The Divergent Series: Insurgent Tris Doll

Tris, the heroine of the Divergent Series books, is adorable. Rarly does a Barbie come along with edgy short hair. The doll becomes available on 3/2. Free shipping ends at midnight on 3/2.
*Free standard shipping offer with $75 minimum purchase (excluding any applicable tax) expires 3/2/15 at 11:59pm CT. Not valid on previous purchases. May not be combined with any other offer or discount. If order is shipped to more than one address, offer applies to first "ship-to" address only. Applies to standard shipping only, and excludes rush orders and additional shipping charges for Canadian addresses.

So...if you can put together an order for $75., you can benefit from the free shipping that day and snag this cute, pop culture gal.

-Insurgent Tris $24.95

If I were going to go for it, I'd add the following dolls to make up an order:

-City Shine Barbie Doll - Gold Dress. $19.95
Why? I love the Steffie sculpt. Her jewelry looks useful as does the little gold dress.

-City Shine Barbie Doll - Silver Dress $19.95
Why? I like the Mackie sculpt and her blonde hair.

Finally - because there's nothing else new that I'd want:

Red Carpet Barbie - Blue Gown $19.95
Why? Mackie sculpt. Nice jewelry. Beautiful hair (if it turns out looking like that IRL)

My total order before discounts, tax, etc. comes to $84.80.
Am I doing to do it?



The dolls are not articulated. 
Mattel makes $12.99-$24.99 
fully articulated, dressed, coiffed 
Monster High dolls. 
What is wrong with you, Mattel?

End of story.

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Theriault's March 2015 Auction Catalog

Below the image is a link to lovely antique doll auction coming up in Vegas.



Jupiter Ascending Doll

Last week at my doll club meeting I saw the IRL Jupiter Ascending doll.  She looks exactly like the promotional photo and in no way resembles the actress Mila Kunis or the gown in the movie.
Mila Kunis is a hot-looking woman.

This sculpt does her no justice. It's all wrong. The mouth is pinched and dark and it really looks plastic (besides being plastic.)

"Jupiter Ascending"
Limited Edition of 300

I'm not oblivious to the fact that the movie costume is a true work of art with fabulous details, blah, blah and that a doll costume would cost a fortune to compete but this costume falls short of the sense of delicacy which is the main beauty of the gown in the first place. It looks like the flowers were thrown at it instead of gracefully encircling it. Something went very wrong with the interpretation of the flowers.

I'm a big fan of many of Tonner's extravagant gowns but not this one. One thing it has in it's favor is no glitter has been applied.

The film's costume designer was Kym Barrett who enlisted Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco to create the wedding dress.
Cinco created a custom made couture dress for Mila, a sparkling red and white gown elaborately adorned with delicate flowers and jewels, with a matching headpiece. Cinco told us that "as the premise of the film was in outer space, with Mila Kunis as a reincarnation of the Queen Mother, the challenge was indeed immense. I was inspired by heavenly goddesses and came up with a beautifully surreal bride in Mila Kunis, in nude mesh embellished with red ceramics. The three other gowns I made for the film were equally stunning and well, heavenly."
Quoted from  "Mila Kunis is working some gorgeous couture in Jupiter Ascending " 
written by Joanna Crawley

Dolls With Updos by Angela in Canada

This week's theme on Prego is 'Dolls with Short Hair or an Updo.' So many gorgeous illustrations of this theme have been posted.

Angela in Canada's gals blew my mind. While I'm not a fan of all the Deva female sculpts, I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the face-ups, the unbelievable wigs and the gorgeous fashions. These dolls are perfection. Angela's portrait photography has captured these models in all their glory!

OOAK Elfas and wig (LE Atina's) by Devadolls.
Gown by Coco.
OOAK tan Elfas. Doll, gown, wig by Devadolls.
OOAK tan Elfas and wig by Devadolls. Gown by Coco. Eye ehancement by Jenise
OOAK Miao. Doll by Jenise. Wig by Devadolls. Suit by YumYum.

OOAK Pharatee. Doll, gown and wig by Devadolls.

OOAK tan Brazilian. Doll by Devadolls. Wig by Brodin. 
Love Letters Outfit by Ashton Drake for Gene Marshall

OOAK Tian Shi. Doll and wig by Devadolls. Outfit by Coco.
OOAK closed mouth Apsara. Doll, gown and wig by Devadolls.
OOAK tan Malaika. Doll, wig and gown by Devadolls.
OOAK tan Malaika.
Doll and gown by Devadolls. Wig by Ilaria (Numina Stratus').

OOAK Elfas. Doll and wig by Devadolls. Outfit (LE Nantha's)
LE 5 Tian Shi and wig (LE Secret Tian Shi's) by Devadolls. Gown by House of Troy.


2015 Fashion Doll Awards - Best Fashion Doll Blog - US!

I was pleasantly surprised to win the Best Fashion Doll Blog category. I know that
Dutch Barbie World, Papusile Mele and The Fashion Doll Chronicles were stiff competition. They are excellent blogs which I often read myself and I recommend them.

Simon Farnsworth does so much work for the doll community. Below is a video he put up today announcing the winners:

Congratulations to all the winners especially to my friends Cholo Ayuyao and Kingdom Doll whose wins are not a surprise to me at all.