Flocking Tutorial from RestoreDoll.com

Kathy at RestoreDoll.com sent out this excellent tutorial on flocking doll heads. I have done some editing for clarity and present it to you here.


An easy and inexpensive change for your dolls is to use flocking. White flocking looks good on guy dolls, elves, fairies and avant guard models. Pink and light colors also look great and take little effort. Think of doing a take-off on the fifties elves that were done with flocking and glitter for a magical effect...add some to wings and it gives a magical look. My favorite vintage 1950’s ornaments have flocked hair, i.e. angels and choirboys. I still display these. Do you remember flocked Santas?

Reflocking Hair:

Before you get started let’s cover issues that need taken care of before flocking. First make sure your doll is clean. I use KatSilk KatScrub Cleaner or 409 for Vinyl Dolls for regular dirt. If your doll has ink spots or discoloration, I recommend using Remove-Zit from Twin Pines. You want to start out with a clean doll with other restorations already done. You can reflock any doll head.

Supplies: Paper plate, toothpicks, kitchen strainer (the kind with screening in it), a clean blusher brush (the kind you use to put blush on your face), clean white paper and some water.

Work in a well-lit area and take your time.

Take time to study your doll head. Ask yourself, do I want to re-flock the entire head or just spots? Look at the hairline or get some good pictures to follow out of your books or magazines if you can no longer see the hairline.

Unless there is a reason I re-flock over the original flocking. You can mix black with the brown or charcoal if your doll looks darker or glitter.

Put a small amount of glue on your paper plate and use your small brush to add a little water to it. You are looking for a thin consistency that will brush on but will not run.

We are doing the front of the doll first. Start with the small brush forming a hairline as you paint. Outline the front of doll’s hairline up over the ears. If you get some glue on an area that you do not want, take the toothpick and carefully scrape away the unwanted glue. Fill in the rest of the front of the head with the larger brush. You are going to need to add glue and water to your paint mixture (watered down glue) until you have the front side finished.

Pour flocking into the strainer. Put doll head over the paper and shake the strainer over the glued surface. If there are any missed areas or I see that I could use a little more I pick up some flocking with my blusher brush and softly add the flocking to the area.
When satisfied with the look, use the dry blushing brush to gently press the flocking into the glue or pat with a finger. (If any glue gets on your blushing brush, remove it with a dry towel.)
If you see the hairline does not look straight use your toothpick to scrape away any unwanted flocking.
Take your time and don’t be in a hurry
Brush the excess off any area that looks too thick. Also, brush off any flocking that has gotten on to the unglued area.
Turn the doll over and repeat this process on the back of the head. I like to let the doll dry in a sitting up position so none of the flocking is touching any surface as it dries.
If you don’t like the way it looks you can always wash off the flocking and glue with warm and start over.

Happy Holidays,

Kathy at RestoreDoll.com

Haute Doll Exclusive ~ Fashion Doll Agency Kaori - Almost Mine

Since receiving Marcella from FDA recently, I have become a fan of these dolls. I bought three separate outfits and a few days ago I ordered the Haute Doll Kaori which was the premier doll put out by Fashion Doll Agency about two years ago. The price was $149.99 and for a dressed FDA doll, that is very good.

She was delivered today by UPS. To my surprise and dismay the doll box was inside a larger box with no cushioning to take up the extra room allowing the doll box to shake, rattle and roll. The exterior plastic box sleeve had to be wiped off as it was quite dusty and soiled. OK...so it was stored for a while.

Something was moving around inside the box and I held my breath as I lifted off the cover lest I see a loose body part. What I saw was not a broken doll but she looked as if she had been hit by a car. There wasn't a straight limb in the box. It had been her handbag moving around. Kaori was not tied into the box properly and was all twisted and turned. Her shoes had one heel bent. One cheek had two good-sized rub marks under the eye; her hair was fly-away. This doll appeared to have been taken out of the box at some point.

I called Haute Doll and left a message. Then I sent an email to FDA and cc'd HD.

Shortly after sending the email I got a call back from HD. The caller acknowledged that they did have one return of that doll and perhaps that is the one that was sent to me. Perhaps? They never imagined (or checked to see) that the doll might have been deboxed.

They are sending me a different doll - which is their last one. Although when I return this one...she will be their last.

This is the partial text of the email I sent to FDA:

I have a question for you regarding the Haute Doll exclusive Kaori which I received from them today. I have a newer FDA doll who comes with a stand that supports the doll perfectly. This doll came with a different type of stand, is that correct?
The reason I am asking is that I received the doll very poorly secured in the box. Even the base of the stand was loose! One heel on one of the shoes is twisted....The doll I received from you was perfectly packaged.......
I am thinking that this doll had already been taken out of the box for some reason and that is the one they sold to me...or perhaps she was a return from someone.

I got the nicest reply from Nunzio & Jayro which follows here in it's entirety.

Bonsoir, dear Terri!
We are very happy you choose Kaori HauteDoll, she's a very sweet girl, even if she was the very first production, that's why unfortunately some details may not seem perfect.
In fact she comes without protection paper rolled around her and her stand is just the first type. But you have a very special doll indeed, 'cause her face mold is not in production anymore and she's the one who open the way to all others FashionDollAgency Girls!
About the high hill shoe, there is metal inside the leather, so it should be quite easy to have it back in the right position; we don't have those shoes anymore, but we might be able to send you another different pair! ;-)
We do hope our answer satisfy you, please, just write again for any other question whenever you need or want to.
take care!
nunzio & jayro

It was a pleasure and a treat to get a response from an international company that was so friendly and open. These gentlemen have moved right to the top of my list when it comes to providing customer service.

Now if only all my Tonner 16" fashions would fit these dolls........I can dream.


Fashion Royalty: Night Warrior Vanessa arrives from Japan

Number 20 Vanessa joins the tribe. While worthy of the name, she is quite different from her 19 sisters in that she represents a fictional character who wields a sword and might very well have jumped off the pages of a comic book. [Correction: I have been reminded that this doll was created to resemble the character who was played by Kate Beckinsale in the Van Helsing movie.]
Speaking of series, here is the series of Vanessa dolls From the first one in 2004, Shock Bonbon. through the latest, Night Warrior, they have all been ultra-feminine with the exception, perhaps, of Aerodynamic. She carries a chair instead of a sword. Could she be the pre-cursor of a line of weapon-carrying Fashion Royalty dolls? I would prefer the use of different sculpts for warrior dolls. But that's just me. All of the images below are the property of Integrity Toys unless otherwise noted.
Shock Bonbon

Fashionable Life Platinum

Fashionable Life Raven

Po├ęsie Sans Couleur

Runway Right Away

Intoxicating Mix
(Unknown Photographer)

True Royalty

Obsidian Society

Miami Glow

In Bloom
(Photo by Natasha Powers)

Pale Fire

Going Places
(Photo by Natasha Powers)

High Tide

Color Therapy

Metal Maven

Shirred Not Shaken

Cruise Control


Luxe Life

Night Warrior
Be very careful when zipping up her boots! They are rather tight and the pants might get caught in the teeth of the zipper. I taped the lower leg right down to her ankle to create a smooth surface and it was still difficult to move the slider.

Picture of the Week Award ~ November 28, 2009

The picture of the week is of Asher by Paul Pham. The photographer is Karine from Fleurdelys Shop in France.

Karine says that this Asher is beautiful, very versatile and that her body is one of the most realistic of the 16" dolls. She loves taking pictures. She believes that Paul Pham's dolls and the Sybarites are the very best of this hobby. They pose easily and lend themselves well to all types of photography.

This image is perfection in every way. The lighting is soft and flattering; the composition draws the viewer gently to the doll's eyes. The fact that the doll is drop dead gorgeous can't be denied.

If you would like to see more of Karine's work, here are several links for you:
Doll Shop

Congratulations, Karine, on the Picture of the Week Award.