New Superdoll DD_0127

Venus was sweet as could be in her white bonnet and guipure lace dress, but just guessing by her gladiator boots.... She just not the type of girl you invite to your wedding!From the top. A gorgeous bonnet of satin and organza trimmed in petals and spike white flowers. Delicately hiding a row of pearl centres.Her exceptional long multitone platinum hair in a waist length braid and swirling long fringe... fabulous!Her eyeshadows in the spectrum of the heavens surround her eyes of pale putty and grey. Lips of pale pastel pink.Her dress is that of any scene stealer... forcing wedding guests to wonder 'just who is the bride?'It has always been said it's rude to wear white to a wedding (unless you the bride), but Venus giggled when she chose this frock bearing turtle doves and butterflies.Adding insult to injury, its a very short dress, shamelessly flaunting her hold up lace edged hose and suspender belts. A cute white bow and pearl trimmed vintage style picnic purse was her accessory this day and a delicate pair of white organza ruffle gloves.Upon her feet... high heel white Gladiator sandals.Venus has no matrimonial plans, so why not steal someone else's big day?

Clone: 1000 Venus d'RoyceSkintone: COSMETIQUE

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)-booklet-stand


In stock and ready to be delivered.        Price: £279.16 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 


Text above from Superdoll website.

Currency exchange on the British Pound brings the cost of the doll to about $363.44 US. 
Postage to the US will put her over $400 by about $17.

I think she is very pretty. I love the fabrics, the big hat and her wig. She's a summer's delight!



New Barbie Website is Full of Toys

I had a chance to prowl through the new website this morning and my opinion is that it's a success in that it works. Everything has been thrown into what was called Barbie Collector and is now called Barbie.mattel.com.  The inclusion of playline Barbies including playsets, cheap fashion packs, party supplies, and more toy-like products as opposed to collectibles is a turn-off. I'm not in the market for a Barbie backpack or a little Escalade for a child.

Power Wheels Barbie Cadillac Escalade $400. 

If you want to see Silkstone Dolls, use this link:
If you want to see more fashion dolls for adults, click on: 

The other big change is that there are going to be three membership levels - pink, gold and platinum. Read very carefully as rewards have requirements such as spending $80 or $100 before you can use one. 

At the highest level, you would have to spend $400 over four quarters to get your full $120 benefit. Plus you would get free shipping all year. It could be worth the $34.xx and maybe not. 

You can still do the $19.95 membership fee and get the usual rewards although now you have to spend $80 per order to get $20 off.  That kind of sucks. 

If you don't buy either the gold or the platinum status, you can have a Pink Status membership for free but no access to the forum.

I may just stop buying Silkstone dolls now. 

Everything changes and Mattel is in business to make money, of course. I wish them and this website the best of luck. I am very interested in hearing what my fashion doll collector friends think.

What do you all think about these changes to the website and the membership?