Daily Dose of Vanessa

Today's Vanessa is "High Tide." She arrived in 2007 in the line called "Style du Jour."
This gal is pure pin-up material from the 1940's.

High Tide was on the original tall body with high contrast makeup and period styled hair.

At first, I wasn't in love with her hairstyle so I cut it and ultimately had her re-rooted and repainted. This is prior to the reroot.

I have an original and I've grown to appreciate the donuts. There's a lesson to be learned but it's hard to keep dolls that I don't love. I have repurchased original issues of dolls on occasion.


  1. Your customized version is gorgeous- but I'll admit I kinda like the vintage doughnuts and big red lips- it does make her look like a pinup

  2. Both versions are beautiful. However, I'm partial to old Hollywood glamour (particularly '30s and '40s), so I do appreciate the "donuts." Love the snood you added!

  3. Shades of Gene Marshall!!!! Love her!!!!