to catch up on my ever lengthening commissions list. So, if you are interested in a OOAK contact me now as it might be until next year I have the opportunity to take another such a respite.
What comes to the last Charmeuse (LE5) event doll that I held back for those of you unable to attend the Paris event, she will be sold in a silent auction via this mailing list in early April. The starting price is the same as her price in Paris 950€.

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Tutorial: Make a Balcony for Your Doll

Pam in Arizona (Pamnaz) posted this charming set of photos and instructions for Gene who is portraying Evita on the balcony addressing her subjects.
The original post may be found on Studio Commissary.
Supplies I used (all supplies are available at any craft store such as Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's):
1- Styrofoam Circle
7- 7" cake pillars
White glue
Tacky glue
"Stucco" wallpaper (you can also use paper clay or air dry clay to cover the Styrofoam) 

 Cut the Styrofoam circle in half. I originally wanted to use air dry clay or paper clay to cover the Styrofoam semi-circles, but I didn't have any (forgot to purchase). Instead, I did have in my supply stash (that I collected from Goodwill) a roll of "stucco"-looking wallpaper. So because I was impatient, I used that instead of the air-dry clay. If you do cover the Styrofoam with the air-dry clay, be sure to use white glue on the Styrofoam before placing the clay on it (so it adheres to the Styrofoam). Then when it's dry you can paint the clay to match the pillars, or paint the whole thing to your liking.

Then, I just glued ("Tacky" glue) the pillars -- evenly spaced -- to the Styrofoam base. Then glued the top in place.  
Voila! Gene has a balcony!


Thanks to Pam for this easy-to-do project. Our dolls are celebrities and need balconies to address their adoring fans!


Wilde's First-Ever Virtual Factory Sale

Are we excited yet? 

I bought my first Evangeline at a real factory sale and I was hooked for a while. (It was the old body's awful posing that did me in.) Now I have just one new Evangeline with a bunch of outfits and one Ellowyne. And that's it. Not that I don't look often.

I'd love a Sad Sally just because she is so adorable. I have never held one so I don't know how well she poses. But...I have learned how to wire my dolls so that problem will go away - maybe.
This doll is a basic and retails for $250. She's 7" tall - or should I say 7" short? Resin BJD, changeable eyes and wig. I have a feeling that I won't be able to get one on sale if they even have any for sale. Sigh.

If this were an outfit, I'd buy it for my beautiful Ello, but it's a dressed doll and I don't want another doll.
Great Depression Ellowyne $135.15 (End of edition Special)
Perhaps someone reading this will do a split with me???

Looking for an outfit for my Evangeline, this looked good at first.
Candlelight at Night (Outfit Only) $110.
Harking back to a topic I've covered before, here is one of the reasons manufacturers should not use glitter:
Click on the image to enlarge it and tell me what those sparkling dots are on her black dress. Yep. It's glitter on the dress.  It is probably on the doll, the photographer, his work table and everywhere else. Ugh. The shoes are described as silver glittery. Why doesn't the description say the robe has applied glitter? Because no one wants it. Here is the description from the website:
Featuring a long black dress of shantung trimmed in tulle beneath a glowing robe of sheer fabric and sequins with matching tulle trim and shantung sleeve cuffs, this ensemble is sure to light up any dark and dreary night! The outfit is complete with matching black hat garnished with feathers and tulle ribbons at the back, and a soft veil. Silver glittery shoes finish the look. Splendid for those night vigils! LE 350
This post started out as an announcement about the virtual factory sale and turned into a rant about glitter.  In any event, I think there will be chaos on the ordering site. So many people will be trying to buy stuff that the server will become paralyzed. That's been my experience with these virtual factory sales no matter who the manufacturer is. They just don't have enough band width. 

Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed. If you get to buy something at a price you like, that's great!

Good luck, everyone.

March 24, 2014. At approximately 12:10 PM EDT

This link will become active when the sale begins:



Dioramas By Amber Park

Amber is one of the most talented mini room designers out there. I don't know how this gal does it. She collects elements from near and far and combines them into the most visually appealing dioramas I've ever seen.
She has given me permission to reproduce some of the images here. I recommend clicking on each image to enlarge it so you can see the details. You won't believe your eyes.

Want to see more?
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/appark/
While there you can meet the inhabitants of her rooms and read their ongoing stories. It's definitely a soap opera.

Tonner's 2014 Deja Vu Spring Collection - UPDATED

The Deja Vu line is so tempting to me because of the period fashions. I wish I had dolls who could wear them without alterations.
Several new dressed dolls and separate fashions were revealed today by the Tonner Doll Company. The best is this sketch of a dressed doll called Moonlit Romance. (See update at bottom of this post.)
Moonlit Romance $199.99
 The other dressed dolls:
Red Hot $179.99
Spicy Night $174.99
Countryside Visit $209.99
The separate fashions:
Polished (Outfit) $99.99
Thoroughly Modern (Outfit) $89.99
Crisis Calm (Outfit) $89.99

My favorite is the Red Hot dressed doll. It doesn't look as if it's available yet because there's no "add to bag" button under her. I also like the Thoroughly Modern and the Polished outfits.
I just wish the doll would close her mouth once in a while.

They are offering free shipping for the next 7 days. Use the code DEJAVU14 at checkout. 

The image for Moonlit Romance has been revealed. She's much prettier than the sketch. Hehe.
Moonlit Romance $199.99


Volupte and Etiquette

Superdoll's Photo


W Club Lottery Announced

Looks like there will be plenty of lotteries this year in the W Club. That means that all the cheer leaders will definitely get the dolls they want. And that's the way it goes.
The 'discontinued' tall Fashion Royalty body isn't exactly discontinued. It's being used for the ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Edition) dolls. When these dolls first came out a few years ago they called them "entry level collectibles." We all laughed at that expression. ITBE have grown up to be basic FR dolls without accessories or fancy fashions. This year their price is $75. each.
It's a good business move to keep these editions at only 300 and do lotteries. This way the dealers don't get their cut and the desire to have them rises because it's a lottery.
The last lottery dolls were so popular, possibly because Isha, Adele and Natalia were the offerings and they don't show up often. In addition, many collectors aren't into the high prices of the FR2 dolls so these bodies are just dandy.
 The IT designers are playing mix and match with the vinyl colors of the characters. Isha was ghost-white while Adele faded and Natalia went darker.

The newly offered ITBE - or Wave 2 as they call it - is another four dolls. Vanessa, Kyori, Janay, and Monogram.

Vanessa is now a black woman with Caucasian features. They're calling her vinyl color A-tone.  Kyori is being called black but I'm not quite sure what it really is.  Janay, a play line doll sculpt, is making an appearance. She is one of Jason Wu's oldest character sculpts and I don't believe she has appeared as a Fashion Royalty doll - ever. She is on the Monogram body and her skin tone is called Miami. Her hair reminds me of the first Natalia doll, Cosmetic Takeover.  
The original Natalia's sculpt was perfection. It did not need updating IMO.
Last is a standard Monogram doll with white skin and silver hair. I like her.

There is something here for most but not everyone will get what he or she wants. I want the Vanessa a lot because she has the Vanessa 1.0 (original) sculpt and where that is concerned, I'm a completist.

In keeping with the fact that these are "basic" dolls, the fashions are not "new" or embellished. They are being repeated in various colors as are the shoes. But it's a fun line. The only problem I see is that if you like all your dolls on the same height body such as FR2, you probably won't be able to find matches for these girls.

***If you are a member of the W Club and are not entering for Vanessa, please contact me. If you win the right to buy her and change your mind, please contact me.***