Sales: Gene Marshall and JamieShow Doll

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-I accept Paypal as merchandise or personal. (no e-checks.)
-United States Postal Money orders accepted.
-No personal checks unless you are a long term customer.
-Postage (and possible) fees additional.
-I ship to most countries worldwide. I do not hold items without a deposit. 
-References on Prego, Studio Commissary, eBay as golden_country.


Mel Odom's "Postcards from Cannes" Faux Fur Wrap  SOLD
White fur with pink lining. Six 'tails.'
New condition.
19" long not counting the tails.
Label says "Produced by Jason Wu."


Silver T-Strap Open-Toe Pumps $13
Glue has changed color at many of the seams.


Black Shoes with a large crystal.  $13  


Gene's "Out for a Stroll" Dog Set NRFB $35.
No damages or odors. No CoA.


Madra's Lotta-Moola Outfit $79
The Decade of Dreams Convention - LE200. Fitted gown with a "mermaid" bottom. Separate burgundy velvet underskirt w/ tulle. Includes matching hat, muff, collar, and shoes. 

This is a magnificent fashion. Ashton Drake.


Sandra Stillwell Dress "Sultry in Sicily" $29.
New condition


"Embassy Luncheon" Outfit $35
Excellent Condition.
Consists of belted black dress which has a beaded collar, Wonderful red leaf-like headband hat, beaded clutch bag. earrings (possibly not original), gloves, faux fur stole and black shoes.
(This ensemble fits Kingdom Dolls, too, but the shoes aren't meant for her high arched foot.) Ashton Drake


JamieShow Alejandro (2nd edition) Trendy Wig Cap. $25
New condition with the original packaging. 

The one shown in the photos below is mine. The one I'm selling is new.


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