Show & Sell Site: Is this really goodbye?

The Show & Sell site's Admins posted this message in the forum area of the site:
Due to extensive and unrecoverable technical problems, the Show & Sell Site will close for good before the end of February 2015.

It's a long story, but the short version is that the software this site uses is old and will not work with newer servers.

This was not a serious problem as long as we could keep our older server, but the server company we've been with for the last 5 years is upgrading to new equipment and we have to move out.

We acquired a new host and tried to move the site the last week, but it wouldn't work. Attempts to modify the site a bit in hopes of making it compatible with the new host not only failed, but left the site damaged. So, for the final few weeks of it's being on-line, it won't be working very well.

You can list and edit new ads, but you cannot edit any older ads.

We are sincerely sorry for this turn of events. We'll post more information, including a firm closing date, when we get it.

I totally understand this issue. It is the reason I do not install Mavericks OS on my computer. I don't want to mess stuff up. But apparently they do not have a choice.  I've been screen-copying my listings and looking into easy Mac WYSIWYG web site software so I can make a new site for myself on which I can sell doll things. My old web software is incompatible. Same problem as theirs.

You can still shop:



Shamrocks and Ladies in the Woods in Barbie-Land

Shamrock Celebration Barbie Doll, a Barbie Fan Club Exclusive, became available today on the Barbie Collector website. This is a Gold Label doll meaning that no more than 5500 units are produced worldwide. Price is $75.

The information:

Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 1/28/2015
Product Code: CGK93
Barbie® doll is keen on green and decorated with shamrocks! Her short sleeves feature satin ribbon accents and the bodice is edged with lace. Her apron and underskirt repeat the lace motif. Includes top hat, leprechaun’s pot of “gold,” a wee greeting card and necklace.

Doll Details

Body Type:1959 Vintage (holes in the feet) -Vinyl
Skin Tone:Nostalgic
Nostalgic with straight rooting line
Fashion Sewn On?:

Included with doll:
Shoes, earrings, necklace, hat, pot of gold, greeting card, doll stand with prongs.

I think she's quite pretty but I don't buy $75. non-articulated vinyl dolls.


While I'm looking at the Barbie site, I may as well talk about Lady of the White Woods Barbie. This is another Gold Label doll with a production rum of 7700 units. She went on sale on 1/14/15 for $100.
She looks pretty nice from here but...

...I do not like the organic swirls and seashell scallops on her face. I guess she's supposed to look like she grew from the forest floor.  Love the crown, the neckpiece and wrist pieces. If anyone out there has this doll, please post a review in the comments section for the rest of us. 

Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 1/14/2015
Product Code: CGK94

This mythical beauty is second in the collection and is adorned in a gown with coppery branches, ruffled tiers of ethereal chiffon and a bodice wrapped in nude lace. Her crown, neckpiece and shoes share the natural motif and are accented with a feather design. Bold armbands complete the look.

Doll Details

Body Type:ModelMuse, Straight Arms
Skin Tone:Peace
Facial Sculpt:Louboutin
Fashion Sewn On?:

Included with doll:
Shoes, Crown, Headpiece, Arm Cuffs, Doll Stand
There is a limit of 5 dolls per order.


Daily Dose of Vanessa

Today's Vanessa is "High Tide." She arrived in 2007 in the line called "Style du Jour."
This gal is pure pin-up material from the 1940's.

High Tide was on the original tall body with high contrast makeup and period styled hair.

At first, I wasn't in love with her hairstyle so I cut it and ultimately had her re-rooted and repainted. This is prior to the reroot.

I have an original and I've grown to appreciate the donuts. There's a lesson to be learned but it's hard to keep dolls that I don't love. I have repurchased original issues of dolls on occasion.